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  1. Many bug fixes in this hotfix, meanwhile in Earth interception void fissure missions not enough enemies appear to generate 10 reagents, the same happens with ANY survival void fissure in corpus ships
  2. She only heals herself, she has no healing interactions with anything but herself
  3. my sister came up with this ability and wanted to know if it works exactly the same as oberon renewal or if this ability only works for itself, because if it works on her allies and defense objects it's really worth it to convert her
  4. Incursion defense mission corpus, that map that looks like an open world it is so big, where 1 * of IVARA becomes invisible and stays there since the first place, do you want me to put the video on YouTube?
  5. I have a video that proves that one of the players was stopped for 20 minutes, literally doing nothing, just moved to extract, and when you press to report the player, there is no option to report by AFK
  6. Tennocon's package according to https://www.warframe.com/pt-br/tennocon is costing in my country 49,99 brl, but when accessing the store https://www.microsoft.com/pt-br/p/warframe-pacote-digital-da-tennocon-2021/9njnpw6p2585 tenncon is costing 92,45 brl
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