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  1. Loving the addition of artists in this 👌 as for the rest, we will see. If certain individuals return to the new programme that have been reported on for years regarding highly toxic and problematic behaviour then this new programme will end as an insta-fail imo. I hope that won't be the case, but if it is then it'll just hurt your image more and damage this community even further. Mistakes have been made (and we all make them.) Let's hope this fresh start is indeed being done for the right reasons, and past mistakes aren't repeated... or worse. Good luck!
  2. After the Safi'Jiiva update for Monster Hunter World, I feel like DE should take a page out of Capcom's book when it comes to augmenting/rolling regarding the Riven system. For example, in MHW, if you level up your Safi weapon and do not see any stats you want, you can store that used Dracolite (in Warframe's case, Kuva) to increase 'potential'. Meaning, when you level the weapon up once more (use kuva to do another riven roll) your chances of rolling for better, higher stats increases. The more stored potential, the better the chance.
  3. Zephyr, followed by Loki. Loki seriously needs a revisit. He hasn't had a proper glowup in... well, ever, and is still very much the same since the game released. He was The Stealth Frame™ back when DE put a lot more emphasis on the stealth mechanic. Those days have looooooooooong since passed, and their vision for stealth never bore fruit.
  4. I really hope that 'involved' doesn't turn out to be a non-voiced, no video, plainass inbox message.
  5. Loving the sound of Glassmaker. Making Nightwave stories interactable is a really neat idea. Making it an investigatory murder mystery is even more neat. Also Cephalon lore? All the neat. What would ruin it for me though is if Ordis and Simaris have absolutely NOTHING to say about it though. Simaris would be THE FIRST ONE TO KNOW about more cephalons entering the weave, and Ordis would hear from Simaris and sense a disturbance as well. Suda too, though she's doing Suda things tbh and wouldn't care as much. (Still salty Ordis had zero to say about Cephalon Cy. He'd have been questioning Cy's trustworthiness and stability all throughout the Railjack reconstruction. Come on now, DE >:|)
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