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  1. @[DE]Rebecca I'm getting a Login Failed message here as well, UK. Good to know I'm not alone. Was able to login fine yesterday, though apparently some people have been reporting this issue since the 15th.
  2. Exactly this. The moment you stop giving two fyucks about 'meta' garbage the moment 90% of these 'issues' fade away. For me personally Nyx is fine. She could do with some synergy works on her abilities and maybe an augment rework or two, but she's fine. Not everything has to be a goddamn nuke/dps frame. You wanna talk abandoned frames? Then let's talk Loki. Boy has been abandoned for so long that over half the base don't even know he exists lol. Barely anything about him has changed since he was a starter frame back in 2013. It's pretty sad. It's like even the devs forgot about his existence 😃
  3. Same, OP. Hence why I haven't even touched Railjack/Empyrean yet despite my ship being ready at launch.
  4. You'll have to elaborate a little more if you want a discussion. What exactly is wrong with them in your opinion?
  5. Completely random. I've found them over a dozen times in caves. They don't spawn in every cave however, and some are pretty hidden. Drop chance boosters increase the odds of them spawning.
  6. Did you recently run out of a consumable item and have yet to restock it? If so, that may be what is causing the issue. Also if you have a blank slot on the gear wheel left over from consuming an item that may also be causing it. Either fill in the blank slot with the same or another item, or completely empty out your gear wheel, and rebuild again.
  7. Could possibly be an issue with their ports. If they have trouble joining anyone else, it's them. If it's only with you? It's you.
  8. Given the state of the Old Blood and Empyrean phase 2, do we really need another release right now? Imo phase 2 should have been delayed, but they had a schedule to stick to. Let's patch and balance those two first (not to mention even older bugs) before we go adding more things to the ever-increasing pile.
  9. I kinda feel bad for the Sentients to some degree. They're not too much different to the Geth from Mass Effect. Created to do good, creators deemed them too intelligent, attacked first our of fear, then the Geth retaliated out of defence, etc. I do feel there's a hidden third player to all of this though.
  10. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Erra's little eyebrows? (P.S: Is that Nora?)
  11. Nobody forced you to. You caved due to your own impatience.
  12. The update has barely dropped and people are already S#&$ting on it. Imagine my shock 🤡
  13. 5) Change clan rank privileges and demote him. If he's new to the game, he doesn't need full access to everything right now, especially if he doesn't understand the game yet.
  14. Yes, and that was it. He didn't even have voice lines for that either. You'd think he'd have something to say about finding another Cephalon, let alone said cephalon's stability etc.
  15. We are still talking about the same company who thought that the Google Glass and the Juicero were good ideas...right?... Riiiight??... 🤣
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