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  1. If he's anything like Stalker spawns, I'll probably never, ever see him. Starting to think my account's bugged, because I've had the same Stalker mark for god knows how long now.
  2. Same, and I have more hours. Granted I play on EU regions, and I'm guessing OP plays in American regions. ...Just...what? Where in his comment was he being ableist?? Christ. Calm thy sensitive tits.
  3. Remember when Loki was a starter frame, and the Hek could shoot things from 100+ meters away with pin-point accuracy like a sniper rifle? Pepperidge Farm remembers
  4. I'm enjoying it far more than I used to in the past. I do not miss the days of 1 hour+ void defenses/survivals etc trying to farm prime parts, only to loose everything to connection errors or other in-game issues. The game has only been getting better and better imo. Lost you there. Vox Solaris has been very easy to level. There's so many ways to gain standing that you can hit the daily cap in like an hour of free roam play. Little Duck on the other hand...
  5. Nah, there's nothing wrong with you or not wanting to use them. They're just stuck with the min-maxing mindset of wanting to obliterate everything by merely looking at the enemy--a mindset that I was stuck in for the longest time as well and saw as the only way. That was until I got my friends to play. They reminded me that there's more to the game than one-shotting everything lol. And there's nothing wrong with wanting to achieve that either. Play to have fun. If you're having fun with your non corrupted mod build? Or your one-shot armageddon build? That's all that matters. Have fun.
  6. Hardly. I've been playing since 2013, have all the mods from there, the mods maxed etc, and even I feel the same. Build how you want, and for what suits your own play style. For the majority of the game there's honestly no right or wrong way. It's about having fun at the end of the day 🙂
  7. Somebody's never played old Ragnarok Online, where the drop rates were, quite literally, in the 0.1-0.001%s. That aside, I'm kinda glad they're a rare. The game has enough particle effects going on as it is.
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