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  1. "Which should be fixed?" Answer: The drone escort segment of the mission. The AI pathfinding of the drone has always been awful. 90% of the time the drone spawns well over 500m+ away, but then add on top the abysmal pathfinding and it can easily double the distance. It's the most dullest part of the mission by far. Why DE didn't just have the drone's spawn location only be in the one spot at a decently close location (200-300m) is beyond me.
  2. I'd agree--if we were talking about Warframe from several years ago. Now days that 'carrot' is an old, shrivelled up one. Slap on top people being annoyed at AOE weapons/warframes stealing all the fun and you get people going off on their own in survivals, etc. Plus there being many ways now to level up fast. That argument works for old Warframe, but not today's Warframe.
  3. I know this is nearly a 5 year old thread necro, but I'll never forget this part of the Deadlock Protocol 😂
  4. So long as the person downs the lich/sister 3x and literally doesn't just leave it, then it's fine. It's those that straight up abandon their lich/sister then whine or rage to the rest of the group to 'leave it' that pisses literally everyone off, because they're blocking everyone else's lich/sister from spawning. If you're gonna be That Guy™ then do us all a favour and switch to solo please, since you're already playing with a solo attitude, only with murmur leeching on top.
  5. "Worst MMO ever?" Well, yeah. Because it's not an MMO. There, just saved you 25mins of your time.
  6. Eeexactly. Blaming solely one frame when it's not even the frame that's the main thing at fault is just... so tiring.
  7. ^This. It's people like the OP that caused frames like Limbo to be nerfed from incredibly fun to very meh. God I miss the ability to freeze projectiles... that was the coolest and most unique thing a frame ever had in this game 😭 For real though, OP, you really think Banshee is the only frame that can take down Sisters fast? For people to resort to using such methods shows that DE's attempt at DR isn't liked. I get why they did it, but at the same time when it's applied to enemies which you have to repeatedly grind again, and again, and again, of course people will find a way to cheese it. If the DR mechanic was put on a one-time encounter with no way to cheese it? Then that's fine. Slap it on a grind you have to repeat dozens upon dozens of times, and yeah, no.
  8. Energy efficiency? Flow/Primed Flow?... Chaos? Psychic Bolt her, use a strong viral/slash/toxin + whatever element she's weak too weapon, bing bang boom your sister is doomed.
  9. Depends on the Warframe used really. It's definitely faster if you tap the sprint/roll combined key right as you do the leap, but other than that, tapping the slide key while sprinting also pushes you forward, which depending on the frame can make you run as fast as bullet jumping. I feel both are fine imo. Just comes down to a personal taste kind of thing.
  10. ^This. If we go back to how it used to be, expect stuff like coptering to make a return. There's a reason why parkour/bullet jumping and all that were added, and the game has been far more fun because of it.
  11. I personally like it, but to each their own. Not sure if I'd use it over the Bedouin skin though. That skin is too good.
  12. Looks like the servers are straining. People are mass reporting over all platforms that login is down. The launcher is failing to connect also. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. Ah, there was a dev post somewhere, either on these forums or on reddit, where they pretty much said what I said in my op. I'd link it but yeah :s can't for the life of me remember where I saw it.
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