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  1. It's far more of an annoyance now than it is an aid. There's nothing more infuriating than going to use a terminal or hacking a console, only to climb up on it instead...
  2. Holo-Lotus, hands down. It's a lazy placeholder and makes no sense given the current story timeline. We have all these syndicates and factions, several Cephalons, Nora, and so on that can be used to direct missions.... but nope. I think that's probably one of the reasons I find myself playing Railjack more since the update. Less interaction with Holo-Lotus.
  3. My stats have been botched for years. Lists things I've not used for years and years as most used, yet there's plenty of other things I've used for longer and gotten more kills with :/
  4. And there it is. Not that I disagree, but you've reached as far as you can go with the game. You've (I assume) exhausted all the content. All you have left is to either look for different things to do or try out non-meta builds, help others in the game, or take a break and do something else entirely for a while.
  5. First I've heard of that. It's always been down to the consumer should they consume the media or not. The lawsuit would fall flat. As for action the only one you can take is to advise his parents to have him stop playing. If he is that prone to epileptic seizures then he shouldn't be playing Warframe to begin with. Like someone having an allergy to peanuts, they must avoid anything with peanuts. Do the same for the epilepsy. Sad, but that's how it is.
  6. This. Got two out of 3 parts within under an hour.
  7. They do. Got the chassis from a grineer veil proxima void storm node last night.
  8. Agreed with the others despite the patch to the void storm effect bug. The amount of screen shaking and visual effects going off is on par with the eidolons, in that me and my friends literally avoid doing eidolons because the visual noise/effects, etc, are just far, far too much on the eyes. The screen shaking causes literal nausea and the intense lights and flashes induces headaches. Showed my friend the gif I posted and they were horrified to say the least lol. Please, please, please, tone down the visual effects of the void storm (and eidolons as well!)
  9. Agreed regarding incentive. There's literally zero reason to do void storm nodes once one has Sevagoth and his weapon. The missions take a lot longer than the usual relic missions and offer no differing rewards, only frustration.
  10. Bug report relating to the void storm build-up/damage effect that's quite nasty (though you shouldn't be playing warframe if you have seizures, but this is enough to give anyone some serious nausea, if not a seizure!) Upon using omni-recall to return to the railjack after opening a relic/killing a grineer commander one of the crew had been put into bleedout despite no boarding parties. I went to where he was (forge) only to find that the void storm damage effect had basically layered on top of itself an unknown number of times to the point it was just this incredibly bright supernova effe
  11. It's determined by both. Ping limit just limits who you connect to in the region. If you want a smoother host with no lag, lower your ping limit. If you live somewhere with craptastic internet with few people playing you switch regions and raise your ping limit.
  12. As someone who played Ragnarok Online back in the early 2000s (0.00000000000000001% drop chances, anyone?) Warframe is very fair. Apart from that, Warframe has come a long way since the early 2010's. The game is only grindy if you're dead set on getting That One Thing™ you really want. Otherwise? Learn to pace yourself and switch it up by doing other things.
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