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  1. I use him mainly for stationary/defensive type missions, though it can get a little boring because of how effective he is.
  2. Assimilate Nyx, whilst soloing the profit-taker orb: You wot m8? For me personally, the worst frame that needs a complete rework has to be Loki. Poor boy is so underused that he's been completely forgotten about. Those rare few that do use him though just invisiwhip spam.
  3. Entering either of the two test chambers that you run through causes the screen to black out as if you're falling, then ports you back to the start of the room or elsewhere nearby, rendering the test room and thus the mod unable to be completed/obtained.
  4. The theme and change of scenery is nice. The dialogue (while it does get repetitive) and silly combat/rubber ring is fun and cheesy. But what completely and utterly ruins this event is the fact that the amount of pearls you get is the same no matter how much or how little effort you put into it. There is literally ZERO REASON to participate. At all. There's also NO REASON to group up. Just go solo, afk the moment you enter, and alt-tab and do something else. That right there? Is bad game design. What they need to do is make it so every kill you and your team do = 1 pearl per kill added on top of the default 50 etc. That'll lessen the grind on pearl costs and actually get people participating (well, somewhat...) However the problem with AFKer's is still there, and the grand total cost for everything is still a bit high. It wouldn't be so bad if repeating the same exact thing wasn't so brain-melting.
  5. Honestly? Nothing. I can't think of any other game out there right now with gameplay as fluid and a universe as unique as Warframe's. PSO2 looks outdated and clunky as #*!% lol.
  6. Speak for yourself, OP. I think the rewards are even better this time around.
  7. "My Riven got nerfed therefore Rivens are a failure." That's pretty much what I got out of OP's post. Yes, it sucks, but there's 584379387589353894735895 other weapons to play with, and said rivens have revived weapons that were once tossed to the wayside. It's not a perfect system, but it's better than how things were before. If it weren't for rivens I'd be using a lot less weapons than I currently do.
  8. Report the bug in the appropriate forum. Unlike other companies (looking at you, Bethesda/Zenimax) they actually get around to fixing them.
  9. Because it has 'War' in the title/name. Youtube is completely ass backwards.
  10. That was a long, long time ago. There was a topic brought up not too long ago regarding ReShade. It was being detected as a 3rd party and people's accounts were being banned for cheating. I've no idea if Steve of Reb or anyone else from DE have recently (as in this year) stated if ReShade is safe to use, but for now? Avoid it, or use it at your own risk. The game is perfectly fine without it anyway imo 🙂
  11. Jesus christ, epitome of child throwing a salty tempter tantrum right here, and I don't often if ever say that. You give me "Your art should be for cheap/free" vibes. The kind of people that don't understand how much time and effort goes into making something. This cosmetic is just that dude. It's a goddamn luxury item lmfao. If you don't wanna spend 100p on it? (Which IS easily made btw, no rl money spent) Don't buy it 😂 Also the part where you said 'even if I did have the plat' is bull. If you had the plat, you would have bought one. Don't kid yourself.
  12. Couple of minor things: The first emissive color (left) does not work on the new Enthra Syandana. The Jet's on K-Drives do not take your colors, and haven't for quite some time now. The Ki'Teer Sekhara Emblems are broken again and aren't taking colors/energy color.
  13. This. That's literally all it is. There's no extra layer for logging in on top of the game, no mobile txt code stuff or anything like that. I've had 2FA for Warframe since it dropped and have had zero issues.
  14. While Vauban and Wukong (especially Wukong) do need a revamp on some of their abilities (don't strip Vauban of his CC though!) as you said in the next part, the main problem doesn't lie with them... it's the nuke frames. Frames that nuke entire rooms and more are the ones that me and my friends find boring. If CC is removed from the game and everything became a nuke-fest this game will become incredibly #*!%ing dull to play. Playing frames like Saryn are already, incredibly, boring as all hell. Effective? Very... too much so in fact. Her power-creep is ridiculous. It's funny... they nerf her to stop her from room clearing, but instead make her a map clearer...lol. Something needs to be done about the room nukers. CC needs to be revived, not stripped from the game. However, I also don't want room nukers to be stripped either. They just need to be made team friendly, because right now whenever me and my friends see one when joining a pug? We abort. We're also not alone in that regard. (Same goes for people who whip-spin-2-win)
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