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  1. Saw this coming. Huge shame. Would love to keep monetarily supporting DE, but not if even 1 cent of that cash goes towards Tencent. The worry at first was creative freedom, but after the past year+ the real worry now is monetarily supporting companies that support or are part-owned by the CCP. I don't know about you, but I don't want to back anything with ties to the suppression of freedom of speech, violation of multiple human rights laws, and operates literal modern day concentration camps.
  2. The LoS was a pain in the ass at times even before the change. Now it's just pure frustration and torture. Whoever okayed this change either did it to troll or straight up has never played the Warframe.
  3. Because hitting things with Whipclaw--especially in her strangledome--wasn't inaccurate and tedious enough already.
  4. P.S: Thank you DE for what I feel is one of the best boss fights so far. Loving the direction you're going in, especially the cinematic-feeling grandeur entrances/reveals. Someone clearly forgot about the Ropalolyst. And the Profit-Taker. Also the Vor and Kril combo fight where you're waiting around doing fk all. And the Sergeant... and-- Yeah, sorry, but your opinion is a dumb one imo. With Nihil you're constantly engaged at all times. And to the people saying 'but muh guns/warframe isn't a platformer' what game have you been playing? Did y'all forget that parkour/platforming has
  5. Do you use an anti-virus software by chance? Had any updates to it recently? A shot in the dark since anti-virus software sometimes interferes and causes issues. Same thing happened to people with Monster Hunter World a few months back.
  6. It's a bit everywhere, especially with Alad and Vor, but what there is I like. It just needs to all be brought together and put in proper order imo. Really looking forward to what the Planes of Duviri has to bring.
  7. NW Glassmaker has gone on for long enough. It should have ended months ago imo.
  8. I... I don't think you know what a lolicon is, let alone what NSFW means. If you think that icon is both of those things then it sounds like you have some internalised fetish issues yourself.
  9. I feel like the mid section is more of a magnet-type rail thing more than it being a road divider with different lanes. But yes, more lore is always welcome 👌
  10. Truly, this is the spookiest and scariest Warframe pic 😃
  11. Loki was my starter frame back in 2013 when stealth was more of a thing than it is today (which let's be honest it wasn't much of a thing even then) and honestly it feels like he hasn't left that year. He's a frame of the past, so far in the past he seems to have been forgotten by the dev team. He desperately needs to be revitalised.
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