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  1. Sure 5000 or more plat seems good. /s No.
  2. It should not be on me to create content on my own 😉 I was just talking about the problem. I have fun to aquire weapons and try them out (love themed weapons+frames). But in the end thats not content.
  3. You can because when there is no other mission worth it. Maybe thats your goal. I am sure most of the players dont play the game to gather them all. We are not collectors. Maybe you are but thats not the "goal". Maybe for you.
  4. I dont think thats on you to decide that. My question: what is when I just like 7 weapons? Why should I play with stuff I dont enjoy?
  5. Warframes/weapons are not "expansions". True but this rate is to slow. To get something every 3 months that take sometimes (like the gas city) 3 days to consume is pretty bad. I know content needs time but even then its to slow.
  6. It does exist but it's hardly more than a daily quest system. A good one but in the end nothing new. A bug wish would be that DE adds a new planet every 3 months with a different experience and higher level enemies. More story. More interactions and so on. I know they working on the next open world that will be fine for 2 months and the... you know it.
  7. The grind is for the gameplay. Missions, syndicates, open world is what we really need. Again the question: why grind frames and weapons you dont want when there is nothing to do with them? Your answer: "you can grind more stuff you dont want"... ok... no...
  8. The thing is that the last thing we got was the Gas city rework. In the end 2 new missions with a new boss and a new gamemode. 2 missions. That's the core. (I know about wisp)
  9. You dont need any frame or weapon in the game to ask for something to do. Why should I grind weapons and frames I dont use for MR that dont have any effects? To bind "endgame" to "have all items in the game" is more than silly. All Quests done, Syndicates maxed, all Bosses defeated, all mapnodes done and boom it's the end. Frames and weapons are fine but it's not really content. It's like a looter shooter like TD2 as an example. Sure you can grind and grind but in the end if you have done all missions: what are you grinding for? At least TD2 give you the chance to get something you need but in WF? I dont understand why people white knight so much. Even the devs know that we need more stuff to do. Why do people throw in "have all items or you have something to do" in here? It's pretty misleading and it gets us nowhere.
  10. Farm plat (with rivens or prime sets) and buy the sets. Its a lot faster then to wait. They gave Nekros P away for free a while ago and you get Trin P with Twitch so dont expect to see them for a really long time. Ashe maybe with also an event (twitch again or so). Dont wait for the relics to come back.
  11. Oh god pls no... rivens are powerfull enough... do not give us more options to get a godly riven... I would love to see the hole riven system to die out... sadly that will not happen soon...
  12. They need to rework how armor and heat damage to it works. Untill that point all heat attacks (including Ember as a hole) will be terrible.
  13. I dont really think she needs a rework or buffs. Same with Garuda, Baruuk, Whisp etc. The new frames are all "good". Not extremly good like Mesa and Saryn but also not bad like Ember and Vauban. They are fine. Maybe her 4 needs some tweeks bot overall she is a balanced frame.
  14. Nope it has to be playable without otherwise -> no mobile game. Because thats not possible: it never will be playable mobile on a freaking phone (that is for work and stuff but not for gaming).
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