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  1. Just give us another Option for just the frame 20 and weapons 10 or frame and weapons combined for 25. I dont need the Plat and I dont want to pay for it if I dont need it. It's time to reworking PA if they rework also everything else.
  2. We need Nora memes... this is just yi good!
  3. The thing is... I only have seen the dance emote a 2 times the wave emote in over 1000 hours... emotes are useless. Sorry 😐
  4. Oberon is a Hybrid and radiation=holy light is a bit irritating dont you think? Ok yes you are right with Valkitty. But the point still stands: maybe she is a catberserker based warfarme. And for Rhino it's irrelevant. The skills count not the base stats of the most frame and that is especially true when you look at rhino. I think it has balance reasons why he has less armor that Saryn even because IS scales with armor.
  5. You can strip armor with corrosive damage. Encountered him 3 times (the first day of nightwave) and killed him 2 times. You can strip his armor. He is just immune to all other status effects and has a 90% DR when I think about it. Even with all the armor down it took me around 5 min to kill him. Did they changed something? Just confused that corrosive dont work for some people and that he has just a 40% DR. But in the end he is a boss and not a throwaway like the stalker that is a joke against the wolf.
  6. He uses Druid powers 😉 Druids also can heal and damage. Also a no. She has a Bastet helmet but it's her alt helmet. her prime version is basically a angry cow. Ever heard of Iron Skin?
  7. It's just not practical because you cant use the skills of her. We have a lot of unkillable frames. It is just not practical to use her that way. Just use inaros or wukong. Tgats the reason: it's bad.
  8. Baza or a crossbow. I dont know why people care about rivens so much and the Lenz is a corpus weapon and not silent so there is that 😛
  9. Wow some people really need to chill. Like the guy who farmes chroma and is annoyed when chroma prime came out! Dude we know 3 months before the next vault what it is... And the Mag pull thing? Please... it's a 1. It is not meant to be a clearer regardless of levels because of some pits. Why should the enemy die if they fall in when we also dont die? DE often nerfs things because they are OP... even in Warfarme. They is a different between strong and OP. But all in all it's a funny thread xD
  10. They removed things noone ever used and now people complaining about it... the new melee system make the fight feel much better and smoother. Blocking was never something a lot of players used and this is just the first change. They will continue to work on it. The old melee like the old alert system was trash. People just complaining because it's new and not because it's bad...
  11. There is just the ine without legs in the pool left or am I mistaken? Maybe we have to build it for the Solaris to have a defense vs Nefs forces? Because what should we do with it? Roll it down a hill or dance on it?
  12. This is the first fight that feels and looks like a boss fight. No Archwing and Operator gimmick. Just survive and attack the weak points and do the things they tell you. Best bossfight period. This is how a bossfight should be. Not just gimmick or weapon check. Puzzles are a good thing in boss fights. Glad that they added a boss that is fun to take down. Thank god finally a proper boss!
  13. Good things the devs did it... I scanned all 16 and since then I wait... I even have the blue print for hildren now and wait for the boss... good thing they did it. I hope my 16 scans are not useless. I hope that a requirement to join the fight is to have scanned the 16 hashes for the lore. It's annoying but otherwise it would be a slap in the face for the people that did it.
  14. Nightwave is not for casual or new players. People have to deal with it. The higher tiers are for vets or semi casuals. Nightwave is something to do for people that already completed almost everything.
  15. I have the feeling that warframe is not the game for you... but that's just my option. They are to important to be ignored in many ways. Good luck with that.
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