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  1. People care about the game and want to play it. Its not about having other games to play its because they love the game. And RJ and also the Lich system where just wasted development time because the actual playtime you got out of these two dont match with the actual content there is to do. They worked years on RJ and it is about 2 days worth our playtime. DE messed up and that in a big way so people are pissed. Sure some like it but in general the game does not get meaningfull updates or even bloody events like other games. "Just play somthing else" is the worst answer or advice give to people that case so much about the game that they even post on forums. This answer is a insult and a rad flag for me because it just means: "f you people!" Its nothing more than that. This hole thread is meaningless and just not worth reading. I still wanted to explain it to you want you said. Make the best out of it and maybe creat real topics next time. We have enough white knights that will clap even then updates are empty AF.
  2. No. HELL NO! I want to now on waht kind of stuff they working on. In the current state (no events or anything new) and then just one one or maybe 2 "big" (if you want to call it) updates in a YEAR they will get nowhere. I would rather want more little things that things like Fortuna for example. It would be much better if they would invenst the time in small things that would came aout every 2 months instead of "here we worked on an update for a year or more that failed after a few weeks and now you have to wait a year again before you get anything you MAY like". Because thats how it is in the moment. DE needs to make a lot smaller and faster updates that is for all different kind of people. Right now they just pushing out content for one group of players. I really like the core of Warframe. I want new map sections, new enemies and so on! I really was pround when DE updated Jupiter with a new layout, enemies, a new mission type and a new boss! THATS WHY I AM HERE! Then now they lauched some kind of Archwing 2.0? And they where working on it for how long? Also when was the last time we got a new event with a few new missions? A real event! Like time limited with new mods, armor and maybe skins! When was the last time? I cant remember honestly. And when they working on a project that we will not see for a year or longer... I really dont want them to go dark so that we have... nothing because we dont even get little events anymore.
  3. I hope she gets a rework when her prime drops in 3 montsh 😞
  4. Look for the normal versions and SURPRISE! They are the same just the weapon is stronger. A lot of status? Status build. A lot of crit? Crit build. Both? Hybrid build. Is that so hard? We use the same mods anyway on every weapon...
  5. This. On the ground I uderstand the limited range but in SPACE its a pain. Just give it to us... its not like it would kill the "fun" in RJ gammodes or so.
  6. With the current power level of weapons and the fighter speed the combat really feels trashy. In my personal opinion they should nerfed the health of the enemy ships by 30%, make all RJ guns hitscann and need the flight speed of the fighters also by 30%. I know it should be challenging but when I have to stop playing gunner because I get almost sick when I track a target... They really have to do something about the combat so that RJ feels good. Right now I have the feeling I fire with feathers (MK3 still when you take all that in consideration).
  7. It's not. We have this update now a week or so. It is alright with all the changes they brought. You just can't do everything in a few days and that good. Build MK3 from the dojo is what I would suggest you. This is not a gammode for rushers. That's all. And that the RJ guns are to weak but otherwise...
  8. "Content drought" no but DE should maybe questioning things if they work 2 years on things and people blow through it in 2 days.
  9. The weapon is not even that good so... we need more of that kind of mini events because when was the last time we really had a event (not just seasonal stuff). It makes for a better experience in my opinion. What they should fix is the damage of the railjack guns... that's the really problem. (Dont even try with "just get better RJ weapons" because it does not help.
  10. But that should be the intention. That's the reason why a lot of people play games. To get new shiny cool stuff. It doesn't matter if the cool stuff is old or not. It's still cool. You get what I mean? Like I said. I really like exclusive items even when I don't have them. It gives players a goal to get them before something new comes. That's also btw what WF lacks for a long time now: meaningfull rewards.
  11. Umbral frames where also special because you had to mod them completely and restrict you in other ways to fit all 3 umbrals mods in it. It was great because it did make Exal Umbral stand out from other Frames. Then with Nightwave they added Umbral forma. It was a chance to make one frame that was not able to fit all U mods without crippling itself to use them to. That was a good thing. Now we reached the point where U mods are just like normal mods that have kind of a set bonus even though U forma is a rare drop it's not limited anymore and loses its value in that sense because it is just like the other forms we have now. I don't even try to explain to some of the people that just said "you just want to feel special" what I mean. Just a hint: when you found a legendary armor that looks cool in a other game people are like "wow that's cool. He got it from xyz". If everyone just can get it by simply running ez missions it loses its value. Its hard to explain to people that don't care if everyone runs around with the same things what that kind of a feeling that is. I really like exclusive items. I really do. Even when I don't get them. It just is a feeling. Sorry when I can't explain it very well. 😞
  12. And this is how Umbral forma lost its "special" factor. To have a frame with Umbral forma is something cool and it feels like a reward. With the current change it loses its value. "Excapeble rate"... it's a reward and not a stupid arcane! It was...
  13. Yes because we now at the point again where we nothing that feels like a reward because everyone has it. When everyone has it it just feels cheap and loses its reward factor. It's not even better for the game because umbral forma was something where you really had to think on what frame you put it on. Now? It's not a reward for doing tasks over 2 months. It's a price that you get maybe from farming missions over and over again. It's not a reward anymore. Ephemera are bad designed in terms of how you get them but they feel like a reward when you finally have them (exclude the Lich ones). I still don't have ephemera what can be found in Arbitration and so on. I have a lot of "common" or "cheap" ones with events but nothing that is worthy a reward. That's the thing. When everyone can get it it loses its value. And this continues...
  14. Don't waste it on avionics you get the necessary ones from just playing. I would not spend plat on that. But consider the missions as a requirement for the Old War.
  15. You really think this is optional? Lol I would do it if you want to play the Old War in a few months.
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