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  1. We need to have the option of NOT reforming a heavy attack on holding my melee button. At the moment it is impossible to turn of this mechanic. It removes the combo count and seriously damages builds that realy on it. Of course i am not saying to remove it outright. Some people might enjoy it, it was readded in the latest hotfix because of community feedback. All i want is simple the option to deactivate this mechanic under option. Please DE don`t destroy this beautifull new meleesystem by some stupid feature!
  2. Please remove the hold melee=heavy attack, or make it individually changeable what counts as HOLDING DOWN.
  3. I agree and believe there is only one frame each and my theory to explain Valkyr Prime is that we simply used orokin parts we salvaged from the original frame that becameValkyr Prime
  4. This is a really good idea, it would also be nice to have additional time scaling rewards in survival and arbi
  5. While i generally hate the concept of boosters (you are paying in warframe because the acctual drop amount for stuff like kuver is utter s h i t) the new one reaches a new level of scum. While I am all for it that DE updates their prime vaults, and I want them to make a lot of money so i can continue to enjoy this game for free doing it like this is wrong. While now it at least doesnt affect relicts it still takes away that sense of fairness that everyone grinds the same amount and can`t cheat the system in a free to play. DE shouldnt become EA! Another aspect that annoyes the hell out of me is, that even with my hate of this S#&$ty industry pratice I will buy this booster! Why? Because the dropchance for mods is that so bad. So how does DE think they fix it? Let them pay; instead of thinking of something creative (like paying some fans to make a prime-trailer) to boost sales or finnally fixing some of the horrible drop chances.
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