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  1. While arbitrations are a fun and challanging gamemod and the closest thing to endgame we have teh rewards don`t quiet catch up. Honestly i dont need another 2000 endo, thank you, i get thrice that amount in any decent arena farm. What players like me really need is end-game goodys. What are does? Rivens and kuva of course to support our riven-rolling addiction. However beeing the valuable recourses they are i argue about adding a 4th rotation, the d rotation. In the d- rotation give a low chance to get a riven (maybe15%) to let sorties keep their use, and fill the rest up with that nice red orokin bathwater.
  2. wow every single primary and secondary riven i have and use was nerverd... thanks de way to make this game even more enjoyable make my frames fade into obscurity and make my hard earned and perfectly rolled rivens weaker i rolled my supra riven 56 times now i dont notice the differenc if i put a viligante armaments or my riven on thanks
  3. i did a 1h+ index run with a squad and instead of getting the farmed 4million credidts i recived 100500. I did get the John Prodman poster though and i made screenshots to prove that I in fact didn`t get the credits. I also was the only one in my squad without the credits. And during the mission the index points for the finish were not named index points but fissures.
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