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  1. I kind of feel like the people who has the old pack should get the new sigil and glyph too
  2. They should really fix wukong deluxe to original design because i really like the new wukong
  3. No conclave in nightwave because conclave is kind of unbalanced and NO ONE REALLY PLAYS IT
  4. We need as much threads as we can have about this so they are aware of our pain for this skin and fix it lol
  5. I hope we have an option to switch young and old versions of our operators and not just in duviri
  6. Please make wukong skin better or it will become another one of those volt proto skins which no one will even care. So like someone in a comment somewhere suggested, please make his hair an energy hair and please fix the color and form to match original design. thank you
  7. @DE This Pls!!!!!!!!!!!! Energy hair would be very very cool Also the original color design looks way better than current "thing" I saw. So Please take time to fix the skin.
  8. Hi, I don't usually post here but please take more time to fix and design that wukong skin. I saw the original design and it was wonderful but now the outcome looks weird and kind of disappointing. Maybe tweak the colors and modify the form and I don't care if it doesn't get released next week or month, I just want my wukong to look like the great monkey king he is so please take your time. Thank you.
  9. Since you are way in the beginning, you have so so much left to do. My advices for usage of platinum: 1. don't spend it on buying stuff from market except slots and skin bundles you really like (+ orokin reactors, castylsts) 2. you will be able to trade extremely strong mods called rivens later in game but you can get them yourself by rolling them anyway 3. DON'T USE PLATINUM TO RUSH STUFF TO COMPLETE BUILDING!! For now, keep clearing missions and complete the quests and stuff
  10. I love the new Wukong but passive says 3 per mission so I am just wondering if you can add a way to reset or restore those charges
  11. I honestly don't care about sentinent rivens because it doesn't affect our fun. But nerfing the rivens???? it totally kills our fun for rivens
  12. Please increase the chance for good drops. I am getting tired of all credits in my mail
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