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  1. Well, my tradeban wasn't lifted even though it happened due to farming Steel Essence.
  2. Steel Path has the same spawnrate no matter what the player count is, and Khora can oneshot everything solo even when you start hitting LVL4000+, so you really don't need a squad for anything other than convenience. Speed Nova increases the killrate by about 25%, but that's not really a huge increase in essence per hour. All it takes is fighting boredom, because the eximus spawns ramp up the longer you stay, so it only starts being worth doing past ~2 hours.
  3. It seems I got tradebanned for this, even though I received no notification for it. DE finally made something that rewards endurance runs, but then you end up banned. 😄 Was a basic Khora + Speedva farm.
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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