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  1. It looks like when you're playing shawzin in the Orbiter you can't open the chat window, expect when the song select screen is up, which then locks up everything. You can either write in the chat or alt+F4 from the game.
  2. I've been looking at Smokefinger's daily special offer every day or two for a while and noticed it doesn't seem to change. Sadly I forgot to take screenshots of it, but it's always three things: Heart Noctrul, Smooth Phasmin and Goblite Tears. Don't know about the other vedors' special offers.
  3. Yay, thank you for fixing the amps!!!
  4. Noticed that ever since the update my and my clanmate's Shwaak prism doesn't seem to penetrate the eidolon, it hits only once but it should at least hit 3 times. Please fix this!
  5. Nice, I really like these changes! I'll definitely rebuild Wukong now 😉
  6. Aaa yes, I missed Nightwave! And by missed I mean the fun tasks that I can do with my clan and not Nora prattling nonsense into my ears. I hope we'll get tasks like the 60 seconds survival or did we had a defense challenge? Or heck even stuff like finish a mission under 2 mins that would be fun too 😛
  7. I usually speak for my whole clan as none of them use the forums 🙂
  8. What is the new noggle? We couldn't figure it out O.o
  9. Ropalolyst grab seems to be super bugged right now. Sometimes when it tries to grab my frame then fail(?) for some reason, my frame sticks to the floor doing the grab animation then I won't be able to control it at all (not even to chat!), only to go to Operator form.
  10. Thank for the head up! & please tell me we get a different narrator... Nora was fine for the first 2 weeks maybe but got annoying really fast after that. I wouldn't mind someone with a blander style that just says what they want to say...
  11. Will we get an option to only disable Nora voice? I have no problem about other "hints", sometimes I zone out and it's good to be reminded that i'm supposed to activate life support or stuff, only Nora is so annoying.
  12. Thank you, that's much better! Actually, could you show all cooling gradually? It's so annoying seeing an almost-full meter reset in a blink...
  13. We can't handshake with my friends now :"C Even tried to precisely line up and everything, still doesn't works! Please fix this now I'm worried for my clan's future :"(
  14. I... have no idea what to do with this Nightwave thing? All I get is there are these acts things that I do and level up and I get goodies, that's ok. But... where do I go? Alerts were the way for me to decide where to go, what to do, so simple, just click and go (already unlocked every node and stuff). So, uhh. Should I just go around in random nodes? I haven't done that like forever, because everything before Pluto is just too easy. I wish you hadn't taken out alerts completely, but I guess it needs to be gone for the new system. I just don't get what to do now. Also, people talking about this Wolf? What?
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