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  1. Weapon stances are one of the factors I consider when I decide which type of melee weapon is good (for me) to use. I am very picky on weapon's ease of use, which is why I only use certain types of melee weapons no matter how strong the others are. I don't do fancy combo move because some of them are too annoying to keep up, so I focus only on E combo and forward E's. There are things that can instantly make a stance trash: Forward+E hinders my movement or moves too much Knock enemy away/ragdolls Animation takes too long Self stun wtf? and Who came up with this lifted status? I really think a portion of Melee 3.X's focus should be put into improving stances' usability QoL adjustments. I'll try cover as many stances as I can. Nikana: pretty much majority's favorite since the rework. It wasn't my No.1 choice, but it is now. Blind Justice: not only easy to execute and fast combo but also a parkour tool. Easy choice. Decisive Judgement: combo is slower than BJ, but not bad. Tranquil Cleave: E combo animation takes too long. Heavy Blade: My No.1 before rework due to large AoE capability, but not anymore. Tempo Royale: this is the less annoying choice. Bearable knock down. Even thought the new forward E is bad, the other stances are worse. Cleaving Whirlwind: Forward E stuns me when I spam too much? E combo ragdolls enemy like crazy. Self stun is already an instant reject. Rending Crane: Knockdowns and hinders movement too much. Gunblades: powerful, but I hate to use it's combos. Basically, outside of charge/heavy attack, press E more than once per second means I get thrown into a dramatic movement combos that reduce my aiming accuracy by 100%, thus hitting nothing. Bullet Dance & High Noon: not much difference anymore. At least first E is actually doing gun fire. Doing combo means I won't be hitting anyone since my crosshair moves everywhere and I have zero control over it. Staff: I don't know why staff and polearm have to be separate types. They both attack from two ends in this game. Clashing Forest: the only choice, but new rework make it less desirable due to enemy getting lifted a lot. Flailing Branch: I hate every combo in this stance. At least CF's multi-hit combo is satisfying. Polearm: used to be very popular, but it became kind of meh after rework. IMO, its forward E is still the best among melee weapons. It's E combo is really annoying because it propels my character to the right (You'll notice it once you hit something. Hitting air also moves you slightly rightward.) Shimmering Blight & Bleeding Willow: for combo that I use, they are about the same. The problem is that weird E combo. Sword: I hated this weapon type because of Iron Phoenix. Swooping Falcon: this stance made me realize sword is actually not that hard to use. Iron Phoenix: I just remembered my newbie days spamming forward E because I hate E combo. Scythe: I hate both stances, so this weapon type is entirely out of my plate. Really hope two-hand giant scythe is a thing in the future. Stalking Fan: animation is too long. Reaping Spiral: long animation + lifts enemy? NO Two-Hand Nikana: I hate Wise Razor, so this type is out. Hate E combo's long animation. Wise Razor: long animation, and forward E stops movement on 3rd strike. Dual Blades: I like it a lot after the rework. Crossing Snakes: I prefer this more. No stopping movement, fast combo, and no lifting! Swirling Tiger: pretty okay stance, but forward E lifts enemy. Whip: I never liked slide attack and I don't really like the combos. Burning Wasp & Coiling Viper: they are equally bad. E combo propels you forward while forward E stops movement. Rapier: pretty decent, but I wish there is another stance that gives a different E combo. Vulpine Mask: not a bad stance, but I like to swing more than stab that's all. Hammer: much better to use after rework. Crushing Ruin: this is my pick. Though forward E lifts enemy, E combo is pretty good. Shattering Storm: all this stance does is knock enemy down and away. Very annoying. Tonfas: the weapon type has a lot of potential to be popular, but there is a lack of new and stronger tonfas. Sovereign Outcast: I prefer this one's fluid multi-hit combos over the other. Gemini Cross: too much knockdowns. Glaive: currently unpopular due to rework. In terms of usability, it's not bad. The only thing I hate is combos are different between melee mode and gun+glaive mode. Astral Twilight: I prefer this one's combo. Though both stance uses the same E combo when in gun+glaive mode, AT's melee mode combo is more fluid. Gleaming Talon: combo is clunky in this one. Nunchaku: this weapon type got some spotlight thanks to Ninkondi Prime having good stats plus there's nothing wrong with stance. Atlantis Vulcan: Doesn't hinder movement, no overly dramatic animation, multi-hit combos, no lifting, and no excessive knockdown/knockback. This stance is great. Sword and Shield: there have not been a weapon of this type that I like and I have not gotten Sigma & Octantis, so I don't use this type at all. Eleventh Storm: I don't like its E combo lifting enemies all the time and causing them to ragdoll. Final Harbinger: with that leaping, I can forget trying to hit my enemy because I can't control it. Fist: I don't really use it due to having small hit boxes. Seismic Palm: my vote goes to this one because this is the only stance that doesn't lift enemy on E combo. Fracturing Wind & Gaia's Tragedy: these two are the real tragedy. Who thought this lifted status is fun? All it does is make sure everything ragdolls. Machete: the most bizarre type of weapon in game. Non of them looks like the picture I found in google. Sundering Weave: this one's combo focuses more on single target. Cyclone Kraken: this one's combos seem to have larger hit box. I would prefer this stance if I there is a good looking machete in the future. Dagger: the two available stances are okay, but there is just lack of new and strong daggers. Pointed Wind & Homing Fang: Both can knock enemy down, but at least there's no ragdoll. HF has a bit more fluid E combo and mobility. Dual Daggers: they buff'd fang prime, so it's not the worst anymore. Spinning Needle: the only stance without any annoyance. Gnashing Payara: E combo lifts enemy. Sinking Talon: worst of all. E combo propels you forward, so your hits beyond first hit will all miss. Blade and Whip: feels like this is one of the forgotten weapon types. Defiled Snapdragon: no one will want to use this type of weapon due to this stance. E combo not only lifts enemies it also pulls them causing all kinds of ragdoll to make sure they don't easily get kill. I'm missing Claws, Sparring, and Warfans because I don't have any built. Feel free to give your opinions on their stances.
  2. So far there's no word of the entire Lich thing anymore. It's like they are pretending the whole thing don't exist.
  3. Many players are still waiting for Paladino's help to erase their trash liches from existence. Thank you.
  4. What grinds my gear is the long A/SS animation. Like I have time to watch you poof away. Let me revive and continue that tedious murmur grind already!
  5. Basically this is what I felt like when I solo fight lvl 100+ enemies: I have 300 hp Do 1 million damage to my enemies My enemies each have 1 million hp 1 million armor/shield Do 1 million damage to me At some point of me slashing through them, I WILL be grazed by at least one bullet. Without any form of mitigation, I'm dead. I have always thought in this game enemy scaling is insane, while I stay as a max level 30 warframe noob forever. I ignore it before because there is barely any reason for me to worry about those overkill scaling encounter besides sortie 3 and kuva flood. The former will always be a full squad when I need the help while the later is something I rarely do. However, things changed with introduction of Kuva Lich. Doing Kuva Flood regularly is okay because now people have more reasons to do it, so I almost always get full squad on that. Kuva Lich mission on the other hand is something I wish I can wait for matchmaking system to give me a full squad, but I often have to solo it. When Lich rank is 1 to 3, solo run are no problemo. Lich rank 4 mission enemies start to hurt a lot, but it's still manageable. Lich rank 5 mission is just a pain to grind through the final set of murmurs and waiting for Lich to spawn. Each of them evolved into a beast that can one shot me any time, but I still only have my level 30 power to deal with them. I also do not understand why player warframe's max hp has to stay so low when enemy damage can scale so crazy high.
  6. Are you like jealous or something? Why do you care so much about how other people play the game. If you hate Wukong players just abort the mission.
  7. It all started when one dev stream showed people exilus slot for weapons. Then, a person made a doom-saying/overreacting post (over reddit iirc) about how reload speed increases your firing time, thus resulting in dps increase and so it's not fit to be in exilus mod slot yadi yada too overpowered with his/her EXPERTISE point of view. DE later agreed with that logic, and so this happened. No fun allowed. Good thing for me is that there is barely anything worthwhile for me to want to unlock that mediocre slot with the exception of reducing recoil of few guns, but it is only Steady Hands for secondary while primary have nothing.
  8. You guys later made Valence Transfer, which is an acceptable method of dealing with duplicates. No, it did not solve the actual problem. We are still getting weapons of with the lowest bonus of 25% when there is the possibility of the max bonus of 60%. Do you know how large the 25%-60% range is? Getting anything less than 45% is basically a giant waste of my time because I am just grinding without getting anything out of the entire process and it's not fun. No one is gonna use Valence Transfer if all they got was 25% bonus 99% of the time because trash is still trash no matter how many times you overwrite it. Do you know how depressing it is to get a lich with lowest bonus that you don't want and that lich doesn't even have ephemera? It's like someone purposefully feeding you feces. How about give us an upgrade system call Valence Upgrade? Let us feed those duplicated trash weapons to our kuva weapon to increase its bonus at a FIXED rate. That way we don't feel like grinding for trash and instead, we collecting materials to make our bad kuva weapon stronger gradually.
  9. What's even more sad is I can't even apply skin on my dual pistols....
  10. I can solo survival 5 minutes, some defense, some disruption* (nox thrall was hard to kill in a short time), and rescue; BUT I CAN'T FOR THE LIFE solo excavation and interception. I really don't get it. Most of the kuva lich infected missions are not being done with solo by choice. I was forced to do them myself because the the way it was implemented. I prefer to do missions with a full squad to minimize death and the frustration of dealing with bullet sprays from 360 degree angle everywhere, especially lvl 5 lich missions, but no one joined mine. I have not successfully solo lich infected interception, and I had an one hour lich excavation. What happen was my Khora's dome couldn't catch one of the further grineer shooters, and when I noticed it, boom excavator destroyed. One got destroyed when I I got one shot by bombard. One got destroyed when I got lucky that lvl 100+ stalker showed up and whipped my butt. One got destroyed when my lich boss spawn and I was too busy doing my fail attempt to get murmurs. Two more were sniped by far enemies. The mission was set public, and no one joined the entire time. So yeah, there are mission types not fit to become lich infected if we are forced to solo.
  11. I'm not talking about warframes being squishy base on build stats. I'm talking about frames that have no ability to protect themselves directly from the high damage deal by the high level enemies. This transitions directly from the newest update Old Blood where Kuva Lich made it easier for squishy frames to get instantly killed. The most recent two frames that got reworked are Ember and Vauban. Simply take each one to run a lvl 5 kuva lich infected mission and you will know the difference between heaven and hell. New Ember is fit for dealing with Kuva Lich while Vauban will die to almost everything if you don't be careful. Ember's rework covers from head to toe and it's a complete package, but Vauban's doesn't. New Ember's abilities covered both offensive and survival situation. Fireball: straight for killing Immolation: a protective shield with max 90% damage reduction. Augment can also share the damage reduction for team play. Fire Blast: a CC and armor strip altogether. Augment heals for each enemy hit by it. Inferno: decent aoe clearing. Augment gives energy orb for more ability sustain potential. You see. She can kill, CC, and heal for survival. This is what a complete package should be. When facing lvl 100+ enemy, I don't need to worry too much about getting one shot, and if I did take too much damage, I can heal back quickly with augment and healing return. My solo run with her was smooth. Now for Vauban: It is no doubt, that the new Vauban is very fun, but the direction of the rework is a bit narrow minded and Vauban's squishy downside is still the main problem why he is not fit to do kuva lich content. Tesla Nervos: it does CC and augment give it potential to deal high damage, but still tickles in level 100+. Minelayer: 4 orbs are all okay. They cover from CC, damage, movement, and buff. Photon Strike: deals high damage in strength build. Bastille: pure CC. As you can see, Vauban can CC and kill, but will have harder time than Ember when dealing with enemies that cannot be CC'd or one shot. During my lvl 5 kuva lich solo run with Vauban, I found myself have to constantly run away from enemies first and cast vortex to make sure it is safe to proceed. I use healing return, but the problem is that if I take damage, I mostly just die. Everything was under control when I can CC to protect myself while focus kill thrall. Things then went south in a blink on an eye when my lich boss showed up. I got one shot by a grenade out of nowhere once and murdered by lich 3 times. I ended up no choice but to abort because I didn't have the requiem mods and lost all murmur progress. Older gen frames are mostly focused on one aspect of the game either CC, damage, heal or protect. Newer frames like Wisp can do all CC/damage/heal/protect in one frame and lucky new Ember got all the necessary parts to stay relevant in the new age of Warframe, but Vauban didn't and has to stay in the back watching the glorious Ember. While the new contents are mostly fine for newer frames, older frames often have no place in them. Soon, we will have New War and have to fight the toughest enemies yet aka Sentients. Older gen and squishy frames will become even more obsolete. There are many more older gen frames that needed rework, but I think those that need immediate attention are frames that does not have survival ability. Hydroid Mag Banshee Mirage (3 is too unreliable) Excalibur Limbo (god mode or die is just not good) Volt (unlike Saryn that can heal)
  12. Here is my feedback on Gauss: A Warframe of Limitation. I really like Gauss on aesthetically design wise; but I pity Gauss on ability/mechanical design wise. While everything he does is related to speed, all he has is speed only. The unique battery system not only isn't helping much, it made his capability worse. Gauss is similar to Baruuk in the sense of when you mod him base on one ability, the other abilities quickly lose their effectiveness, but Baruuk is still better than Gauss because battery gauge brought Gauss's potential even lower than that. Before talking about his abilities, take a closer look on battery gauge system: Battery level effects Gauss's entire ability sets' effectiveness and power level. In other words, while general warframe ability is affected by mods and dependent on energy as spending resource, Gauss's ability potential is further controlled by battery level as both an extra mod and spending resource. While all other warframe ability can always give a 10/10 full output, Gauss's ability power will vary between 1 to 10 depends on battery level. A full battery gauge without redline active is 80%, which would mean Gauss is performing at 8/10 output on full battery normally, and has to use redline to achieve a 10/10 output on ability compare to others. On top of all the limitation to Gauss, when ability drains battery level, it lowers the next ability's effectiveness and strength used next if you don't charge battery back. The battery gauge system, as it is currently, is complete disadvantage to Gauss. Now for ability: Mach Rush: It's an okay ability. Great for travel. Kinetic Plating: Annoying limitation on damage types consider there are so many types of damage exist. Damage reduction is okay, but not so much on sortie level and higher. Thermal Sunder: I have a lot to say here. This is so bad. Heat AoE initial damage is very low. Can spam it to stack damage, but has diminishing return on damage and is depend on battery level. The more you use, the less damage it does. Cold and Heat status remove each other. The ability's strength is snapshoted base on current battery level. You can alternate between cold and heat to maintain battery level, but heat status damage stack will get reset by cold status. First cold aoe only slows enemy. To hard CC via freeze enemy, you need to hit them twice. Without efficiency mod, it requires 100 energy to freeze. Basic AoE range is pathetic. AoE shrinks by duration. Even with high duration modding, it still shrinks very fast. Anyway, why does it have to shrink??? Status effect lasts 4 seconds on empty battery. It means without battery, you have 4 seconds to stack your aoes, otherwise cold aoe won't freeze and heat aoe won't have damage added. What a hell of limitations. Redline: I use this ability to make Gauss look even cooler. Yeah, that's it. Also very bad. Entirely duration dependent, but battery gain in general is so little to the point when you finally achieve 100% battery level, your redline duration is almost over, making you work for almost nothing Did you know if you stack too much duration, it actually lowers the amount of battery gain? Crazy. To maintain 100 battery level, spamming mach rush is inevitable, make it energy consuming thus even harder to achieve. Too duration dependent results in low stats on every other aspects in terms of modding. Ex. Not enough range, efficiency, or strength. I don't want to be mean, but Gauss is entirely inferior to every other warframes available (Okay, maybe not Ember right now). He can run very fast and that is literally it. It's like playing a warframe without any real ability. This game is called "Warframe", not "Gun" or "Weapon" for a reason. Gauss is grade A on the look, and grade F on the rest.
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