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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who misses the target most of the time on nikana heavy attack. Plenty of melee type weapons have this forward momentum on their heavy attack, but nakana's heavy attack movement is just too drastic.
  2. None of my sentinels will ever equip any weapon. Once a companion dies, it is dead-dead. Unlike player can have the option to return after a failed revive, companion death penalty is so unreasonable that I'd much prefer to avoid any chance of it dying. For instance, fighting high rank lich and sister can sometimes make companion go down in a blink of an eye. The most frustrating situation is when radiation is involved and other player and the boss killed mine multiple times together. The 3 revives from Primed Regen really is nothing but a band-aid. At this point, I don't even think give 20 revives is asking too much. The regular kavat and kubrow tho are the ones I'll never use because they get ZERO safety net. Panzer on the other hand saved my day except when it goes into its "baby form", I still temporarily lose my vacuum until it grows back to adult form. Sister's hound while it still require reviving, at least there is Diversified Denial to keep itself safe from time to time. I take it out to play with occasionally. Lose companion = lose vacuum. All of my companion have but one purpose: Loot collector pet. If there is an option to trade companion's offensive capability for permanent invulnerability, I would use it every single time.
  3. This entire thread is send out this message, "People with aoe weapons kills all enemies. I have nothing to do in squad." How about you solo those easy missions instead of going into a squad? I've realized a long time ago going into starchart missions with a squad, most of the time I have nothing to do because at least two players have decent weapons are enough to clear the entire room. If you put 4 players with end game viable weapons in a starchart mission, what do you expect? Why is being jealous of others being powerful suddenly a trend? I spend my time, resources, effort to reforma most of my aoe weapons because of this no-fun self stagger to put in cautious shot mod, so I can enjoy my powerful aoe weapons. The worst part is that mod don't even have the secondary weapon version, so I don't bother with aoe secondary at all. If you think trashing aoe weapons and forcing everyone to use single target guns is a good idea, I will just bring back my Mesa peacemaker and other nuke frames and clear the room for you. I don't even want to bother with single target head shot kills in a 1v 20+ aimbots hoard shooter game when our defense option is going offensive by game design. Let me ask you this question: How many actual human players do you see actually using sniper rifle to clear rooms in a sniper rifle only sortie?
  4. I do wish we could have more skins designed as universal rifle, shotgun, bow or secondary skins. 2h nikana now is just a clunky heavy sword all thanks to the garbage stance after melee changes.
  5. ^This. The current vortex is so weird. It's like it applies glue to the enemies, so they would stick firmly to any nearby walls, uneven surfaces, or stairs. It doesn't even feels like a vortex because the suction power is so weak.
  6. DE I don't care about k-drive mods on Merulina, at all. All I care about is what I can do when Yareli is riding on Merulina in the battlefield. At current state, the only thing that is accessible is secondary weapon. K-drive has zero advantage on movement in non-openworld, so is Merulina. It is still fun to ride it regardless, so I took it to hunt sister. Then, the sister's hound comes over to disarm my secondary weapon...... It makes zero difference from the plain old k-drive. Why not let Merulina be the special thing that only Yareli can do. Let Yareli be able to use primary and melee weapons while on Merulina. This way Yareli can truly have that one thing that is special to this particular warframe.
  7. Kuva larving's rng of kuva weapon is 10 times worse than Sister larving's rng. There are currently 19 Kuva weapons in the rng pool while sister is luckily only have 8 in the pool. Getting the desired weapon of choice is much more difficult and time consuming on the Kuva Lich side. In my previous attempt to draw Kuva Zarr out, I ran 100+ times of Cassini to finally get it. It is so discouraging to restart the process all over again to the point that I have decided to just let it stay at 30% weapon bonus. The same issue will happen if DE add more guns to Sister's pool the the future. We need a solution fast.
  8. One time thing is a huge problem especially for Kuva Lich because the improved system change was only on the Sister's side. The murmur gain on kuva lich is soooooo little because nothing had changed. One time my lich's spawn rate was so bad, I had only inter and defense type of mission left. I couldn't find any squad doing it, and ended up doing it during the next day on peak time since solo them was too much effort.
  9. First of all, bloom is always turned off because I can't stand the brightness. I lowered the intensity as well. I don't know what is going on, but whenever I see players shooting arca plasmor's projectile in my direction, I feel like getting high beam flashed right in front of my face. I also would often blind myself if I was too close to the target while using the gun. Yesterday, I met a rando in a squad with a plasmor using bright yellow energy color. My eyes were burning the entire time. I had to close the game and take break due to eye strain. While I can change my own energy color to dark color to avoid as much flashes as possible, I can't do anything to deal with the other players. Of course there are other blinding projectile effects, but none are worse than tenet arca plasmor. Please lower the projectile brightness, intensity, effect, or whatever it is called (I don't know the correct term).
  10. You know the funniest thing is that this is how DE created FOMO from playerbase. Player too strong? Oh no, I have to enjoy this moment as much as I can before it's taken away from me. Well, no time for more words folks. I gotta farm as much weapons as I can before the nerf. I'm not going back to the time when I need to land a billion shots to kill a rank 5 lich/sister only for it to sneeze and one shots me.
  11. After the improvement was made for railjack, I finally was able to build one myself without begging for dojo and play at my own pace with npc crews. I'm just trying to complete the promixa chart, but I'm currently forced to stop my progress and be stuck at the Orphix mission because it disables my warframe for the sake of forcing me to use necramech. Ok I see the free necramech is there for me to use. I used it, but guess what? The red crystal things are hiding in the most annoying place that are hard and often impossible to go in while in the necramech. Even worst is when I use my absolute wet noodle operator and the already spawned 20+ sentient enemies saw me before I can move and one shots me sending me back to my warframe location and I'm now 500m-1000m away from the previous location. Mission proceeds to fail because there is no way to stop the percentage. The 2nd attempt I was extra careful and didn't die. My archgun was dealing low damage it took a long time to chip away the hp bar which reminds me of lich boss fight. My imperator vandal damage was so bad that the necramech got swarmed by 20+ sentients and got destroyed. Mission failed because I have nothing I could do and ran out of time. The 3rd attempt after re-modding the archgun Kuva Ayanga, which is my strongest option, with corrosive damage. My damage was a bit better, but it's still just slowly chipping away the thing's hp bar. I was again too slow at dealing damage to it. Mission failed again, exhausted, I exit the game. Geez the percentage moves way too fast for the effort I have to put in. The crazy amount of sentient spawns is insult to injury which I could do nothing about it as killing them is pretty much futile effort. I guess I must find a squad to progress this mission. I didn't touch orphix venom event when I realized that the event prevents the use of warframe, and necramech turns me off. This is probably it on railjack content for me until orphix mission is tuned down. At least I have a railjack for lich and sister boss fight.
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