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  1. This whole "ending the previous timed event for half a month (aka 2 weeks) before adding the next new timed event" is just simply stupid to begin with. Like oh great, this is over and I have to wait half month to play anything new while the old thing that exist for so long just have to be taken down immediately. They couldn't just do a patch that removes old things and adds new things AT THE SAME TIME. When scarlet spear was over I have almost nothing to do except crack relics to get new prime parts, but I'm not feeling it. I'll open Warframe.exe half month later I guess. They let intermission sat rotting for a good 6 months and finally new stuff will be replacing it, but they instead of let it sit rotting for another half month, they have to remove it before adding the next new thing, so people have even more of nothing to do while waiting for glassmaker??????????????????????????????????????? If they insist of removing it first before adding the next, why can't the gap be between 1-3 days? Why must it be half month????????????????????????????????????????? This is like immediately throwing away your leftover meal before thinking of putting it in the fridge and not have the next meal prepared already. Pointless and wasteful.
  2. Ever since I got my bramma fully forma'd, I've had so much fun murdering everything that I forgot the existence of catchmoon lol.
  3. With how all aoe weapons except kuva bramma nerf'd to be absolutely trash. Everyone is require to have one in order to do some decent boss damage. The worst part is that Kuva bramma's damage potential is even greater than what catchmoon was used to be pre-nerf. If there's is a person in scarlet spear squad using Kuva Bramma, I can almost certainly afk and ignore boss because the weapon just straight one shot condrex. I have never seem such overboard power creep. Not even catchmoon was that overpower. Time to farm some lich.
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