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  1. Of course hell no. Aside from self damage enable gimmicks like vex armor, self damage has brought nothing but frustration. There are tons of weapons that are capable of mass destruction with no such drawback. Plus that joke of a mod cautious shot. Which didn't really solve any problem caused by self damage at all aside from wasting a precious mod slot. If you realize how limiting our warframe hp scales, even a 1% damage from a weapon capable of dealing 1 million damage is capable of one shotting most of the frames with vitality mod on. I'm usually okay with powerful weapon having drawbacks like low reload, low ammo mag, or low fire rate. For a weapon that I'm gonna use to murder enemies with and min-max mods to bring out its destruction, self damage is a pure hindrance.
  2. So far so good. This might be the one of the frames I had the least complain about. Though shocking mote's CC is so strong it makes leveling in Hydron extra slower because no enemy can actually move and people won't stop using shocking mote...... Anyway, since all of the buffs are on the reservoirs and almost every time all 3 buffs need to be refreshed all together. Can we just add a "Hold longer to summon all 3 reservoirs" function to #1 ability? It works like this: For example, when you hold #1, it summons the the vitality mote. If you continue to hold #1 it summons haste mote, and hold even longer to summon the shocking mote.
  3. I don't know. I don't understand. I'm sorry. The team worked for months to design a boss fight that entirely revolves around throwing canisters at it? I don't see anything other than kill these small adds then throw canisters at boss. Literally you spend 15-30 mins just throwing canisters at boss. I don't see any effort at all. Sure the teams that worked on cutscenes, voices, and animation deserves recognition; but that's all the praise from me. After phase 1, I'm pretty sick of throwing canisters already. No! god forbids us to stop throwing canisters at boss while my fire blaster flamethrower ignis wraith can't do anything. While the exploiter orb is much much much better than profit taker. It is just boring. Also, please don't do exploiter orb on prime time because all you will be doing is throwing canisters.
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