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  1. This is the best gamer forum Internet soap opera running right now, IMHO. The the bickering, the mysterious suits with money, the international intrigue, entire conspiracy theories created and destroyed on the fly, half-truths twisted into seemingly rational arguments, character assasinations, circular arguments that never end but feed the drama...I mean really, "As the Hamster Wheel Turns" MMO soap opera with this content and the right delivery, it could be a hit! Or at least a web comic 42 of us read now and then... How will it all turn out? Stay tuned for the next episode! (here is where a message from our sponsors would be, but we have no investors yet)
  2. So those games are able to cater equally to the the players that just want to relax and have fun as well as those that want a challenge, and no one complains on either end of the spectrum that things are too hard or not hard enough? Lets not even talk about budgets and resources and why I say (m)any, lets just ask that question...do they really please the whole rainbow? I don't enjoy either game, have not played WoW is years, never tried LoL, not my thing.
  3. They might try to do this, but I do not see (m)any suceeding, I see these exact same arguments on every GaaS game forum I visit.
  4. If it was really that simple, don't you think all GaaS games would already be doing it?
  5. Again, you make a claim with nothing more than anecdotal evidence. There are simply no accurate numbers to back up your claim. Just because there are loud people on the Internet saying something, does not make them a majority. In my life, I have encountered just as many people, if not more, that play games for fun and relaxation as I have met those that only play for rewards and the feeling of advancement. Only one GaaS game friend has ever even mentioned wanting to 'progress' during each play session. So, my anecdotal evidence counter balances yours.
  6. I think you over-estimate your own subjective outlook. Fun is Profit. After playing these kinds of games for almost 20 years, it's easy to see fun is subjective, but the moment you start trying to say those that only those that play for fun are a small minority without any real proof, you are just making things up to suit your narrative. Andvancement is part of the fun of these kinds of games, no doubt. There are all kinds of games that have no real progression in the game that people love to play.
  7. Plenty of GaaS games change over time, I play a ton of them. I don't get mad about leaving one, I don't get mad when they change, that's just silly, IMO, it's just another video game. I play WF because there is not another game quite like it, that's the point, but GaaS games change as much as WF has over time. The players numbers per DE have risen, even as profit fell. Just because people move on to other games does mean they are mad about anything.
  8. Nope. I 'get done' with games all the time. I don't get mad, I just look around one day and realize I would like some different entertainment. There is no reason to let ones emotions run off the hook over being done with what a video game has to offer. There is no reason to treat the game like a jilted lover. Just because some gamers cannot control thier emotions and keep the perspective that it's just a game, does not mean 'everyone gets mad and leaves'.
  9. This is the part so many gamers don't seem to be able to grasp. Tedius, mind-numbing, muscle repeating dexterity-based gameplay is not, in fact, considered challenging to many players, it's not some kind of perfect thing to add to every game just because a couple popular games have it, nor does being good at it make anyone any sort of pro, it just means you happen to have those reflexes and you like those games. Many act as if gaming did not exist until these kinds of games were made. There are so very many other aspects to gaming, yet they mean very little if if there are no flashy graphics and don't rely on reaction time to these players, because 'shiny' and following the herd is all they care about, from my POV. Popular games to them are more important than good ones. Popular != Good.
  10. Your statement implied no 'new player'. I agree it's subjective. I also think it's not possible for DE to cater to every player type. This game caters to those whose either like or don't mind external research and lots of details. IMO, is does not have to also cater to players who do not like that, I prefer to take the game for what it is, rather than trying to twist it, or have a player twist themselves. IME of playing GaaS games since AC1, there are always those that complain, nothing is every good enough for everyone and chasing all playstyles is a losing proposition. Just because they don't please everyone and some poele like to maon, does not mean they are not pleasing a reasonable number of people, they have been successful.
  11. I love the you spout off this whole 'Ima play my way' and then tell others they are doing it wrong. It's kind of cute, really.
  12. The fallacy here is that there is, in fact, nothing to 'keep up with'... It's only the misguided idea that everyone has to 'rush to end where the real action is' because that does notreally exist here.
  13. Yeah, that was my thought as well on that post. These players that treat the game like a cheating lover are just hilarious, even though I should probably have more empathy for them than I do.
  14. What you outline here is, IMO, simply learning to play the game. I have no powerful Arcanes, for example, and do just fine. (I think I have one that helps keep my companion alive, that's it) When I struggle, I experiment and check the wiki. I take the time to run the mission with different Mod configurations, etc., until I find the sweet spot for the things I own. Once I discovered Mods are really 'the thing', I simply focused on acquiring them, IMO, just a part of learning the game. I had adequate resource management, from my POV, very early and as I stated, I don't use Arcanes for it. What I see are players that a are 'trained' and 'used to' 'rushing to the end game' to hang out with the other players and that thing does not exist here.
  15. Grindy, always changing, never perfectly balanced, multiple systems that don't all interact, multiple currencies for tiers, time-limited availability of items, ludicris Riven religion', not P2Win but a little cash helps get things rolling, mainly in the end focused on the 'Diablo Loop' - kill pixels to get stronger to kill more pixels, all in a unique, dark IP. I could see then it allowed a wide variety of ways to kill pixels and that like another favorite of mine, CoH, long-term side-grades and finding fun ways to kill pixels is the point, not rushing to an 'end-game' state that contains only a handful of weapons and loadouts - real possible variety. I have little to no empathy for consumers that do not do thier homework and then complain the product is the problem.
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