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  1. Already using the new 2021 cosmetics on two frames, one that was already rocking last years. The pack is a fine value IMO. I love the cosmetics and I love the Baro access.
  2. "Why do a lot of fights break out in Maroo's Bazaar?" - Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD). I think it's far better for people to learn life lessons about how trading in the real world works through a much safer medium like Maroo's, personally. It's pretty entertaining to watch a group of people that each think the way life works for them is Universal get put in a room together and learn differently. Far, far more entertaining than using the wanna-be-EBay market site, IME. I think Maroo's is an excellent learning experience for those that need it.
  3. There are multiple ways that the issue could be dealt with, all of which, IMO, DE are already intimately familiar with since you know, they make games and write code for a living, even if those technologies are not currently in WF. So, theory crafting is awesome and all, but the fixes, as it were, have not changed in decades so IMO, there is very little left to craft, been solving these kinds of things for a couple decades myself. I am well aware that I am an emotional anomaly, I get called out for being Vulcan a lot, because I don't see any reason to lose my mind over rewards in a v
  4. IMO/IME, that portion of the population is 'at risk' and these games are inherently dangerous for some brain chemistries. If anything, IMO, we should be recognizing this behavior is not healthy. Why do you think WF has warnings in many parts of the world to get up and step away after a time? I live from the POV that those among us that are at risk should be protected as best we can, while allowing us the freedom to have games like this that might cause them harm. It's a tough balancing act...
  5. I call it a cautionary tale. You can think I am being disingenuous, I will continue to use it as a primary example of teh slippery slope of taking a video game 'seriously'. I am not 'faulting' anyone for anything, IMO, trying to lay 'blame' and 'fault' is the whole problem in teh first place, over just accepting that there are technical limitations to reality. The world in it's entirety is less than perfect, why does there have the be 'blame' and 'fault'? Angry humans will always rage when they feel slighted, regardless of reality.
  6. And having had a friend lose 'everything' from taking a video game too seriously, I will continue to advocate viewing these things as nothing more than ephemeral dopamine entertainment outlets. It's just a video game for entertainment, nothing more and it's not healthy to wrap ones well being into a video game one cannot control, IME. Sure, If the game can be made 'better', that's a good thing. TBH, in decades of playing games and dealing with bugs, I simply see all bugs as the 'fickle gods screwing with us' in the virtual worlds we inhabit, especially in a game
  7. ...are not an indication of a statistically large enough portion of the population from which to draw conclusions, IME. I think the actual numbers are over-blown by raging gamers, if we are just going to use forum posts as a metric. I have 'lost' some 'progression' in WF due to bugs, but it's not like one cannot eat because of it. I am not advocating to not try and make teh system better, progress is awesome, but trying to use forum complaints as a valid metric to gauge this is disingenuous IMO. IME, like so many things, gamers "make mountains out of mole hills", as it were
  8. Zimzala

    Anything new?

    Same game, nothing new. Same complaints, nothing new. Same posts from wanna-be edgy humans trying to make hating on WF "cool", nothing new. Same passive-aggressive noise from gamers that think games owe them something, nothing new.
  9. That's about the funniest thing I have read on a game forum in a couple years.
  10. I pretty much live my entire life by the philosophy of "I do what I want, when I want, for as long as I want, with whom I want". Said the phrase as a mantra for about 38 years now IIRC. As for the rest... IMO, you have found that WF does not work as Entertainment for you and that's awesome, I wish others would do the same with their Personal Agency when an entertainment vehicle is no longer entertaining. WF is far from perfect, like most Entertainment IME, but it's fun and entertaining to me. Perfection is over-rated, IME. If a game is not fun and entertaining for someone,
  11. IMO, what you describe is still a Masochist over a Gamer, not that they are mutually exclusive. For example, I would just spend money on a cosmetic over interacting with others to sell parts for plat. The parts of the game you imply one would do as chores, I just don't do, I just play the parts I find Fun, pure Hedonistic behavior. What you describe is just playing WF, IMO, and if that's not Fun, then don't do it. IMO/IME, it's all about ones personal outlook. If one views an activity in game as a Chore, that's on the player, if one views it as Fun, that's on the player.
  12. It would be nice to think there are only a couple of people that understand so little of how things actually work that all these posts are from the same small group, over thinking there are this many people out there that really have no clue as to how businesses actually function. The entire argument of "someone mentioned it, time has passed, it's a trajesty it is not implemented" is just silly. I for one am still waiting on mass market rocket cars and home robots, for example. This whole "I want", regardless of reality, is just emotional llama-drama presented as some sort of objecti
  13. "Why does the world not work the way that is most beneficial to me?" /s
  14. Fraud exists. The system DE uses is actually really good, I work in Fraud Prevention. The original plat buyer gets banned and all Bad Plat gets revoked. There is no other way to handle this. Any other choice gets 'free' Plat into the economy. I realize no one likes the Bad Actors, but they are going no where and there is not reason for DE to just give money away. No matter how long they add a timer to turn the Plat from good to bad will work, because chargebacks will still occur. Blame the Bad Actors, they are the ones that make the rest of us have to pay, not DE.
  15. Not why I Play games for Entertainment, no. If you need to 'suffer' through things to enjoy them, that's great, but don't assume it's some kind of Universal thing, that sounds much more like a Masochist than a Gamer, IMO, not that one cannot be both. Interactive Entertainment does not have to make anyone 'suffer' to be entertaining.
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