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  1. Mountains out of mole hills by pedantic gamers that are never satisfied with life...these forums are always so fun to read! These things only build 'mistrust' for those same, pedantic, impossible to ever satisfy players that no game company can ever really please, because the problem is not the game, it's the outlook and brain chemistry of the humans involved. You talk breathlessly as if a game developer not making everything they want to make, in a time frame that you find 'proper', and think they should be hemmed into for no other reason that you like to call them out on it, from m
  2. ...or it could just be that different people notice, and are concerned/bothered/focused about, different things, with different points of view, including aesthetic outlooks...🤔
  3. It's always interesting to see how people find ways to brag about how much play-money they have accumulated in a video game, while at the same time saying the developers of that game have produced nothing of value to purchase... Warframe forums still deliver after all these years.
  4. Fish-eye, it makes the game unplayable for me at this point, it's the only thing stopping me from playing. I would also be nice if many players that think they own the world would get banned, but I won't hold my breath, no game company can change human nature.
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