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  1. Only if you choose to read prose that way, IMO. I stated things I thought would happen, based on experience, nothing more. Yet, so any posters here decide "you are with me or you must be eradicated" and then just decide I think things I simply mentioned something as possible or probable IMO. Reading comprehension for the win, without the assumption anyone not on one's thought train is the enemy.
  2. That's great. I am really glad the system works for you and that you can do what you like. I can say the same, simply because I am the only one in the chat. 🤣
  3. This kind of useless drama form other players is why I pay Solo. It really is just that simple. I have no desire to interact with humans that have so little emotional maturity that everything turns into llama drama while I am trying relax and unwind playing video games. Why people continue to subject themselves to these random drama queens and call it fun is baffling to me.
  4. Well, I don't understand the need for leisure time to be efficient, so I think the two of us view the world through very different lenses. I hope you can enjoy the parts you enjoy, good luck.
  5. I don't get the 'late' part - I have played the game for a couple years, did not bother with RJ except to build it initially and let it sit there before the changes, did not do missions with it until like just a few weeks back...I have 3 crew already from just buying them when they looked good, and with intrinsics at like 3-5...and the mode is already easy...all solo. How are you late? How is it not fun to play all of that w/o rank 10 and only fun with rank 10? It's the same game. I don't get it.
  6. I agree. Where did I insist that? I am simply stating there will be those that will like it if there are forced co-op rewards and those that don't, period. Just because I can talk about a POV does not mean I hold that POV. As I mentioned, I don't care if there are rewards behind content I don't find appealing, I have no issue with it at all. But there will be loud voices that do, that's reality. The questions remain, "what does DE want to do, what will make WF the most successful?", keeping with co-op optional or making co-op mandatory for some content is their choice. Which is pretty much exactly what I said - I don't run the content I don't enjoy and I have no need of those rewards to clear the content I do enjoy. If I want rewards from content I don't like, I have Plat anyway.
  7. I think the whole WF experience is much more enjoyable Solo and Railjack is no exception. If WF forced the co-op portion, I would have never stayed past the first day. The last thing I need to do in my life is to wait for/deal with/talk to random people on the Internet while I am trying to unwind. Solo = Drama Free Gaming
  8. IF they are put behind a grind wall, then they available, but how many co-op oriented players will then yell that solo players 'should not' get those things because they will not 'co-op'? Don't think these things don't happen, they happen all teh time. There is no magic button that will make ALL of the divers groups of player outlooks ALL happy. Show me where I typed anything like that. Never, not once, have I typed that. I am saying that forcing people not interested in co-op will not end well, which is very different. I am not really an introvert, I am just at a point in my life I have no desire to deal with people I don't know, I already have enough drama in my life. I could not care less if WF added multiplayer content that had rewards that can only be gained there...I already just don't play parts of the game I have no desire to play, like Eidolon hunting, and I accepted I just won't get those rewards. It's just virtual items and I already can kill teh pixels I want to kill, so I miss nothing. As it stands, DE has focused on the idea of Solo players that can Co-Op if they choose. Do they stick with that model or not? None of us here can definitively state that adding forced co-op of any kind will be a Good thing or a Bad thing for WF, for the game and the bottom line, not just their own outlook, unless someone is holding a crystal ball they are not sharing. Processing the data at hand, the reason people want raids is because some people like to play games with forced co-operation. If that is something DE can add to WF and it works for DE and WF, great. My personal opinion on if I would play that content or not is moot, all that matters is what works for the game.
  9. The act of raiding causes emotional distress for some people, period. Just because something helped your anxiety does not mean you get to imply it will help others, you don't know. Sure, no one would force me to partake, no worries, I don't play the parts now I don't enjoy, it's just a matter of choice IMO. I have never claimed otherwise, that would be silly. However, just as players want to add co-op, they also, typically, want to add rewards to that as well. That's the rub with the players, by forcing co-op for rewards, you cannot get those rewards otherwise, unless plat is perhaps used, which would be fine by me, but not others. this will cause issues. If rewards can be earned co-op and solo, that becomes more equitable for more players. I am not making any judgement calls on Bad or Good, that is ALL subjective. If WF wants to make forced multiplayer content, more power to them, even if many of us will simply never play it. As I stated above, the rewards are the rub. DE will have to make hard choices in the case of forced multiplayer as to if the rewards can also be acquired in a solo fashion, or we all know there will be an uproar. I don't care either way, beyond DE doing what is healthy for Warframe. This remains a no-win situation for DE because those 'gaming masses' are never happy, never satisfied, never fulfilled, and yes in my (arrogant) outlook not worth playing games with since at scale, it's just a bunch of adults screaming like elementary school children for the impossible. The question was, "What did people like about raids" and IMO the answer continues to be "because it forces people to play together". If that's the reason people want raids, then they can play together already...they are simply not forced to co-operate. If you want content that forces players to co-operate, that's cool, but I don't think the target market DE is hitting with WF will be big on it. You can argue that it will bring people into the game, which could happen, but if there is no progression raiding, with WoW levels development, then those players will get bored after beating teh raid and move along as raid content locusts always do. Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it, these things have not changed in this genre in teh 20+ years I have been in it because Human Nature.
  10. You don't get to decide what is or is not an emotional burden for another human, period. It's just that simple. If DE chooses to put in content that forces people to group to clear it, that's their choice, which is fine. I won't ever play it unless some RL friends pick up the game, I find it a waste of my time to PuG in any game of this nature, it's much more trouble than the provided ROI. I simply have no desire to interact with the gaming masses and I know plenty of others with a myriad of reasons are in the same situation. I prefer games that do what WF does now, it allows me as a solo player to gain enough power I have no need of help from other players. None the less, you cannot just tell someone to get over their social anxiety because you think they 'should' so you can have more players in a raid. Is it too much to ask to get a game maker to add more multiplayer content? Not in my mind. Is it too much to ask to tell players not interested in multiplayer to 'suck it up'? Definitely. There are already many multiplayer forced games, why does WF have to change in that way?
  11. Cannot disagree more. Just because the game can be played with more than one person does not mean it must be played with more than one person. Is it really too much to ask that Extroverts don't force others to do things that make them uncomfortable enough to stop playing a game? Co-op is not a requirement of this game, period.
  12. More like your own impatience, greed, and FOMO from my POV. Just because it exists in the game does not mean you automatically get to acquire it in the time you deem as correct, or ever, really. Your own brain chemistry is the issue, not eh drop rates.
  13. Why would anyone do this? Play the game, get the prizes. The PLAYER is the one that forces themselves to think they have to acquire these things in some specific amount of time and then eschews their own comfort to do so, NOT the game. The game does not require you to have an r5 arcane to advance. No one forces you to do these things you don't enjoy except you, the player.
  14. Every positive review of raid content I have ever seen in this game is based around Extroverts, period. The people who like to play with other people love to have these types of forced social aspects in games. I get that some people like social, team based puzzles that require herding cats, Extroverts thrive on the energy of others, so things like raids appeal to them.
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