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  1. Internet issues between network equipment connecting the packets from a person's PC to other networks, be they game servers or other people's PCs in a P2P situation, cannot be controlled by either end user. This is the inherent unreliability of using the Internet as a production network, because no one entity can control the whole network stack in between each of these endpoints. As a long time packet wrangler, the exact thing described here would most likely be attributed to a router the end user has to go through for a certain segment of the Internet that includes DE. The additions DE made to the network code to make it more secure are probably going through a router with rules that don't like the changes, much like is/has occurred in some entire countries. I think this is the case here. It's probably not about the end user's PC or network necessarily, but it's also probably not a DE issue either, it's simply that not all parts of the Internet connect well to all other parts of teh Internet reliably. I realize no one wants to hear this and that humans prefer to lay blame in a direct fashion.
  2. So these two answers sum up my outlook on this fairly well. I do not understand why people choose to worry over and build hype over things they cannot control or have little actionable information about in a video game. I understand players like to invest themselves emotionally in the stories and characters within these games, I just don't truly understand why because of how my brain is wired. This kind of speculation in some attempt to feel bad about things before they are even live in a video game truly baffles me. There are enough real life things in my world for me to worry over, spending this kind of emotional currency on the changes in a video game is simply something I do not understand. I prefer to just wait and see what a game maker creates and play it, or not, as it suits me. Why build negative hype? What purpose does it serve?
  3. In my 30-ish years of doing IT for money, I have never understood the emotional attachments people get to interfaces. I just don't get it. I understand we all have our own sense of style and aesthetic, but this emotional attachment to a screen layout in a computer UI simply baffles me. I switch between so many different UIs for so many different systems and OSes and software per hour that to me, the only thing I notice is when it takes too many clicks to do the thing I need done. I like for things to look good and all, but getting attached to a game/software/OS UI in 2021 is just asking for disappointment. The entire software industry is trying to move to an Agile development process that is defined by constant change in an effort to keep things fresh. I am the guy who laughs and laughs when I hear that the new interface for Facebook has people up in arms...so some pixels moved, BFD...
  4. I go out of my way to make my fashion asymmetrical if the frame is not already...I love Ivara's looks more than her kit, for example. I love the frames that look like they are mashed together...
  5. Volt definitely is the most played for me. Revenant, even before the latest fashion additions, has been holding my attention a lot lately. I have also been trying to make Frost more fun, I love the tennogen fashion. I solo, so that has a big bearing on the kit for me.
  6. Has to be both for me. I have to be able to enjoy the gameplay and like the look, ir it does not get a loadout slot.
  7. I love it. Might still be my most used secondary. Works great, gives energy when I sorely need it sometimes and saves the day. If you are chasing the meta and DPS, that's a whole different thing, but if you like the weapon and find it fun, it works just fine. I have loaded it with Forma, I am not an anti-forma player.
  8. The larger issue is that nothing a game company like DE produces can possibly please everyone, all the time. Nothing more. Some players will always find fault, no matter what. The large issue is the fact humans are not a hive mind and have different desires when playing games like this. DE cannot fix that.
  9. The only reliable teaming I have ever done in these large scale PvE games successfully was based around a true Ignore function. In all my years of gaming, it's the only thing that works. You get to decide with whom you will play, or not. Anything else I have seen implemented just gives more tools and fuel to the war between the gaming police and the (self appointed) outlaws and that war never ends, unless they can both be denied battle. With the right Ignore feature, those of us that just want to play can avoid both the overbearing leaders and the actual trolls. So, I also just solo, but the right tools could get me to team, at least some. I was very sad when I realized ignore here was just the in-game chat.
  10. I agree, but convincing the self-appointed gaming police that they have to stop treating players that have the audacity to play differently as 'trolls and leaches' is the challenge. Some people are just pedantic nitpickers who really, truly, honestly believe they are helping by policing the actions of others and that those of us who just acknowledge that other humans are doing their own thing are somehow letting the whole world go to hell because we won't jump on the nitpicking bandwagon in a video game. It's a personality/brain chemistry/testosterone/human problem, not a gaming problem.
  11. Yes. Random is random. Just because you desire a thing does not, in fact, you are entitled to get that thing via a random drop. Random by definition means there is no deterministic route, there is no 'pity system', random is random. You don't have to like it for it to be what it is ... random. It's not about an equitable system is which everyone gets everything, that is not teh intent of Random. Time is irrelevant to a random drop. If you want a deterministic system, use Plat to get what you want. Random is as fair as it gets - everyone has teh same chance to acquire.
  12. What I am saying is that none of the current tools SaaS games have implemented solves the problem. Therefore, where is the ROI in implementing a system or multiple layers of systems? It's not about being docile, that's testosterone talking IMO. It's about understanding the limits of game code to impact human nature. This game does not give a lot of tools to avoid players, I totally agree, but I would prefer a much, much more straightforward solution that does not allow people to game others - a better ignore list. If we could just ignore other users, not just in chat, but a real ignore that prevents further teaming, I would actually join random groups. The only option one has as a human is to use the tools available to ignore people with whom you do not want to play - for whatever reason. We will not change these people, they have existed since there have been people, there is no game code that can change their behavior, it is wired into the human condition, so just ignore them. If you really think you can change fundamental human nature, go get your Nobel Peace Prize with your ideas.
  13. I never implied, ever, that these players do not exist, I cannot fathom how you could read what I wrote that badly, TBH. The reality is that they do exist, will continue to exist, and that no game code will ever prevent them from interacting with other players in an effective manner, because human nature is the issue, not game code. ANY system can and will be gamed by bad actors, even a vote kick system with limits, etc. If you encounter a player with whom you do not want to play, move on, that's the only real option. Game makers have been trying unsuccessfully to deal with players that actively troll other players since these games have existed, no one has found a magic button. If you really, really think you can create that magic button, I am sure you could make bank by providing the implementation of said magic button to many SaaS games. You can tilt these windmills until the heat death of the universe, but unless you find a way to fundamentally change human nature, you are going to have to deal with people that choose to play games differently than you do.
  14. Why? Why should you/we expect other people to follow our unspoken rules? I think you have a lot to learn about the world if you really think you should expect other random humans to dance to your tune. Most of what is brought up here is not even bad behavior, it is literally full of complaints from control freaks that think the pixels on the screen should act like NPCs that get the complaining players more rewards, faster. A bad player is not a troll. A player that uses powers you don't like is not a troll. A player learning teh ropes and hitting powers that don't help get more rewards is not a troll. There are always going to be people that do not want to play games the way you do, ignore them and move on with life, there is nothing else to do. Any system added will simply move the focus of the control freak rage to another aspect of others they are unable to control. Even if the game encouraged teaming more, there will always be people who want to play in a manner that does not agree with the control freaks that actually believe they are 'helping' by dictating these unspoken rules. People have argued over this topic in every multiplayer game I have encountered in my 30+ years of gaming. It cannot be fixed with code. Human behavior is not something a gaming group for a single game will ever change so that everyone plays a game the same way. It has nothing to do with a cop-out and everything to do with accepting that not everyone lives life the same way, especially when one is looking to use any 'slight' they perceive as 'trolling'.
  15. I could really get behind that system if it was automated around your idea of 'being a good teammate or not', but not so much if it was player driven, because people. I think that kind of a system could be abused too easily by bad actors, but I would happily be proven wrong. Even here on these forums they changed to just a Like option, for example. But a system that monitored how well you buffed other players, how often you stayed in buff range, how often you revived others, w/e, could still be gamed in some way and there are always bad actors. So, I am personally totally for creating more incentives for players to work together and even a system through which players can be scored on it, that might make me actually co-op now and then. How in UO did they prevent the gaming of the system? I never played that one myself.
  16. I think this is another example of why I solo and stopped a long time ago thinking that random people on a a team in a video game can provide me with pleasing entertainment. I find the very best way to deal with trolls in games is to simply never be in a position they can impact my gameplay. There is absolutely nothing that can be obtained in this game that is worth dealing with trolls to get. I honestly do not understand why so many people do subject themselves to these toxic people and call it fun.
  17. Anecdotal hearsay from the Internet is all I have been able to find. I mean, if someone said it on the Internet, especially in a YouTube video, it must be true, right? 🤣
  18. Seems like it is most of the time to me as well. Even he agrees.
  19. I do think a vocal portion of the WF population are not fans of whimsy, whereas it's the whole reason I play games, to add some whimsy to my life... It's as if some players, not just in this game, are unable to deal with pixels in their games that they do not 'approve of'. Yes we pilot killing machines, but many mass murderers like us in these alternate universes are full of odd whimsy, even in the most dystopian stories there is often some level of whimsy, just look at The Joker. To me, the murderous Kawaii character idea is even more frightening, giggling while attempt genocide. Whimsy is Awesome. And I think Whimsy is also a huge factor in the prevalence and popularity of AOE weapons, because it's just a video game and blowing stuff up with bright particle effects is fun.
  20. But I see that with every change DE makes and every thing they add. One group yells "w00t!" and another yells "BOOOO!", no matter what. And, the people who post? A tiny, non-accurate at scale, fraction of the actual player base. “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” ― John Lydgate
  21. And I think you just want to 'win' Internet 'arguments' whereas I am simply providing my thoughts about the topic at hand. What you see as me 'interjecting on DE's behalf' is just me sharing some thoughts about how things work, how I see things, etc., but, IMO, since it's not immediate agreement with your prose, you apparently feel the need to berate me personally, when I am trying to talk about concepts and ideas and points of view, none of which, to me, have any greater or lesser weight in the conversation, they are simply different points of view on the available data. I am simply talking about industry norms and what I think is an acceptable level of 'good enough' for a game runner. Not just DE, any game runner, I visit SaaS game forums with all the same points of view, it's a human outlook thing to want to tear them down, it has little to nothing to do with DE. Fell free to continue your campaign to tell me my interjections are worthless if that makes you feel better about yourself. Call my outlook ill-informed, whatever makes you happy. In that vein, I'll make your Friday, after having the audacity to respond to some of your prose with thoughts you do not like, by simply saying: "You win, I lose, your outlook is perfect, mine is not." Tootles.
  22. I do see simple criticism, not constructive feedback/criticism, as an insult to the people who toil to make these fun things for us to play. I see much of the presentation of the ideas with constructive feedback as insulting as well, there is no reason, for example, to say things like 'the devs never play their game' when it's demonstrably false, that is simply and insulting lie, even if the point one is making is a valid concern. If you are just interested in the minutiae of my own fragmented and imperfect prose in expressing my outlook, I am sure you will find plenty of places I could improve my message, I am not perfect, nor do I always express myself well in this medium, where people are more interested in zingers than areal conversation - in which one would ask for clarity, not simply label things as lies. But, I know your working plan is just to tear things down, it always is from what I have read, which is why I leave you on ignore and just occasionally read and respond to you. If you choose to think of me as dishonest, go right ahead, enjoy yourself.
  23. Then I hate to spoil your fun, but I am not infatuated with DE, sorry. My POV comes more from choosing to live in the reality that game companies provide entertainment and that no company is, or needs to be, perfect, they just need to be good enough, especially, when it comes to Ephemeral Entertainment, like video games. In this case, the game maker changed some numbers and added some content that changes more numbers. Some people want to be able to solve for the meta, some players simply have preconceived ideas of what is 'right and proper', and some players just like to ride the ride. The people that focus on the minutiae just so they can declare it's wrong because they don't agree with it are the thing I am 'infatuated with' if I am being honest, because these types of critics are, to me, the very worst part of the gaming community. Some people like to explore and ride the roller coasters of changes like this in a video game, while other prefer to boil everything down to a point where they can criticize the details with which they do not agree in some attempt to make a game maker look 'bad' so they can make themselves feel 'good' for thinking they 'know better'. The point of the melee mod nerf was the same point of all changes in a SaaS game - to shake things up and keep the experience fresh. These changes, as all changes in any SaaS game, will please some people and not please others. I think anyone declaring these subjective data points as facts in some effort to put down game makers that are providing entertainment to large groups of people successfully is simply jealous of the success these companies have gained. So, I am not bothered by any suggestion that is constructive criticism, all things have room to improve, but this incessant idea that SaaS games have to be run with the same rigor as Utility Companies or Life Saving Services, or that they need somehow to all be SJWs in a way that makes every single player pleased is just not accepting reality.
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