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  1. They did in fact refund them. I am going to keep my other stuff for the time being just in case something happens like this to other parts.
  2. Whales will be whales. Honestly, my only issue is I wish I hadn't scrapped my bad rolls. But apparently they are reinstating reactors you scrapped, of course you need to go to support.
  3. Would just be nice if they wouldn't remove these things and basically turn mods into scrap instantly without thinking what they would do to make them relevant. But yeah, definitely have to agree it was a needed fix.
  4. I mean, it now becomes a "why use?" especially when you consider that the buffs are both low and range specific. They'd have to make the buffs (at least) double what they are now (triple for winged force and storm) and remove the range requirement for it to be even worth considering.
  5. Apparently someone talked to support about it, I am trying my hand at it will let ya know. Everyone that had a 90+ has seen a buff to their reactor. It re-rolled at the benefit of it not rolling lower than you already had. So nothing was wasted.
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