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  1. I see, I really do not how to help further already, it's quite unfortunate that it happened and yes it appears that customer support is terrible there.
  2. I would suggest you try to unlink on both Twitch and Warframe first, then only relink both at the same time. If that doesn't work I guess only Support can help.. which I think would be better to raise a new ticket instead of following up on the old one.
  3. I only had issues with this stream, previously I was able to claim it, just for some reason I cannot in this stream, it just shows how bad the system is. On your issue, did you try linking and relinking the account? If you did then the next thing you should do is raise a ticket to Support to get them to confirm that your account is indeed linked. That's what I did and I was able to consistently claim the drops (Grab Bag or not) till this stream.
  4. Well, to start things for this stream the countdown timer with that percentage bar doesn't even appear for me so I cannot even claim it. Checked the Drops page and nothing except what I had claimed previously under Drops 2.0. Went in the game and I confirmed that I did not get the drop too. The old system is better and drops being RNG and cannot prevent dupes, I got 2 of the glyph.
  5. Guys, is Grab Bag still a thing? I'm watching the stream now but the grab bag message didn't pop up and when I check the Drops page I do not see the Grab Bag countdown of 30 minutes either. I can even see at the bottom of the stream that it says "TODAY'S DROP: Grab Bag! Equal chance for Noggles, Glyph or Decoration" Anyone can confirm if it's still a thing? Just to add on I was able to claim from previous streams so my account is definitely linked.
  6. Is the Unity decoration new? The only thing relating to Unity that I know of is the Unity Sigil from Conclave.
  7. I just realised that Octavia had no noggle and is just being released now.
  8. You can forget Khora, she was already a Twitch drop just last year.
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