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  1. So I've been playing a lot of Grendel, and I've gotta say, he really is an excellent Warframe. I've done everything from random rifts to sorties to kuva floods, and even used him for a full level 5 lich hunt, with 90+ grineer for days, and I never once had any problems either surviving or killing things. Grendel is, in all honesty, a fantastic frame. I had a bit of a rocky start, I was not enjoying him much at first, as I was constantly running out of energy and most of his abilities seemed worthless, but then I revamped the build, with a focus on power and efficiency, and it totally revamped how I play him, how much fun I have, and how effective he is. However, Grendel is not perfect, and this seems like the place for feedback, so I'm just gonna go through his abilities and list out what works and what doesn't, along with a couple suggestions for improvements. Feast (and this Passive) General feedback: This ability is basically perfect. It's beautifully thematic and incredibly effective, and the range is honestly breathtaking. It makes Grendel able to deal with arbitrarily large crowds with ease, and just feels fantastic. Not a whole lot more to say about it. Suggested improvements: Nothing really. There's an argument to be had about potentially making the targeting cone for it wider, but I don't think it's particularly necessary, and either way it's not a huge deal. Nourish General feedback: This ability is pretty good, but it's not quite "there" yet. The core of the ability is good, with a strong heal (~20% of my grendel's max HP in my build) and interesting buffs. However, the way the buff is determined (not to mention how similar the symbols for each buff look when covered by a timer) and how that whole loop functions makes it so that, frankly, I only ever hit 2 for a heal, or to finish off the last enemy in my gut after a fight. And a core part of the frame's kit going ignored is not good. Suggested improvements: This ability needs to trigger every buff with each activation, with none of the hold to cycle thing. Nourish should hit the first of each 'type' of enemy, if present, in Grendel's gut and give out the corresponding buff. In my head, this would involve a damage share, where the ability does X damage, but if you have all three types of enemies, then each one hit takes X/3 damage, and then the buff and heal goes out, but there's a number of other ways to handle it. In addition, I'd overhaul the UI so that instead of the ability icon changing, there'd be a larger indicator above the abilities that showed what buffs are available in Grendel's stomach. Alternatively, simply remove the buffs entirely. Change the ability so that instead of hitting one enemy and giving a buff to Grendel and friends, instead make it so that Nourish damages all enemies in Grendel's stomach and heals him (and allies in range, if the support element is desired) based on the number of enemies hit by it. Regurgitate General feedback: This ability is... not good, to put it mildly. I pretty much never hit it except when I'm memeing, and there's really no point. At the most basic design level, this ability is designed to give Grendel a way to hit things at range, and that's a problem. Because every Warframe also has this thing called a gun, which is a substantially faster, more accurate, and more effective means of hitting things at range. Which means that this ability is rendered entirely worthless. It's just bad, built on a bad design foundation, and just doesn't fit in the game at all. The only really positive thing to say about it is that it doesn't cost energy, but even then, it costs 50 armor for however long the enemy would have survived in the stomach, and that's not nothing. This ability desperately needs some measure of overhaul, either a complete rework to change its underlying design philosophy, or a supercharging of the numbers to make it more effective than a gun to use. Regurgitate is also anti-synergistic with the rest of his kit. After all, Feast and Pulverize are all about Grendel getting up in the enemy's face, and Nourish is all about surviving being there, while Regurgitate is all about long range attacks. It's the odd man out, and just doesn't fit very well. Suggested improvements: The ideal solution here, I feel, is a design overhaul, rip out the range ideas by the roots and replace it with something that synergizes more with the rest of his kit. My suggestion is that, instead of puking out enemies as projectiles, Regurgitate should be exactly what it says; Grendel flops onto his back and vomits bile into the air. The bile spreads out over a wide area centered on him that deals corrosive damage over time (possibly with an automatic armor strip, depending on balance concerns) and "primes" enemies hit by it. If a bile-covered enemy is then caught in Feast, Nourish is automatically cast on it for a large chunk of damage right off the bat before it gets in Grendel's belly. That said, I have the feeling dev resources aren't going to be put toward overhauling a newly released frame's abilities quite this thoroughly. If so, a less ideal but still workable solution would be just to bump the numbers way up. Increase the AOE of the explosion on impact, and make it do significantly more damage, and it'll be at least situationally useful, instead of the total meme that it is right now. Pulverize General feedback: This is another basically perfect ability. The rolling is great fun, and it does a ton of damage to enemies on the ground and especially in the belly. It takes a bit of time to learn how to navigate properly while in meatball mode, but once you get the hang of double jumping to change directions and the like, it feels really good to play. My only real complaint with it is that there are some tiles that make getting through doors a pain, especially if you have to take a 90* turn in the process. Suggested improvements: Only real suggestion here is perhaps a better way to control the meatball's momentum. Perhaps adding the ability to use Grendel's 3 while in meatball mode as a kind of booster; spit out a bunch of crap and/or an enemy for a quick burst of momentum in whatever direction you're aiming. It'd go a long way to mitigating the minor annoyances from navigating maps while at the mercy of the physics engine. Also, jesus we need a fix for the "meatball mode Grendel tries to grab a ledge" bug. Being stuck in Pulverize until you run out of energy, unable to jump, interact with anything, or even pick up items, is just awful and desperately needs to be fixed. Conclusion: Grendel is a great warframe, and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy playing as him for a good while to come. But there's a few issues, and one really aggravating bug, that need addressing to elevate him to truly fantastic level. Good work on the whole, DE, and I hope you find the time and will to polish him up, cuz he's a lot of fun, and could be even better.
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