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  1. The rewards in conclave are amazing and what better way to gain them through PvE arenas. There hasnt been any hope for conclave in the past years and using the Arenas and the event as a way to earn some standing would help bring people back into arena with a nice incentive and items can be added to Teshin's conclave shop and/or the mission node itself w/o having to worry about unbalanced weapons. It brings people into arenas without having to be super sweaty using the meta discouraging newcomers and it helps revive and recycle a gamemode rarely anyone plays. It can have 3 difficulties with different reward pools or maybe some enemy multipliers like "No *Set weapon Class/Warframe* or *Only this Class* along with enemy buffs kinda like improved health/armor/shields or even debuffs on yourself to make the mode harder like reduced Ability Str/Eff/Dura/Range, decreased accuracy/increased recoil, energy drain, etc.
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