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  1. Thank you for confirming that. I was thinking that was the case, but wasn't entirely sure. I believe this has happened long ago before, so fingers crossed it's a simple hotfix @[DE]Danielle
  2. Greetings! To keep it short; I logged in this morning and saw my new Nightwave Challenges, but when I returned to do them later on, they'd bounced back to last week's recovered ones - not completed them or anything. I'm on PS4, Central Europe
  3. You've frames without shields, you've a frame with shields instead of energy - you've a frame without energy at all Any chance we'll see a frame which is pure energy (maybe with some shields)?
  4. Hey @[DE]Danielleany info on this issue? :)
  5. Greetings Whenever I try swap two polarity slots and press "Apply (Square)", the same message is given to me: Tried it for the past three days, it doesn't matter where or when, it won't work. However, it's fine on Claws and Sevagoth himself
  6. @[DE]Danielle just a small update, I just got Zekti Plating MK III from Veil (Flexa) as a drop, so Zekti works on the Grineer side at least
  7. Thank you for the hard work you and the rest of the team do <3 It's a great update and I definitely feel the game running smoother on PS4. I was worried Corpus Railjack would tank my PS4, but nope it's great
  8. To add to this by @(PSN)Malekeithx, you can check my drops, as I don't think I've seen Zekti components. Actually, that might be why I've been so surprised by the amount of Vidar and Lavan components, as that's all I've been seeing past few days I do get plenty of Zetki armanents, tho
  9. I'll try record a video of the issue happening. What (on my end, I can't speak of others) tend to happen, is 2-3 crewships being destroyed for the objective, two purple drops - and one of them just remains on the map indefinitely, being unable to pick it up. And yup, got that!
  10. For me, it's only purple drops (wreckage), which sometimes isn't picked up. So far it's just been one per session, but can't pick up via RJ or AW. I've been tracking with the progress screen and all, so it's definitely not just a visual leftover And thank you! I saw people had the reset bug on reddit, too, so I assume "triangle" is linked to some weird command, like a hidden dropdown menu (as that's how it behaves)
  11. @[DE]Danielleany update on inability to reset the crew points? Pressing Triangle just zooms the cursor to the mid left
  12. Thread title says it all really. It's sellable, but given you're unable to acquire it by any means in-game, it clearly shouldn't be. I sold it by accident last year (luckily support could help when I realised I still need to use it for the node), and honestly thought it'd have been marked Unsellable by now
  13. This also occurs during the Operation, it's 100% tied to the Necramechs. It completely kills any functionality which isn't directly tied to gameplay. Chat, Options, etc Edit: Correction: if the bug occur and my Necramech dies, I can't reenter it - and it ALWAYS happens Based on above, it's an issue on all console builds
  14. The Options button OFTEN stops responding, meaning I can no longer chat, change settings, etc, while doing a bounty It's been going on since the last mainline before Bonewidow and I'm on PS4. And given chat never blinks in the corner, I assume it's squad-wide broken This is very frustrating when the Deimos Bounties might cause conflict of purpose to being there, and I'd like to ask the people if they're up for Isolation Vault bounties The issue is fixed when we return to the Necralisk, so it's something about the session.
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