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  1. Yes, because I too stay in a game where I'm unable to do anything, a total lock-down, for 30 min (10+20min, +/-5min) - if that happens, I give it maybe a minute to see if the network has issues, but then I close the game (which automatically WILL cause the player (in this case host) to leave). Attempt to rejoin if the squad is still avaiable when I'm back in. You can keep making up excuses and blame me, doesn't make it right Because it doesn't happen to you, doesn't make it my fault - this thread is the first time I've had people attack/blame my behaviour in-game, as on the PS4 Market I'm in good standing as I help new people, and often stay for fissures to help people get full sets as I've an excessive amount of relics. This thread alone proves the ignorance of certain people (not all, I've to say the PC community seems kinder based on past questions I've had and being willing to explain things). "Doesn't happen to me, gotta be a problem with you."
  2. To add my information about the crewships, as it's very easy to replicate for me. All these cases have been Veil Solo (mostly anomalies active): I boost my Railjack to the Sentient Anomaly and park it there - sometimes enemy ships die by me hitting them on the way there, or they crash into things I do the anomaly and leave, and usually only fighters will be out and I clear them in the distance I hit Omni-Recall, as soon as I enter and leave the Railjack, a crewship and a handful of fighters spawn I destroy it, and then the fighters - nothing spawns anymore <<<I hit Omni-Recall, as soon as I enter and leave the Railjack, a crewship and a handful of fighters spawn I destroy it, and then the fighters - nothing spawns anymore>>> When I'm at 4/6 crewships and it's the only left of objectives, two will sometimes spawn, otherwise the same as above It's 100% the action of re-entering the Railjack which triggers it, as I've waited, instantly left, etc.. I can replicate this every time without exceptions.
  3. Oh, I fully agree with this. I happen to have a lot of patience and farming is just very relaxing for me, but then I also know in an alternative timeline there's millions of me who's like "Gosh, I just want to get this item to be 100% done" and then pay up. 100% acknowledge that. I think the reason I don't, is because I've a weird "flaw"; if I spend too much in a F2P game, I lose interest as I feel I speed up the pacing and get bored. I played some Nexon SRPG for 2 years, then bought a bundle of their premium currency and quit within a week, same happened to another one of those mobile games And the latter is easy to explain; I generally can't stand the "you're playing it wrong", as imo.. If you're having fun (and obviously not ruining others fun), you're doing nothing wrong. And most of the time I farm/grind by myself listening to music, same back when I played WoW 10-15 years ago Your example is great tho, didn't think of it - and I'm sure I at some point also had moments of "argh why are they not doing xyz" (can't think of a specific one, as I mostly quit online games, but I'm sure some raid in WoW I had moments of "stop messing up!" in a harsh phrasing).
  4. Fascinating. So since I see it - and you don't - it's possible without me knowing, I somehow AFK all the time, I black out and insult strangers and my PSN "DeZaruu" is an awful reference - along with Sweetah, my Smeeta Kavat? Well, I'll be damned huh That's my way of telling you; no
  5. And what is that supposed to mean? I'm methodical and like to complete things (I didn't farm for the Hema though, bought it with a 75% coupon - I've tried... so hard to farm 5,000, but even I can't deal with that)
  6. Oh right, yeah I started around TennoCon 2018 - for new players, I do think certain aspects should be sorted out. Such as: - Why are flawed mods a thing? Absolutely pointless aspect imho and should go asap - Void Fissures are weird, the reactant should just be group-wide as a new player can be overwhelmed or join late, miss out in stuff because it can be intimidating to write in chat - The forge times are very rough at times. For primed gear, all good - but regular frames should just be halved in time, or even down to 24 hours - The whole "precept order" for companions is not explained iirc, so - see #1 - The whole "shotguns need 100% status or else it's split across each pellet" is so weird when we've other weapons which functions like shotguns, but don't have the rule, adding more complications for newcomers - MK gear should just come with orokin installed, it's easy to waste on those early on and I feel like that's a QoL for newcomers anyone can accept I'm sure there's more I'm missing, but overall I'd just love to see the things eased up a little for new people. I like to help when someone asks, and sometimes you run into someone who's just thankful someone take a second to help out a little. I love Warframe as a game, but there's a lot of into to take in. BUT, I don't think it's on purpose DE has the game like this, I think they're doing good steps like improving the abilities screens, mod menu and ever so slowly make things a bit better explained - much of it is as they say; just been there for years and not been touched, while the game as a whole has sped up a looot (just look at the remasters and the reworks, all to make things faster - which is great when you're used to it, but I can definitely see how it's overwhelming earlier on) And then there's the "why are some mods so hard to get you've to look up if they even exist?", such as the Link Mods for companions
  7. I'd argue the game more than ever (outside of Empyrean, I'll get to that) is very versatile. I'm MR28 and almost got all the mastery, and I love frames which are squishy as hell (Banshee, Equinox, Saryn - it paints a picture, Hildryn is the outlier), but rather than go full on meta, I rather throw in stuff like Adaption, even Rolling Guard - as.. I rather not be a glass cannon and it's more relaxing for me if I can actually sustain some damage. Weapon-wise it's the same imo. Empyrean is the exception, but it sounds like hotfixes are sorting that - along with the complete AW overhaul. As it sure is something to enter a POI and die the second you see your frame load in, or being forced to use Amesha if you don't want to instantly die to everything. I trust DE will improve Empyrean though. As creators, I get why they pushed the update - it was a mentally thing; it'll be delayed indefinitely if they don't put it out there and have thousands of people playing. I think about how the game will be by May, and honestly think it'll be really damn great and varied in Empyrean (I already have fun with it, but the changes/fixes make it even better imo)
  8. I've adjusted that bar and it altered the overlay map's opacity Again, could be broken on PS4 (or even been changed?), I don't know - but for me it certainly adjusts it as I've changed it from default to be better for running loot missions. Set it to 1, then 100, you should see a clear difference
  9. The AFKing is so bad I wouldn't believe it myself unless I was there. It ranges from "I'm a Saryn, why the **** do you care if I AFK?", people saying they're busy with something else, to someone literally using awful language in chat and telling me to plug in a headset if I want to fight. To make it clear; I don't use chat, but if someone is obnoxiously AFKing, I write a simple "Don't exhaust yourself" or "Let me know if you find something on that wall you've been looking at." However, I'll bring up THE WORST situation I've run into and why I only solo Empyrean... I joined a random squad for Emprean. I've maxed my own Railjack and just need some avionics, so I relax and join squads since I assumed Veil and to some extent late Saturn was at least dedicated people. I didn't notice anything unusual, I was doing my AW thing, when the host said "help on ship", I returned and helped, noticed he was at the far back at the forge - not moving at all, but spawned some specters. I went out agian. and saw he died - thought to myself "he is AFK isn't he..." I returned when everything in the mission was done, and he was dead in the exact same spot I saw him, not said a single word since "help on ship", his specters ran about. We waited for him to return and get us to a dojo. 10min passed; one guy left, I grew impatient and made it clear in chat; if you're not back soon, I'll blow up your Railjack." 20min went by total, and the third guy who still remained was also just waiting at navigation, we both knew he was not coming back to send us to the dojo and I said "I'm sorry, but if we don't get our rewards as we're forced to quit - he ain't getting ****." I blew up his Railjack by finding small turrets around, slamming it into stuff and have boarding parties go wild. I regret nothing and I'll never forget that happened. So that's why I get annoyed when people tell me "Oh the community is amazing, never had any issue!!!" Empyrean had been out for like two weeks when it happened, and we already had to deal with that kind of people? And on the topic of the bad names.. A friend and I play together during weekends, and roughly.. I want to say twice a month (so roughly 1 every 12 hour), some idiot has a nazi-related PSN or named their companions something like it. And some of them use deep cuts of horrifying references I live in Denmark (also why I know more references, as it's a huge focus for history studies here), so maybe time zones matters - I wouldn't know. But I'll straight-up leave a squad when I see it and write a report as the people who name themselves such things shouldn't be allowed to use the online services.
  10. I don't know on PC, but on PS4 there is a slider for the exact thing you're asking for - can't imagine it's not on PC, too I adjusted it myself because I often use the overlay map, as the other isn't great for finding caches and such imo.
  11. @[DE]Danielle I'm linking this here, in case y'all missed it Eidolon Health Issue - Half A Year Later Still Not Fixed I'll copy and paste exactly what support told me: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please notice the dates - when I posted it, it had already been going on for months and clearly I was lied to since... Five months ago
  12. I don't engage with the chat, I merely observe - and if you go looking at the update threads; maaaany PS4 players are incredibly toxic. And in-game, 7/10 random games have someone AFK, I'd say half of those get very aggressive if you point out they're AFK'ing - and then there's the people who like I said; get mad you don't maximise your kit to the node you're on (e.g. only use melee on Akkad) That's not even bringing up the amount of people who has nazi references or very racist names (PSN or their companions). This is the only online game I've ever played where I've to use the report feature frequently - and if you think I'm to blame for the above, then you might need to reconsider how you approach these things.
  13. Plus, cert can sometimes take a long time - they could literally be ready with the new build before they send off the new one, which would further delay it. I also just speculate, but looking at the time.. Soon time to rotate in new prime vault (I assume they can hotfix to activate new relics, but they probably have to add them prior in a cert build). My main worry though is Steve knew about changes during the Devstream, Scott sounded less sure - so I can't tell if the patch is any day now, or if the January deadline is a stretch. And this is the longest time we've sat on a build in the state it currently has, which is very unlike DE The only explanation would be some very important new content coming with the Kuva Lich QoL, otherwise it's just... Weird, given how hard they worked to get Empyrean out in the first place. Either way, I hope it's not gonna have to wait till February, as I miss doing Veil missions - but also don't want to get less resources and Battle Avionics 🙂
  14. Some feedback/suggestion: Have the Sentient Anomaly work like Arbitrations - meaning, once you join, you've used your attempt for this rotation (let's just say 3 hours, I know it varies though). That way people not only have absolutely no gain from leaving (I know this also means you can't clear multiple in one window of avaiability), but also gives a timer for people to easier know it's up. It'll be tricky as you need a host, but I feel it's something to look into - unless the anomalies are ramping up as February progresses.
  15. It's fascinating to see people blaming you in here, rather than acknowledge reality; Warframe has a very toxic community. I suppose denial and shifted blame is easier.
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