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  1. Title says it all, her Sol Gate still toggles sprint off on PS4
  2. Greetings Much like when you're in a rift from Limbo, my frame loses the ability to actually loot the loot - I've to swap to Operator to loot, interact with hacking, etc. It's been going on for a few hotfixes I've attempted to show it in the screenshot, but really - 100% as if I was in another plane and loot just clings to me
  3. You just make more apothics and load into an Earth mission 🙂 The Twilight variant has very simple items, so my recommendation unless you also want to get specific loot from a specter. The shrine isn't a 100% spawn, but it's no way near rare - I'd say it's a spawn 9/10 times.
  4. I don't understand the Silver Grove complaints It's marked as an elite challenge, so already worth 7K - and took me 15min (would take maybe 30min if I had to go to another planet) to get enough for six of the apothics Just choose the easiest (Twilight) and chill People are at the point where it's "I HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME!?!?!?! WTF DE!!!" and people complain about having to do things they don't want to; no one forces you, I don't want to do Invasions, Ghouls, etc so I happily ignore them. But if I want the rewards from them I know I can do them. The game isn't designed around what you want and I think this is a great way to get you to experience more of the game. These are challenges; meant to make you set out to do something you might not WANT to, but you do for a reward you want. I will say three forma is getting rough, as you reach the point where there's nothing left to forma - so it'll become "Well, I guess I will have a forma weapon", and it actually would just make more sense to have me pay three forma for whatever amount of standing then. I do have one small request - please, please make use of Lua more. It's so tragic the only reason to go there is for sortie, it's such a cool place without any incentive to go there. You make the Void appealing via new prime relics, maybe Lua could be similar for Nightwave. And the same goes for the single node modes; you've several modes which only exist as a single node, people make use of them. It's such a shame to see you spend time on a brand new mode, have it be on a single node and then never see it again (Infested Salvage and Disruption for instance) Could even be a bi-weekly challenge to do one of each game mode (on ground, as that Pursuit Node is janky at best)
  5. Greetings, I'll make this as brief as possible, as there's some QoL updates I think would help a whole lot, even it might appear small I. Give us a PoE fishing spear which works for every fish. It's quite annoying having to figure out the right spear, when OV has made the great change to just use one. It can even be a 125k standing item. II. Kavat Genetic Changes; I love my kavat, but I would love if he could get another set of the base ears which are chosen. Given we have gene maskings, surely it can be justified changing the randomly chosen parts for a platinum price. III. Please let us sell a relic for 10 void traces. I've so many Lith-Neo I can never get through, and since the minimum reward is Forma/15 (plus what you get for cracking it) selling a relic for 10 void traces seems like a nice option. IV. Creator Mode is great, but we could really use some more of the Non-Critical Info to be hidden, such as: i. Hide Ordis' notifications about crafting ii. Reduce size of The Lotus messages - even as I reduce the HUD scaling, it remains too big (and recent boss fight adds a MASSIVE version of this for the related NPC) V. This is gonna be a bigger change, but.. Have an option to "Hide Conclave Console" and then let us have the relic refinement or a dojo shortcut there Sincerely yours, Charles J.
  6. Thank you SO MUCH for fixing this! 😄 This is by far one of the biggest "easy to miss" changes I appreciate ❤️
  7. Given this hasn't been addressed by the long list of Relic UI hotfixes, can we at least get information whether it'll actually be changed or we just "have to deal with it"?
  8. This doesn't seem to have been addressed by any of the recent hotfixes This is very frustrating not actually havying any way to tell how much dmg is done/health is left
  9. I can confirm this issue is still present. It's only the synovias (Eidolons) and the leg weak spots (Thumpers). The purple shield bar remains at 100% at all time
  10. Greetings, While doing fissure runs with a friend of mine for the Nightwave Challenge, we discovered a rather frustrating - hopefully unintentional - change. Scenario: A player chooses a fissure and a relic - the others then must choose Accept or Cancel. When they choose Accept, you are as per usual thrown into the relic select menu, but rather than let you select - it automatically has chosen "No relic" as default - which means if you accidently press X instead of O you go without a relic, and given this step is unnecessary 99.9% of the time not being what people want (aKa to go with no relic as default), I imagine it's unintended. Simply wish for at least the option to go back to the way it was; choosen Accept brings you to the relic select screen WITHOUT a pop-up prompting "No relic" as the highlighted option. Sincerely yours, Charles J.
  11. After some further thought, I will say this: Arbitration has issues not mentioned yet, and one of them is a major one - it makes sorties feel like a total waste of time given the rewards. Sortie 9/10 times the darn statue, or Endo - but you can also just do a Survival/Excav Arbitration and as the ABCC... rotation goes on, you'll have 10K endo in no time. Solution? You seriously need to revamp sortie rewards. Endo/Sculptures (and Forma) just... Gotta go already, But then there's the connected issue; you DON'T need endo for eternity. I still need it, but I also just started in June last year - but someone who played 2+ years really don't need sculpture after sculpture, endo upon endo. But here's the thing - I'm not sure if your game currently has enough different categories of items to sustain all these modes honestly Forma: Fissures, Adaptor: Simaris Catalyst/Reactor: Nightwave and Sortie Skins: Mix of everywhere Endo: You can sneeze and find it Credits: Everywhere Riven: Sortie Honestly, I feel you gotta make a group of items you can ONLY get via arbitrations/sorties. And not just a few visuals and weird bps I've never heard anyone use - you gotta rethink your entire list of item categories and decide what should be from where.Elite Onslaught has special visual mods and weapons, so I suggest this: Arbitrations have a new wave of weapon variation - you can call 'em Arbitrator (e.g. Arbitrator's Braton, Arbitrator's Plasmor, etc).It can be weapons from any type, but you change them up to be significantly different. Example:Arbirator's Plasmor look similar to the Arca, but got three-horizontol barrels instead, modified for speed, etc. Or a dagger made into a polearm, etc. And they are ONLY from Arbitrations via crafting (Vitus Essence could buy bp). Same for a Warframe, Sentinel or Kavat - take an existing Warframe and modifity it in their style, have abilities kind of altered and tinker with it. Hell I'll give your their passive for free: has no bleedout, but doesn't pay affinity to revive.And something else to it..Could even go wild with it and have Ability slots; there's a total of eight abilities, you gotta pick and choose the four you want as you build it. Could be some from other frames, but modified slightly - let 'em make a Chimera. And then there's the "earn a revive".. I gotta be honest, I will not revive someone and risk my rewards, when it literally doesn't affect me if they are dead or alive So make the revive something THEY earn - find some way to measure activity (kills can be a factor, healing/buffing allies can be another, etc) and if reached, you get a revive. This way it doesn't become "plz revive", but "Hey, I gotta be active and do stuff, otherwise I've no second wind" Plus; if you revive the rotation resets for you (and you alone). And some nicer Operator visuals... Give me a cape, and some new cleaner designs for their outfits (your redo of the Operator stuff a while back, turned some textures into.. plastic or whatever it is, give us maybe something metallic, which still looks nice and clean, even have some frame-inspired ones.
  12. I've a question for DE, mainly because it's something I could see being overlooked during internal testing Atm, you're rewarded at every 10 wave/min/etc you're alive, not by getting to the end and having survived x number of 10 (or 2 for Excav) Answer me this: I die at 19:50 - and it takes my squad 30s to bring me back. So I'm alive at around 20:25 and missed the 20min tick Did you account for that by say - dying within +/- 30s of the timer, rewarding you anyway if your squad is alive? Because otherwise, that's going to be an issue you'll hear a lot about Also, I liked the no revives, it just made certain modes stupid (I never do Defense since it's a living target - same with Defection - in Arbitrations, especially when Survival and Excav is 100 times easier). If anything, I feel you should find the modes that are most popular (again, I'd imagine Survival and Excav), focus on just these modes and put twists on them (similar to Kuva Survival maybe? and maybe Excav have some modifier scaling with each consecutive Excavator you finish without destroying one) for some bonus objective of sorts Maybe I'm wrong and people love Defense and Defection Arbitrations, but they just seem significantly harder to "control"
  13. So.. Where is the new TennoGen? Edit: I've to ask, is PoE supposed to be as dark as it currently is on PS4 at night - and same goes for the loading screen when you return from there to Orbiter. Colours are WAY darker than any other, easy to tell when your ship usually is white, but now is dark grey on that one. Checked caves, the light is fine there - but outside it seems too dark
  14. @[DE]Danielle, what about the sortie difference? Seems like it's also two extra on console
  15. I've no problem admitting I'm not good enough to solo Wave 8 Making tasks which makes quitting beneficial (less time), is not good tasks
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