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  1. Greetings! With the new Helminth System, I've swapped Saryn's Molt onto a few frames, as I really enjoy having it However, it gets difficult to keep track of where Molt is on each frame, given it's not the second ability I swap it out for - so I'm simply just requesting the option to per warframe (I could swap say ability 3 and 2 under controls for *all*, but that wouldn't solve the issue) swap around the ability order. This way, if I swap Molt (2) with Equinox's Pacify & Provoke (3), I can swap location of Rest & Rage (2) and Molt (3)'s location without swapping every o
  2. Yeah, I know traditionally F2P games aren't allowed a Platinum trophy for instance, yet there's Fortnite. I feel like at this point, DE has worked long enough with PlayStation to be able to say "PS5, new trophy list where we clean up obsolete challenges and move them to Activities - can we get a Platinum?" Assuming they're updating the list, I'd like to think most of the update trophies go, except those tied to quests (Octavia, Harrow, etc) "Ride 1,000,000 meters on a K-Drive." for instance, really don't need to return, and given it sounds like they're doing what Insomniac is d
  3. Fairly sure the PS4 hit its trophy limit, hence why we don't get them anymore. I know DE hasn't stated this publicly, but when we didn't get them for... Update 32? They did point out we wouldn't get them. Having a seperate list for PS5 could allow them to combine a lot and the new trophy systems probably is a bit more lenient.
  4. "Yes! Future updates will be simultaneously released across both the PS4 and PS5. " This is great to hear, but if it's not too much to ask - is it possible to get a "minimum timeframe" for how long you plan to support PS4/XBO? :) I'm not planning on upgrading my PS4 till 2022+, so would be nice to know if that's a safe timeframe Also - I understand giving generational exclusives, but please don't make mastery tied to generational exclusives (e.g. have a PS5 Activity give a weapon, which is impossible to obtain by other means). Great news though, I'm glad you're not
  5. I'll take the lack of any dev response as a "this ain't gonna get fixed"
  6. I'm curious what's going on with the PS anniversary? Are you holding out till the PS5 launch, or what's happening?
  7. So, now the double entries of the Kitgun parts appear under "Primary" - is this intended, given we can't gain mastery? And what must we do to get our primary to "count"? I've fully maxed multiple of them again on primary, while trying out builds - and I've four blank entries.
  8. I hate to bump threads, but since I haven't heard back I'll have to - as this is a strange oversight, especially now when many likely want to acquire another Mesa Any indication the devs are aware of this would be appreciated honestly, so I at least can close my request ticket from 23 days ago
  9. No, it's from Patient Zero only I've checked Simaris, market, everywhere for a chance to get a new blueprint
  10. Since it's been three weeks with no dev response or any support reply, I'll post it here You made the 'Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key Blueprint' able to be sold, so I assumed it was not used anymore - turns out it is Repeating the quest doens't give you a new blueprint, and you can't buy it - making it impossible to acquire a new one
  11. I apologise for the poor image quality, but limited with options atm I circle'd the dot, since otherwise it'd just look like any ol' effect from some ability. It's a static white dot which only appear when an Objective *CAN* be shown. So even if the objective is cleared, it'll be there - it goes away during cutscenes/transitions, or other scenarios like that. It remains if I use the overlapping map instead, too, hence why I claim it's tied to Objectives Might seem like a small thing, but it's frustrating - even tried to tinker with my HUD scaling to try see if it'd help, but nop
  12. Greetings, I contacted support days ago, but not heard back so I thought I'd try here Prior to the latest expansion, I don't believe it was possible to sell the Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key Blueprint, so when I saw it in my list last week, I assumed it wasn't needed anymore. Turns out it very much is if you want a Mesa (I need a new one for Helminth) However, how am I supposed to reacquire this blueprint once it's sold? This seems like a strange oversight (allowing the sale of the item, when you need it to access the node)
  13. I saw this thread and Rebb's reply - so been doing some vaults and today I found a Scintillant However, I can't claim it. No melee, no damage, no nothing - it just keeps flying around
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