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  1. When DE first suggested this they talked about it being available once a week. I just love how all of those arguing against it are saying "but ephemera farming" conveniently forgetting the once a week part. How profitable is your farming if you can only get rid of a lich once a week?
  2. The devs are not lazy! God I hate it when people say stuff like that. The devs have other priorities and you may wish they would spend time on your issue but they are not sitting around doing nothing just to piss you off.
  3. That is a terrible idea. What if you have no need/desire to kill that particular lich? Then due to rng you are locked out of getting an ephemera?
  4. and congratulations. I guess you are perfect in this regard. Others have posted that they are not. Is that so hard for you to accept? and please tell us how the suggested solutions would harm your gameplay?
  5. Ah OK lol well at least you have a sense of humour about it. Hopefully you might find a little more to be positive about but whatever we make our choices in life......
  6. Then point him towards those vids. Don't just come in here and crap on what he posted. That accomplishes nothing. You know the positive approach?
  7. Instead of of just voicing your opinion which anyone can do, why not give the op your thoughts on a good build? Great thread thanks guys. I'm learning a lot here
  8. and if they only let you do it once a week then how are people going to be getting the ephemera any faster? By dismissing liches once a week? LOL! Those folks will continue the game as is meaning they will kill their liches. I can't see this as a negative at all
  9. Unless they are going to change the rewards in a big way what does it matter? Just give us another intermission for all I care. I don't need the new story and cinematics that goes with it. I'd rather see them spend the time fixing existing bugs etc.
  10. @Tsukinoki Thanks you so much for this graph/table! It answers one hell of a lot of questions. At least at this point we know what our chances are. Just one of the reasons I love this game and it's community. If I could give you 10 stars I would 🙂
  11. Anyone know of a compilation thread where the solutions to unveiling these are listed? Would be very useful indeed
  12. Well and to put a ribbon on it you have ~ 3% chance to get any number in the existing range. I have a whole bunch of 25 - 27's. Why don't I also have a bunch of 58 - 60's? I think there's a pretty good reason for that.
  13. Over here? Although not in the math area I am a retired university professor and your Argon Scope analogy makes no sense. That is a 4% drop chance you could run that almost forever and not get it. With Kuva Weapons if this is true rng you have a 50% chance of getting an elemental bonus of 42.5% and up correct? The top half between 25 and 60? Just as you have a 50% chance of getting a bonus in the lower half of the range 25 to 42.5. I wonder how many folks have anywhere near half of their weapons in the top half of the range? As someone posted earlier tho we would need DE to tell us for sure. Sorry this got off on the wrong foot but you have to admit your first post was pretty sarcastic with the 1000's of runs comment.
  14. Ah nvm this guy took a statistics course somewhere, like none of the rest of us did, so he knows it all. Won't bother wasting my breath
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