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  1. That part of the forum seems to be broken, at least for me anyway.
  2. Every time I try to save this as a shortcut I get a target box is not valid message. What am I doing wrong here? Edit: OK got it to work thanks
  3. Thinking about switching over to the standalone as I could live with out steam. Do I need to redownload everything? How does it work re: my progress transferring etc.?
  4. So this is really only worth it for farming one mod? Doesn't seem like a good investment.
  5. So as was foretold, Baro has this for sale. Is there any real benefit for someone who has been playing the game for a while? Where would you use it? I think I'll try one but I'm having trouble really seeing how it's valuable.
  6. LOL! Couldn't agree more. Man people are bored in this forum.
  7. Hush mod, frame with invisibility as mentioned above (my Ivara has a long invis setup), done
  8. Ah this thread again. I've had plenty of blades drop as well as the other two parts. My results stand in firm opposition to any that say there is something wrong with the RNG.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. Seems to be working now....very strange
  10. Anyone else having trouble with the site? It loads for me but then when I try to see an item it is glitching out. I just had someone buy something so it must be working for some folks. Any help is appreciated.....
  11. Might I add that your friends would not have a problem at all in WF with the right keyboard. I have my G13 setup for this game (as I do all games) and bullet jumping is as easy as pressing one key. I have no trouble whatsoever in keeping up with the younger folks although the mastery tests piss me off at times. That is a topic for a different thread however.
  12. Ah he's a young pup! Great to see you asking questions though. As a fellow old guy I am always curious when someone leaves the group as soon as we start - did I do something wrong? I mean none of us have really done anything yet......
  13. Same. I find this part extremely frustrating
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