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  1. So we have 2 cool storys now. Enyone else in any best clan with or without sponsorship? 🙂
  2. Never played Destiny so why should I want this?
  3. So you're one of those who quit after A rotaion in any Arby? Farewall, you're not a big loss. 😉
  4. No, long term players who're hording plat are welcome but not necessary.
  5. I think your font size is too big. TBH, do it like nearly everyone who plays this games long term. Do breaks. It's fun but casual. Don't expect any plans for long term content because it simply won't happen. WF lives from account creations not staying power.
  6. If you do it once it's OK. If you do it multiple times it starts getting awkward.
  7. They could make a Happy Zephyr task as an alternative for players with potatoes. ...of course I'm just kidding but it would be really nice to see the forum rant about a Happy Zephyr task.
  8. How guys go mad about "best". I just thought about it happening by reading the title. xD
  9. Playing EVE Online for about 13 years. Leaning back, enjoying.
  10. Usually yes plus they'll switch the relic loots of PoE and OV to them.
  11. Mein Unverständnis darüber, dass alles was ungeschickt formuliert wird, ein "click bait" ist. Wo iss'n hier der Bait im Click?
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