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  1. Mein Unverständnis darüber, dass alles was ungeschickt formuliert wird, ein "click bait" ist. Wo iss'n hier der Bait im Click?
  2. I'm not a friend of spin to win at all but on that kind of missions all I need is the Plaque Kripath with any frame.
  3. Hildryn works pretty good on most of the content and it's IMO fun to play. It just suffers from the problem that frames with absolute overkill potential - Saryn, Equinox or Mesa - simply kill everything beyond Hildrin's range. That's basically the problem of any other DPS frame.
  4. Looks like we're never going to have a discussion in this forum again, since noone posts a master thesis as reference for a comment?!
  5. Limbo has survivability if you mod him for it. Usually this frame is modded for duration, (negativ) range and maybe efficiency.
  6. Zu dem Thema: Warframe bietet bei den Lokalisierungen eine Ausnahme, die es in manch anderem Spiel nicht gibt: Ich spiele dieses Spiel im englischen Client, würde allerdings gerne den deutschen Chat haben. Mir geht es nicht um die Sprache, eher um die Zeitzone. Spielt man dieses Spiel von Beginn an im englischen Client, sind 90% deiner Freunde die du in diesem Spiel gewinnst, in GMT -5 bis -9. Ist es so schwer zu ermöglichen, den englischen Client zu benutzen, ohne gleichzeitig, bezüglich des Chats, in die US-Zeitzonen gedrängt zu werden?
  7. This game is beeing kept cassual without any challenge or endgame (for a reason). The golden answer to your question is: yes. People go ape shirt if they can't get a specific item of desire. You don't need any fancy stuff, god like rivens or fully upgraded primed mods to accomplisch literally all of the content in this game. Fashion frame is a thing not without a reason. It affects your progression when you farm a specific game mode, one that you may not even like, to get that thing you wanna have. (I think we don't have to talk about advantages over other people in a PVE game). The progress of a loot shooter is based on looting stuff. You can't even call it a challenge to get the ephemeras. It's a challenge to overcome something by own actions. The only thing you can do to get ephemeras is - as any other content - to hope, RNGsus will shine on you. Don't get me wrong. I have a neutral opinion about the drop rates. I had some luck and still miss the ESO ephemera. I'm not mad about this one and I think it's kinda cool to have the other ones to show off. I just understand people who fail to hit the 1-2% of the specific loot tables for weeks (and maybe months).
  8. By saying it takes a few minutes I don't say it takes 2 minutes. Take the random Hydron kill squad as an example. When this thing was released noone had the idea - including me - to go for radiation on a Grineer defense tileset. That changed. I also use a Kavat with Sharpened Claws. Those things make a huge difference. You also don't have to use a godlike riven to melt him. Just equip your favorite kitgun (that comes with a riven, if you did that Gift from the Lotus) with Pax Charge and he will die pretty quick. At al level of 80 not within 2 minutes but you definitly don't have to use ammo restores to kill him, like when he showed up for the first time.
  9. Well, a riven helps but compared to early runs, people tend to use at least one fully modded weapon for radiation on Hydron (where about 90% of his spawns happened to me). At the beginning of the event a lvl 80 Wolf could take about half an hour. Now it's a few minutes most of the time.
  10. I use an Opticor Vandal with a crit build and a +CC +MS +Electricity riven. (Radiation ofcause) EDIT: I encountered him at lvl 40 one time with a PUG in a rescue or capture mission. By caused damage I can tell that I pumped some good numbers into that guy but the PUG itself seemed to have nice dps.
  11. I've heard conclave will be involved in gathering the parts...
  12. He spawns at different levels, just sayin. Taking him out at level 40 takes about 5 seconds. AFAIR the scaling was capped at 60 with 24.6.
  13. One dude of my clan was the same. He joined Spy Sorties to let other people do the data vaults. Not because he was lazy but because he was afraid of failing them. It's fair and noble if you want people to improve but in 2 out of 3 Spy Sortie-PUGs you'll end up in a host migration even if someone just triggers the alarm - or people get flamed. I don't consider idleing in spy missions as leeching. Some people simply hope others do the work because they're afraid to fail. IMO its also not that much of a deal since I battle with at least one guy to unlock the last vault, most of the times.
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