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  1. legend mastery exp is bugged, i lvl up two items after lvl 30 and didnt get any xp in the progress bar
  2. mag 2 is not working as intended, the bullets dont keep hitting the targets inside.
  3. Pitvh

    helminth bug

    fixed it somehow but ore gaze mod dont appear
  4. Pitvh

    helminth bug

    when i tried to put petrify on nekros i used the materials and show me like it is in the A config but when i go to the skill set i dont have it, fix this please
  5. scintillant still non existent, gonna make the new wf and the weapon in 2022
  6. 5 bird common tokens to pass sindicate lvl... hate those birds, had like 6 uncommon and rare without using bait, jesus christ, sometimes you have to use the sound inside a cavern!! how the heck gonna find a bird flying in a small cavern? had you ever tested the game? hunting is mandatory to lvl up the sindicate and we have this kinda stuff
  7. Scintillant drop or appear in vaults still sucks
  8. the new cat is broken, it resets the lvl
  9. they appear in the map like wisps?
  10. scintillant drop is so horrible, you want us to spend pl right? pay to fast game? srly? EA intensifies
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