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  1. Pitvh

    Selling lichs?

    you are trading like a pokemon think about that (?) šŸ¤£
  2. like the title says, i know who it works is like 30 the 1st one and 2nd 50 and then 70, but now the 2nd one is working for me like the 3rd one, i dont know why, im still far away to get all the weapons, is a bit frustating
  3. thanks DE for ruin the melee for long runs, is like you make a big effort to make this game more unplayable for old players. I get you nerf the range, maiming and condition, but crit scale and damage scale overall for endurance runs? dont need the legendary core and 3 lousy formas, give me back the old melee
  4. they ruined super bad the melee, long runs on arbi gone, damage scaling gone, crit nerfed or killed, and they give you a legendary core and 3 formas... hope the players wake up and make a migration to another game. Love this game but hate the decisions DE are making, fail after fail.
  5. the thing they ruined with the melee is the damage scaling, say goodbye to long arbitrations, the melee damage for pretty high lvl monsters is gone. This melee feels made for new people or short missions, worthless.
  6. si bueno, que te digan algo es una cosa pero no siempre sale todo bien a la primera.
  7. ya conseguiste todos los mods mataste a uno y lo corroboraste?
  8. es normal esto? me siento estafado, termino de hacer la ultima mision de la incursion en la tierra donde esta el lich de kuva, que es imposible matar porque recien sale todo y me roba el riven que salio, me parece un poco abusivo https://www.imagenes-temporales.com/imagen/rj10B/
  9. pretty realistic the game right? dissapointing as the life itself XD
  10. thats the problem, the only item the people here is complaining about it is for kuva because is the only item we need, and of corse we have plenty of places to get it but is like @Party_Rocker said before, nora market is a plus, you dont need to spend time to get the kuva, you just gathered the points for kuva purpose, so is a bit dissapointing, the market had 2 weeks with the same rotation, like they miss the kuva
  11. nah, nobody pays me to follow the discussion with you and is more boring than farm kuva so, take care
  12. school? lol man, the kid here was you making Shi ty coments for everyone, you dont like something? you can just pass the topic, but you are so mature that you had to make you super useful coments.
  13. you dont even know where that name come from you shi t, im worried about you kid having a dad like you
  14. so they pay you for being an A****** or just for fun? go back to lol to be a troll there
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