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  1. I really enjoyed this dev stream, I did not realize how much effort and work goes into making simple sounds like a gun shooting or bow firing. Also was nice to see the people working behind the scenes and those little snippets of them working, would like to see more of that, shows all the effort that goes into making such an expansive game.
  2. The kuva bramma bow seriously needs cautious shot, the projecticles are like minibombs that bounce off walls/ceiling/objects and other players making it really unpredictable to use, it gets even worse when you add in multishot to it with tonnes of mini bombs bouncing off everything. At least with the lenz you know where the shot is landing, and how large the radius of the explosion is from the visual cue with the frost proc effect.
  3. The pipes in the sabotage reactor room keep turing into thralls. No other enemies about or behind the pipe.
  4. In recent patch notes: Fixed projectile explosion & embed damage not properly using Status Chance upgrades. fix'd
  5. slowly back out of this thread...
  6. Looking forward to the kuva hind and the kuva bramma, been struggling to find a primary weapon i like for a while now. The bramma looks like fun to mess around with, cant say no to a rambo style explosive bow.
  7. What about the other items? the alternative helmets the blueprints etc and nitain? people with the cap are completely unable to get them. There could be a change to the credit store after 30 prestige the catalysts/reactors wont appear in the store. Having to wait for an uncertain amount of time for the next nightwave is a bit unfair for people wanting items such as those ive listed. Also plats fairly easy to get without spending a penny, 2 requiem mods (takes about 20 mins to get both relics and do missions for mods) = 20 plat = 1 reactor/catalyst
  8. We could get catalyst/reactors more often with the alert system before nightwave, they used to pop up at least every 2 days or so with alerts, with the current system you only get one per week at the sacrifice of not buying anything else in the cred store.
  9. You can send them fan stuffs, they like that art/photo's/cosplay etc etc. I think someone sent them a bottle of gin recently was on the dev stream where they drank it.
  10. Gauss' neck breaks if you look too far to the right, as below: this was with the gauss noble animation and the mag alt helmet edit: the pimple on neck is from nidus virus
  11. I like your theory, going more toward a space sim? like elite dangerous/no mans sky + the combat missions we have already that would be awesome.
  12. I've reached the nightwave prestige limit (30) and there is no plausible way to earn any credits to buy items like nitain, weapon blueprints, catalysts and alterntive helmets (some which only come up once a month). There shouldnt be a limit, it makes the nightwave weekly/daily acts pointless as any points you earn wont give you anything. Please change this as I currently need nitain and cant get any until the next nightwave act is released (next month?), and i dont really fancy grinding caches for the meager 1% chance of 1 single nitain, it would require statistically at least 500 caches to loot in order to get the 5 nitain i need.
  13. The only way to explain it is interference from that massive void hole in the system, bending the laws of the physical universe (including time *cough duvari paradox*) aka space magic.
  14. We could use some weapon slots for kavats and kubrows claws, like sentinals have weapon slots. Its really difficult to mod them for both survival and damage They have really high damage potential as well with all the damage mods, crit mods, hunter bonus set mods and 60/60 mods that never get used because of lack of mod space.
  15. Have you tried hunter adrenaline mod? you can even stack if with rage for a whoping 85% energy conversion from damage you receive, you will have so much energy you wont even need efficency. One of these mods are recomended for any excalibro player.
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