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  1. Having issues with this too, I unlinked then re-linked account, but now it doesnt even show Warframe as linked anymore in twitch, no matter how many times i press link account to warframe nothing happens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ anyone got any other solutions? edit: ahh got it, must of been lagging to re-link account.
  2. Yup got the same issue here as well. Get stuck at tier 1 end of mission and cant progress further.
  3. There is literally a DE thread about the next coming updates. next update :- Whens it due, next week. Other updates:-
  4. Remove the annoying "flashbang" whiteout effect when you enter a new mission. Whats the point of it? Adds nothing apart from blinding the player as they enter a new mission. Viewing it repeatedly hurts the eyes, considering the amount of missions a player gets through in a single gameplay session this becomes a repeated annoyance. Also i'm sure you dont exactly want to burn out peoples retina's every time they want to play.
  5. Yes, all very good ideas. Infestation sort of has a mini boss (juggernaught spawn). They could do like an invasion mechanic, where boarding/landing parties of different factions can appear to make the loot a bit more varied and gameplay strategy.
  6. Corinth Prime, high crit/ crit damage, mod for the lich's weakness.
  7. Hi all, I wanted to get back into edilons but the amp i have now has the self stagger mechanic (x27 amp) which is very annoying, I havent done any edilons since last year so its been a while and a lot of things have changed. 1) What is the current meta amp for edilons? 2) Also arcanes for amps, has the meta changed for them as well? (currently got a Virtuos Fury) Thanks all in advance.
  8. Noticed recently the AI has been acting strange. Occasionally when i enter a mission kill a few enemies, and then they would suddenly stop shooting but would still keep moving around. This happens a lot if there is a host migration, in ESO/SO. Also sometimes when i enter a mission the enemies will just turn around and start running away even if i havent even been spotted (running stealth frame like loki) or when ive killed 3-4 enemies. Sometimes its just a small group of them, othertimes is every enemy.
  9. Intermittent issue, sometimes i get this bug other times i dont. The UI sometimes replaces images with the text code instead e.g. :- https://imgur.com/a/fxb4lEL Did a verify files from the launcher, but issue still persists.
  10. I agree i find the male version lacking in detail. Even if they just add the belt and shoulder leather straps, it would make it looks so much better then its current lackluster form. You should put this in feedback forums.
  11. As title, fishing spear will go off at some wierd angle once launched at fish, and i'm unable to move jump or use anything apart from esc menu, have to quit back to necralisk/orbiter and lose all fish.
  12. Had same problem, heavy gunner damage is bugged, even on plains of eidolon everyone kept getting one shot during bounty/eidolon captures
  13. You sure it wasnt the slow chat mode on where the restrict you from posting constantly? can sometimes be 10 mins on warframe channel depending on how busy chat gets
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