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  1. they said on stream it will take anywhere between now and 1 weeks time for it to appear
  2. can you launch it from where the game is located in your files directly from the .exe file? also check your firewall might be blocking it.
  3. probably atlas' signiture weapon the tekko along with his prime frame
  4. Picked up playing excal umbra again, and ive noticed that i keep getting completely locked out of all abilities and weapons. Seems to occur more often the longer i use exalted blade, and then cancel it, and im unable to use any weapons and abilities afterwards including switching to operator mode., unless i die or jump off the map/into water to reset. I can still move around jump etc, but cant use any warframe abilites, operator abilities, switch weapons or use weapons. If i attempt to use an abilitiy it says ability already in use.
  5. Sept3var


  6. A lot of people build there frames to min/max certain stats, which would make what your sugesting a nessecary thing to do to get the most out of your frame, doing it 30 times plus polorizing 4-5 times with normal forma? This sounds to grindy, I wouldnt want to spend the enitrety of the game in hydron just constantly using forma. Also it would make people just stick with one frame, as they spent so much effort and time into it, and it doesnt sound appealing to do it all again on other frames that you might like, and want to get the most out of.
  7. Nice review, still trying to get blueprints to drop. Quick question on her will-o-wisp can it be used upwards? or is it just only along the ground?
  8. As long as its not monetized and you give credit to DE it should be fine, but like dursereg said check with DE first.
  9. Yeah I agree, its a bit all over the place story/progression wise atm, especially concerning Alad V
  10. Tenno are tools, always been used as tools. Used to fight the sentients, then used to destroy the orokin. Teshin tries to break us free from this by explaining what margulis did by erasing the tenno memories, and unlocks the tenno's full void powers to combat the grineer queens. Now we are chasing after lotus because we have no one to guide us, due to some misguided attituide that she can be saved even though she will most probably destroy the sol system.
  11. haha yes i was thinking that too fellow dark souls fan
  12. Nothing of what you stated OP is overpowered at all. Other frames can buff over 300hp and 30hp/s (chroma, nidus), haste buff? (harrow, valkyr, volt). You seem to forget about octavia as well which is a far superior buff frame then wisp. So no, doesnt need a nerf.
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