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  1. And when i enter the dojo my railjack is immediately there without me calling it in. This is still the case every time i enter the dojo without being in a squad. Which i assume is part of the reason why i cant start the lua mission to get the void key. At one point it reverted back to a worn state and couldn't customize it. (Wasn't able to take a screenshot of it) Not as bothered by the ignis tosun skin not showing up or my kavat's energy color reverting to blue instead of yellow. Though these did show up. Anyone having similar issues to the first one or is this just me?
  2. The option to interact with the reliquary drive isnt there for me, ive re-entered the dojo multiple times and even logged out then back in. no result, not sure if cy repeating his dialog when i go operator is also an issue
  3. So i already have my railjack built, i just need the key to activate the reactor. However for some odd reason the mission to get the key isn't showing up, cy does his dialog though
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