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  1. I may be misinformed on those augments. If so, my bad. If that is the case, I think that's a strange discrepancy; it may be an oversight when making the augments or perhaps intentional. Though, were that the idea behind the decision, I'd agree that making the Exilus mods exempt from that makes sense, as they're weaker than most standard augment mods.
  2. As far as I can tell, this is only the case for Valkyr's Hysteria (Enraged + Hysterical Assault), Saryn's Spores (Revealing Spores + Venom Dose) and Nyx's Absorb (Assimilate + Singularity). Warframes that can equip multiple augments per Ability are: Atlas, with his Rumblers (Rumbled + Titanic Rumbler) Ember, with her Fire Blast (Healing Flame + Purifying Flame Excalibur, with his Slash Dash (Purging Slash + Surging Dash) Ivara, with her Quiver (Empowered Quiver + Power of Three) Loki, with his Decoy (Deceptive Bond + Savior Decoy) Volt, with his Electri
  3. Considering Hysterical Assault is an Exilus mod and simply adds the utility of being able to leap at targets with Hysteria, I don't see why the two mods were deemed incompatible. If anything, I'd say Hysterical Assault is more valuable on Enraged builds, since you've only got a limited time to use the Valkyr Talons per use. Was this intentional?
  4. Valkyr's augment that lets her leap while in Hysteria, "Hysterical Assault", bugs out the Exilus slot when attempted to place there. The mod png freezes for a moment, then does the shrinking animation to go into the slot, but doesn't resize to the slot itself. It will still enlarge when hovered over, but the website does not recognize the mod as being in the slot. This happens every time I've tried inserting the mod. It makes the rest of the mods freeze, too. You can't change any mods once this bug occurs. You can still turn Potato/Forma on/off, Forma mod slots, etc., but the mod selector
  5. When customizing the appearance of bows, you're able to choose a separate skin for arrows and the bow+quiver. However, the Oscira, Dryad, and Causta bows do not come with an "arrow skin", you only get their custom arrow when using the bow itself. Can the arrows be included as their own skins in the bundles so you can use, say, the Causta Arrow with a normal Dread? Similarly, can the default arrow skin of the weapon (e.g. "Dread Arrow" or "Paris Prime Arrow") be available as arrow skins, so that you can use various bow skins without changing the arrow?
  6. Overview It's no secret that the Infested (at least outside of the Cambion Drift) aren't very challenging. Nearly all Infested units are exclusively melee (excluding the “spit” attack of Chargers and Leapers), they’re all weak to Slash, and they’ve only got raw health. They’re pretty easy to chew through. I think there are a few things that could be done to them to diversify them as an enemy race and make them less than “equip slash sword and spam E.” Health Changes The Infested, health class-wise, are very strange. For one, two of their health classes, Infested and Infes
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