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  1. I have a lot of primed mods, message me on ps4.
  2. I was in a squad with the 1 hour kuva survival.
  3. Yes he appeared on hydron once for me, but I got killed very quickly.
  4. Feel free to send me a friend request I'm on every day !!
  5. I got a exergis riven now, thank you anyways.
  6. How much for exergis riven ? And what are the stats on it ?
  7. Is the tombfinger riven still available ?
  8. I did a Build recently and had 24,000 corrosive, but at one point I had 27,000 corrosive I can't remember what happened that I had 27,000 corrosive. I also have a arca riven on my build along with some other mods. I don't know what to put on my build to get it back to 27,000 corrosive.
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