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  1. What about melee 3.0 and channeling 2.0 ....?? Melee 3.0 will come in Fortuna part 2??
  2. I have my pyrana and amprex riven neffed but, i understand the riven disposition is the % of player used that wearpon, if noone use the wearpon that wearpon will have the best riven disposition and backwards, the meta will continius change and if you spent 1 k of platinum buying a riven is your problem. some times the wors riven disposition will change if peoble stop use that wearpon.( I spend more than 700 k of kuva ROLLING MY PYRANA RIVEN AND I DONT CRY AND SAID THE GAME IS RIP ).
  3. We need all the dragon balls to summon DE-ron and give us Fortuna
  4. I would like a mod like Hunter Munition for the pistols.....Bun i wach the fortuna set and not ¡¡¡¡ T_T
  5. you can add Channeling 2.0 system to the questions
  6. I have problems too, i do all the steps to obtain the free loot and the object wasent appear in my invetory. Its the firt time i have this problem with a twich warframe loot.
  7. More details about channeling 2.0? when 3.0 and fortuna come to warframe ?
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