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  1. So when was there such a thing as not being able to trade a mod because it too unique. So I was abt to trade this Helios mod from simaris to this guy and then I got this notification that the mod was too unique to trade, that’s one of the stupidest mechanics in the game I’ve ever seen and it caused me 40p.
  2. Whenever I try to activate the Arcanes healing ability by transferring in and out of my Warframe there is no health region.
  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/98YRUy7 IDK why but the link would not work for the image url so I put the link to it. This is my Virtual Valentines Day post card, hope you like and always remember you are loved
  4. I found a bug when it came to getting Ivaras prex card to were it doesn’t spawn in when I try to find it.
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