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  1. I play on Xbox with my friends, one of them is having an issue with the Sedna junction fight. He said he kills the spectre but then it tells him to leave and try again? It doesn't let him activate the junction after the spectre is defeated, basically. He's already completed the War Within. Any fix suggestions?
  2. So since the update dropped and the whole rework to railjack stuff happened I've noticed that I can't use my offense abilities with my railjack. I had Particle Ram equipped and it wouldn't ever cast it, so I switched to tether only to face the same results. I can use the other abilities just fine but no matter what offense mode I equip, I can't use it. And it's not an energy issue either, I've checked. Is there a patch in the works for this issue? Or is this one of those things DE is just gonna ignore like the railjack missions not giving the rewards you earn issue that I've been fighting with them about?
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