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  1. How about placeable NPCs for the dojo so I don't feel so alone in there all the time and possibly have something to put into my orokin prison? #SoloClansRuleButDamnINeedFriends FeelsBadMan.orokin
  2. I completely agree with you, especially on the blocking part. Unbinding finishers from normal melee attacks would also STILL be a thing that needs to happen. Finishers themselves are so extremely bad that you would never want to use them except for frames specifically build for them like Ash and even he uses an ability to execute those finishers. Warframe seems to habe become a somewaht faster game over the years and finishers are, as they are right now, an element of the slower past. Quick example: Pulling together some enemies with Nidus's [2] would be an awesome setup to beat them all down with awesome melee gleave, right? Ouh wait, yeah you need to strafe around the ball of enemies trying to avoid executing finishers on one mob only each time. Next one: Loki should be able to profit from melee stealth dmg bonus, right? Ouh wait, alone in a mission and you're also constantly finishing unintentionally. Please do something about this age old problem, DE. Being stuck in an animation that, in most cases, is way too long, unintentionally executed and more frustration seeing it happen than awesome doesn't fit your even now increasingly awesome game.
  3. Please fix: Mesa glitches if you activate peace maker while wielding an archwing weapon. Stuck inside peace maker animation and movement speed while wielding normal weapons and unable to use any skills. work around: get yourself slapped in the face hard enough.
  4. Fishing part of the first orb mother quest bugges out nearly every single time.
  5. So, what about Mesa Prime and the TennoGen skins?
  6. Synoid Gammacor still visible when holstered even with deactivated visibility
  7. Next big thing: a modular frame, no skins allowed, every part resembles a different type of animal. Meet the duck-wolf-frog warframe, or would you rather go for the seahorse-eagle-snail? The choice is yours! (The resulting monstrosity aswell though)
  8. Opperator Vahd armor is missing it's belt.
  9. Were you supposed to be able to quit arbitration (Defense) after Wave 5? If so, this Choice gets skipped if a host migration happens right after wave 5 ended. Could you please try to fix this? Host migration errors are all over the game and sometimes really frustrating. edit: Just noticed that rewards are earned only at 10th wave. Either way pls fix host migration errors.
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