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  1. I just saw a video this morning and thought "This is too stupid, this can't be real. Why would linking items in the chat get you banned? I see nothing offensive or ill intentions here." - Thus I went ahead and tested it. To be fair, IF(!) it was written somewhere as a rule not to do so, I would of course not have done it. If you should know where this is written in the rules I will gladly reflect on my mistakes. I'm still thinking there is no reason for a suspension just because of linking items. If this combination is not allowed they should have made it clearer.
  2. Ah ok, so basically people are offended because 2 linked items sound like something they(!) assume to be offensive. Interesting mindset. Thanks for the clarification I guess.
  3. I would love someone to explain to me what crime i have committed for getting an ingame chat ban. What is the problem with linking Nezha and Kinetic Siphon Trap ? https://imgur.com/a/tnPPDkz Kind regards
  4. I just finished a tridolon run when this update popped up. When we extracted, we were teleported back to the orbiter and no reward was given. All rewards are gone and the reward table showed the ones of the previous mission. Thanks I guess?
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