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  1. FYI the drop was only shown in inbox message as Scintillant. No quantity was specified, so not sure if it was just 1x as it appears in inbox or if it was actually the 3x as stated. The twitch drops area also just says 1 drop qty of 'Scintillant', I didn't take a count before the stream so idk the amount I actually got from the inbox message.
  2. I just finished trying bounties on Fortuna as well and 2 of my 3 spy mission stages failed because the consoles could not be used/ interacted with in any way. 1st, I was host and we had to enter enrichment labs for the 3/3 part of the 2-star bounty. All worked out ok. Then we took the 3-star bounty from the outside guy and stage 1/4 was spy at the same spot. No enemies spawned, locked doors could be hacked open, but the spy vault/console had no way to interact. We had to leave the area to abandon and went back to fortuna. 2nd. I joined a public mission and stage 3/5 for the 4-st
  3. What's supposed to happen is the heat consistently rises on the gauge and you want it to stay inside the brackets. The brackets get smaller and smaller as time passes. To lower the heat there is supposed to be a yellow objective marker that looks like the item pickup icon for the mobile defense hacking item. That icon should be over/ontop of a particular vent pipe that you need to shoot. Shooting the pipe will lower the heat but cause fire damage around the pipe. If the heat tops out, u get a few seconds to lower it or the ship blows up and mission fails (despite blowing up the ship b
  4. Just had this again tonight with a daily challenge that was already shown as completed. I tried to do it in mission and it isn't doable while it says completed. Above post confirmed.
  5. Still happening. When this week changed I had a daily challenge auto completed.
  6. Yes exactly, there is a fairly long, 3-5 second longer delay in the main foundry screen that wasn't present before the update. The foundry seems to show the lower left pop-up of the item, then just sit there for several seconds, then the blueprint updates in the main screen. Its extremely noticeable if you are making a bunch of things, such as refining gems/ores/alloys as it now takes far longer for the foundry to function.
  7. I have this happening yet. I will have 2 or three squad chats remaining open at the same time that I can page through with R1 and L1. They don't show up as multiple tabs (only 1 squad chat tab icon is visible), but they do persist when the squad chat tab is highlighted, it might take 3 or 4 presses of R1/L1 to page through the old squad chats to reach the current squad, then clan and so on.
  8. 1) Yes we were all on the main ship together. We have to be or the mission will not start and we cannot leave in any way until it completes. All we could do was abandon the mission which then created a 'get back the railjack is leaving' message, but we couldn't leave. After a while we just appeared back on the railjack, mission failure and were sent back to host's dojo. 2) I have encountered that type of mission as well, but in the particular instance I was referencing, all the other main and side objectives were complete. No shields or other ships could be found. The scenario you men
  9. Almost every mission in railjack, since the last update, has had some kind of bug from graphical to mission breaking. I'm lucky if half my missions are completed. All have bugs. 1) exterminate mission wouldn't count kills, stayed at 0/100 2) security nodes were invincible 3) mission never finished loading properly ( all 4 of us stuck in railjack , can mount turrets but not fire, sit in pilot and tilt the railjack but not move , use powers but not operator, unable to exit or start the mission, objectives never loaded. Mission ended when host left, pulling us to a dojo.
  10. Very buggy yet, almost never is a mission not bugged in some way. Maybe half my missions were completed since update. The rest were bugged in ways that messed up the mission to make it unplayable.
  11. Same here, just moves the cursor up and to the left.
  12. TYPE: Railjack Mission Bugs Abound on PS4 DESCRIPTION: #1 Void Storm Mission on Neptune never loaded in properly. Full squad of 4 waited 5 minutes, stuck in ship. We can mount turrets but not fire them, use abilities but not operator, Pilot ship and make it angle up/down or side to side but not move in space. The exits and recall are non functional. Objectives never appear. REPRODUCTION: This happens occasionally, not sure why exactly but isn't an isolated occurence. EXPECTED RESULT: Game should load objectives and be playable. OBSERVED RESULT: Players eventually leave
  13. Alot of wreckage and mods stick to me and follow me through the mission, in the railjack, onto the enemy objectives. The mods and salvage look huge when on foot and obscure most of the camera vision. Doesn't mattter if I am client or host. Happened every mission I played so far. Only tried Corpus nodes on Venus and Veil.
  14. I just had the same thing tonight, but it was all weeklies and 1 daily checked as completed. Logging in and out a few times, checking the store and inbox is all I did and about 45mins-1 hour later they loaded correctly as incomplete. Idk if it will work for others but it did for me tonight.
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