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  1. Its just terrible RNG. I have 5 sisters and 26 liches and never had any single one of them with an ephemera. This is why peopel keep asking for some kind of duplicate protection and bad luck mitigation, because RNG can be very disheartening. Once I get all the weapons 1x I will probably not bother coming back for the ephemera. I didn't for the liches.
  2. Its frustrating, 31 total between liches and sisters and not one ephemera so far...
  3. Same, we had all objectives done aside from the fighters. Flew all around the map in railjack and in archwing, 3 of us were in a mission and the 4th crew was the host's lich. It was a veil proxima void storm mission against the grineer. We had 2 objectives we had to enter, plus 8 crewships and over 100 fighters as objectives. Someone took out one of the enterable objectives. Then the other enterable and the crewships finished up around the same time. The fighters stopped spawning and we were stuck at 60 some out of over 100. The other guy left after a minute or two. I stayed until the host left and I got migrated. That's when it went extra fubar. The migration threw me into a railjack that had the original host's starter guns and starter hull, no powers, the only thing of mine I had was the crew. I was barely able to limp along and finish the mission. The fighters did spawn, all around and on top of me the second the migration ended. There were plenty, far more than needed to finish the mission and all there at once swarming the starter railjack I was thrown into for some reason. The ship did not have any of my gear, guns, appearance settings, improvements, powers, even the crewmen had the wrong job assignments. It was a complete mess of a migration.
  4. I have been posting about this for weeks. I have found posts on forum reporting this problem back as far as february.
  5. Many Dailies were lost and never came back, but the weeklies have continued to work for the last couple weeks. This current week the dailies have all auto completed and glitched out so they cannot be done and standing cannot be earned. From my experience it is near 100% that if I do not do any missions and do not leave the orbiter, the daily task will show as completed on next login and be unrecoverable. I almost always have to do the daily challenge the day it appears and on the first login of that day, otherwise it bugs out and becomes listed as complete without getting any standing. This isn't really going to matter for this current nightwave, as there is enough time to finish it prob 3-4 times over before it gets changed to a new one, but it would be very frustrating if not fixed before the new series begins.
  6. Yep SO/ESO has the most wonky behavior of any game mode after the dreaded host migration. Sometimes it resets back to the 1st and 2nd areas and so on, sometimes u get no enemies, sometimes u get set to a tileset that isn't even in rotation that week for ESO or wrong enemy types. I have seen all kinds of crazy errors in ESO/SO. especially. The game often does not handle host migrations well, there is often some run ending or game breaking error/glitch/failure of something when a host migration occurs, and in my experience it jumps to near 100% on ESO/SO.
  7. 1st time it happened to me reloading fixed it. Next time it was broken over more than 1 week before it allowed me to do any tasks. Forum posts on this go back as far as February as far as I saw. It def needs attention.
  8. Bit of an informational update here: A couple days into the second auto-completed week, the 1st week's weekly challenges started to come up as *recovered*. I did a few such as do 1 sortie, do 3 capture missions, and was able to do the daily for that day ( I think it was deploy a glyph in mission). I logged out and came back online later that same day. When I came back online, the recovered challenges were gone and now the previous completed 2 dailies ( blast damage and finishers) and the current week ( all 7) were open, ready to be completed. I did the dailies and a couple weeklies like do 3 spy missions before logging out. I have no idea what to expect on my next login tomorrow. Its gone from reliable, to reliably glitched to seeming totally random. If it all goes away again I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling.
  9. Over the last two weeks the Nightwave system has completely broken down for me on PS4. I have already *lost* no less than 10 dailies, and had 14 weeklies auto-complete. 1)The Daily Nightwave tasks show as completed without me doing them. No standing is awarded. The current (new) daily task will be shown incomplete about 50% of the time I login. If it shows as incomplete, I must complete it during that play session or it will 100% of the time show as completed the next time I login and award no standing with no way to do it. The other 50% of the time, the daily will show as already completed when I login for the first time that day. 2) Last week and this week, every weekly challenge and elite ( all 7) show as fully completed on my 1st login of the week. There is no way to complete them or get standing for them. 3) Once a task is shown as completed it stays that way. A few months ago I had some challenges show up as completed but then it somehow fixed itself as I documented on the forums here. This is no longer the case. Once a daily says its complete it never corrects before timing out and dropping off the list. The weeklies act the same so far, staying completed for the whole week. 4) Tonight on login I had some recovered weeklies from the auto-completed list of last week's challenges. So at best all I can do is limp along at the drip feeding of 1-3 out of sync weeklies from the prior week. The dailies don't recover so those are just lost. I have no way to do any current weekly tasks, which will make it much harder to team with others since any of my challenges will be a week behind everyone at best. 5) Will test to see what happens to the recovered weeklies I did not finish, will they be listed as completed when I log back in tomorrow? will they still be listed as recovered and able to be completed? We shall find out.
  10. It looks to me like I have to complete every challenge I see in one play session. If I just pop in to check the foundry/inbox/anything and leave warframe, when I next login all challenges are listed as complete with no standing awarded. I am now locked out of a total of 5 dailies and all seven weeklies for this week.
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