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  1. Yes, this is still a frequent issue. Especially now with the new disruptions and people wanting to get Gauss, about half the teams I have joined have fallen apart by the 2nd or 3rd round because of getting no rewards from the round if they are not the host.
  2. Yep looks like all platforms have this bug of two identical mow them down dailies that reset randomly. I never managed to complete them myself they always reset frequently.
  3. This is unfortunately a long and ongoing issue on PS4 at least. I and others have had this exact problem in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught as well. All I can say is for people to keep reporting it and hope they can fix it. For now the only advice I can give is if you aren't the host and this UI bug happens, leave and try again in a new party. I personally have almost never seen any rewards actually show up after the UI gets behind, even if it catches up and recovers. Bounties in the open world can get the UI issue (most of the time they do) but they don't seem to affect rewards like in the Sanctuary modes. Good luck, you could try the support desk report for this particular instance since your friend was on and knows what you missed.
  4. Enjoy your vacation, thanks for the awesome stream, grats to all those amazing dojo winners! P.S. Sadly, Ducats twitch drop on console still doesn't work.
  5. Gl Jeffrey. I had a support ticket out and had no luck when I didn't get rewards from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. The response I got was relatively quick but uninformative. Based on what I was given as guidelines, if you didn't craft a key/cipher/something consumed to enter or do something that's a time-limited special event then its highly unlikely they will take any action. Only thing I can suggest is to do what I now do, and that is to observe the host. Always see if the host is going through the conduit portal before you do. If you get something you really want or is rare, stay behind and leave mission to "bank" it. Host migrations have a myriad of odd effects on ESO especially. I had multiple that reset the room order, sent to rooms with no enemies, all kinds of odd things.
  6. The UI freezes sometimes and if/when it does, no rewards are given for wave completions from that point on, even if it later updates correctly. One hiccup and its done for the whole mission. I have also had a host migration issue where host didn't continue through the portal and the next portal, the remaining team got sent to a map that had no enemies spawn and no minimap at all. We waited a bit and then got the same dialogue as from Simaris as if we never when through the conduit and then it ended.
  7. Maybe it is something specific to consoles and ducats, got the toroid from devstream and didn't do anything different on my end, but not ducats from primetime.
  8. Hopefully, like the announcement said on stream they take enough time off to fix the drop system. Take as long as you need, seriously. I'd rather not get them for a long time and expect to not get them than be told all is well and left frequently feeling disappointment. This one I looked forward to far more than most, 500 ducats is alot to me.
  9. Last week I got the credit booster drop, got the tennocon ephemera - so def linked. Checked and yes linked and still linked aaaaand no ducat drop from the whole stream watched.
  10. I had this in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught yesterday. Report ticket was unhelpful. Seems this is happening more and more. Its been around a long time on the plains and orb vallis but it didnt interfere with rewards. In missions like disruption and ESO it prevents the players from getting the wave/round rewards. Based on the feedback I received, its not really a concern to anyone but the players that get the glitch.
  11. Looking forward to the stream, but its a super busy holiday weekend for USA so not likely free to watch it live. Planning to watch the video though. Was wondering if the alerts after will have longer expiration timers than 24hrs since its a big holiday weekend in USA, like til sometime Monday. Thank You.
  12. Same here, no drop or inbox message from watching whole stream. Some great fan art and a preview of some future ps4 content was nice though.
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