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  1. Unless I misunderstood, I thought that those special chances at additional drops ( the very small extra bracket spot) were always random drops. The main thing you are mining would be an ore/mineral since its a yellow spot but the extra(s) could be any ore/gem from the given planet.
  2. Almost any bounty I run on Deimos breaks down. I just joined a public group for the high tier bounty ( the highest non steel path one) and we did the first two parts. We fought alongside the Grineer for step 1 and we defeated enemies to destroy 3 hives for step2. Step 3 activates as defend a specific area. I think it was supposed to be control level one. It was just a red circle no enemies, no control gauge, no timer, no marked targets, just a red circle saying defend the area. We spent a couple minutes there, nothing happening. Had to go back to Necralisk and abandon the mission.
  3. Even as a host on PS4 anyway all the vault bounties can frequently appear as t1 only in the drift. I went over a week doing triple tier 1's.
  4. Yes I had this again just today after an invasion mission with phorid. Screen is fixed above nav and detached from warframe. I can walk frame over to nav and attempt to select a mission but its just the pictures of planets and my frame, no labels, no right side list of missions. Nothing can be clicked on or selected or done. Pause menu won't come up. All you can do is be forced into a mission if squad mates stay with you. Even after a second mission it might still be glitched again on return. In that case you can only hit the PS button to get back to the console home and close the progr
  5. Have had this happen as well. Pause menu and chat ability go away at some point during a vault run.
  6. Yep this has been an issue over a week now. Finally others are starting to post about it as well. I hope it gets attention and gets fixed. All iso vault bounties act as tier 1, give the common t1 drops and have 1 mech because the mothers that give the bounties don't properly offer the higher bounties. Today is the first day since 9/9 that I had a single t2 bounty in a run of three bounties, the rest have been t1's all the way through.
  7. I take the first bounty usually from the mother in the necralisk within ~5 mins or so AFTER a cycle change. I try to be on the drift at change so I know its happening then go back in once its happened, take bounty and come back out. Sometimes I just see 55m til vome or w/e from orbiter and go right to necralisk. Either way its at a point with plenty of time to do the three vaults. After the one form the necralisk mother finishes the other 2 mother's always offer me another t1. Today for the first time in over a week the third vault was actually a t2 instead of all three being t1's. I
  8. Just now tried again, its still broken. I started in my ship, went to necralisk, did some bounties and killed fish with my spear (glitch makes them die and not be caught) and so on until the wyrm cycle changed. Once it changed from Fass to Vome I went back inside the necralisk. I took the bounty from Mother for Isolation Vaults and went back outside. I was made host with three clients, gathered bait and all that til the end of the bounty, we opened door and got bonus then I flew around to get the next bounty. BOTH mothers in the red circles on the map shown above had an Iso Vault boun
  9. I would suggest making a support ticket by clicking on the "support desk" link and waiting for a response from them. It sometimes takes up to two weeks to get a response.
  10. I usually go to the abscess red circle after the initial vault ends and pick up the bounty there. Up til mid last week that would be a 4 out of 5 difficulty vault bounty (t2). Then after that 2 necramech vault, I would fly over to the caves by the albrecht's prospect red circle and get a 5/5 difficulty bounty (t3). The last three runs the whole 4 person squad saw nothing but 3 star tier 1 bounties. We took the bounties and got 1 mech, dropping an orientation matrix in each location. I know where I am supposed to go for bounties and how its supposed to work. I am max rep (70k) in
  11. Exactly the same thing for me. Been posting about this since thursday.
  12. Prob a bug that its looking at base health instead of modded health.
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