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  1. Just got my hands on it tonight, is it me mis-remembering or did they say on stream that the airburst would be detonated on impact with an enemy and/or manually? Feels very hard to judge when to manually trigger the airburst, and its a very tight explosion with severe falloff. Velocity is fast enough that in most areas a shotgun and tight burst would be useful, its already hit something and I fire two duds. I really liked the manual load pump actiony feel of the original....now its a mag. Sound design is pretty awesome imo but the functionality suffers greatly atm.
  2. Exactly, that's why it needs time to launch in a fixed, enjoyable state because the fixes/patches come so much slower to consoles than to PC. Intrinsic buffs, avionics, so much was shipped broken in December and just left that way til mid March. Not looking forward to a repeat. This event seems to be another one-off ( running 4 weeks only) I would hope most of the time its playable, not just the last week or so.
  3. Maybe in general but def not me, I have no problem playing Scarlet Spear in June if that's what it takes, lol.
  4. Please take your time with this one. Based on what I read on forums and saw on twitch, The PC state of the game update seems awful and needs major fixes. More people seem incredibly frustrated and disappointed than anything. Hopefully the console versions will get the fixes needed to make it enjoyable.
  5. PLEASE don't put out a console build until its fully fixed and stable. Based on what I have read here and watched from Warframe partners on Twitch this event is poorly designed and very broken. I even saw a partner quit playing it last night, advising people to not even attempt the content til Friday at least (hoping it will be fixed to a worth playing state by then). I would love to play a working, stable fun content update, but from what I see PC version isn't even close, so please don't rush out broken console versions too.
  6. I posted about the same thing so it wasn't just you.
  7. Tonight for me, when the UTC daily reset happened my Daily limits on things like focus and syndicate rep reset like normal but I never saw a daily tribute/ login reward screen. I closed the game and relaunched it and still nothing. I just came back to it right now and nothing. I was thinking that it could have been an instant auto-redeem one like the 25% market coupons tend to do, but I have no visible discounts or boosters. Maybe something like credits or resources came up that I wouldn't notice a difference in and it auto-redeemed without me seeing the screen? I don't think I was near a milestone so I probably didn't miss anything important, but I figured its worth noting in case it potentially affects someone else who does. It's possible its auto picking for people or skipping and not counting the day.
  8. Yeah I made tickets for bugs like this, its not a new or recent thing, been lingering since at least July 2019 as stated. The tickets never helped me get anything back even with screenshots and whatnot but I was hopeful it would at least raise awareness and lead to a fix. I have no indication that this has or will get the attention I think it deserves. Happened the most in ESO for me, disruption and bounties give rewards correctly more often than other modes (when UI gets frozen), ESO almost never gives rewards after it gets behind/frozen. Gl and I am so worried for the Scarlet Spear, I want that to be a fun and rewarding update. But if this is still a big issue, how will 2 full squads link properly?? What should be something great may end up being super frustrating.
  9. I had this as well, had to switch to archwing and fly back up above ground, since I could fall seemingly endlessly.
  10. Idk why it would ask for a catalyst, that's obviously an issue since 80 capacity means you already have one installed. But do you have an Exilus Weapon Adaptor? Not meaning to be picky but "Exilus Adaptor" is for Warframes only, "Exilus Weapon Adaptor" is for um, well... weapons. Assuming you have the right one in stock, then its prob a bug that needs fixing.
  11. The mission info freezing like that and not giving rewards has been around since at least July 2019 in disruption/ ESO/ SO, sometimes even survivals and very very often in plains/orb open world bounties. I have made supports tickets and a number of posts, I am not currently aware of any fixes happening. Sadly, alot of these modes are better to host or not risk wasting your time. (support tickets have been unable to help in any way) This makes me very worried about Scarlet Spear since it seems to require 2 full squads to sync properly, yet they have lingering bugs preventing a single squad to sync properly.
  12. Happens way way too often. Missed countless rewards from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught and Disruption when not hosting. Personally seen reports since July 2019 of this happening, don't know if its been around longer or not. Very concerning for the new event they pitched coming on the heels of the mainline. If a single squad still has problems syncing properly, how in the world will 2 squads sync together for the upcoming squad link event?
  13. This happens far too often and has been reported through forums and tickets by myself and others since at least July 2019. I personally had this happen most recently in elite sanctuary onslaught just 1-2 days ago. No rewards given and it thinks I ended at wave 1 because it froze and never recovered. What's going to happen with the upcoming event that requires squad link to function?? If they can't get 1 squad to sync with itself reliably, how in the world do they expect to have two link properly???
  14. Yep, this happens quite frequently (almost always) with daily login reward when it is a store discount.
  15. Update: lost everything, support tickets are no help even with screenshots, specific times and player names.
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