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  1. Oh boy, personally 23 liches so far and not any ephemera, ever. Not one of the people in my clan has any ephemera yet, ( small clan, but still) I am seriously doubting the stated drop chance. It certainly feels like its probably intended to be 20% but bugged at 20% of 1%. Here's to hoping the Corpus ones have at least a 95% drop rate so I will only need to farm 300 of them to get 4 ephemera, because RNG drop math is certainly not with me lol,
  2. Would be nice to get a little heads up ETA on when streams will be returning this year. Mid week this week, next week-ish, February? No need to lock down a date if stuff is in flux. More important tasks take priority. Ballpark idea works for me, like mid Jan, or early Feb and refine it as it gets closer. Another great option would be a little shoutout like: "Hey, fyi we'll plan to post the next stream schedule the friday before they start like before, cya later this month."
  3. I was trying to make some use of the bonus affinity but its been rough with all these bugs and issues: 1) If you leave squad or there is any kind of host migration the necramech appears to lose all affinity you have gained. The necramech will not appear in the mission result screen, it will not be shown to gain any xp/affinity and no bonus affinity is shown. 2) Host migrations can completely break your necramech. I have also had this be so bad as to treat my mech as an unmodded one found laying around the open world whenever I summon it, with default colors and appearance. The
  4. This week the Profit-taker is a Nightwave challenge. This content is still very unreliable/unstable at least on PS4. Attempt#1 We killed it, Nightwave challenge completed message comes up and the game crashes to a blue screen error report. Sent in error report with attached video and restarted warframe. Was then given the option to rejoin my party, said yes and got sent to fortuna where the party broke up right away, Checked Nightwave and it says I didn't complete the challenge that I saw complete. Attempt #2 Took the bounty, got into the elevator and the two of us visible in the
  5. This may be a factor in the issue I have been having as well. For me the Vome/Fass timers have always been glitchy since deimos came out. They are pegged at the max time for the phase and rarely ever count down time. It could say 32 mins til Vome in my orbiter but I go to cambion drift and its always stuck at 1hr til Vome or something like that on the map. I can be there for the change over and it just sits pegged at the max time for the next cycle until it changes again. After the vault, often the timer will not have changed. Almost always when I host, every bounty is a tier1 isolation v
  6. Similar here I have also had issues with the new and old iso vaults. I just had a run where every iso vault was a tier1. Then after the iso vault the arcana bounties remained locked.
  7. I was excited for this but it doesn't work right yet. Three times now I tried to play the new content. We still have to clear the iso vaults first and they still bug out alot. After the first vault every quest giving mother gives repeats of tier1. Only once out of three vault runs I have attempted since the update did the vaults increase in tier from 1 to 2 to 3. Also the new bounties remain locked on the mother's list when the iso vaults don't tier up. The time cycle is still busted its only ever showing 1 of two times: 1hr til vome or 45 mins til Fass. There is no updating
  8. I tried three times to load up the dev stream alert mission for the Rifle Riven Mod. Every time it searches and finds other players in public and zooms in on the star chart like its going to load a mission. But the starchart UI comes back up over a black screen. I can select the different chats with the cursor and tab through mission types like relics, alerts, sortie and so on. I can chat to other players and they typed back. We were all stuck just looking at a zoomed in black screen waiting. After a while in the top left the countdown timer comes up and people leave/join squad again. Th
  9. Interesting, I have the exact same thing going on with 3 different squads now for the dev stream Rifle Riven alert today on PS4.
  10. Maybe it just feels that way, but it seems like we got the other helm bp's faster. Perhaps it is because the nightwave intermission and season lengths have been growing longer and longer. Not complaining about the length, I like being done and capped and/or knowing I can be a bit picky with weeklies and don't NEED each one for completion. Only downside is the wait for fresh unlocks like the alt helm bp.
  11. I also would recommend hunting solo. Last time I hunted with a duo ( yesterday) many of the (unlured) animals that we tranquilized would quickly despawn before our eyes for no apparent reason when we approached it to get the tag. Example: Avichea would burst after a few seconds of being downed by tranq. (no enemies near). Additionally we had velocipods appear to fall through the ground for one player, but be clearly tranqed and awaiting collection by the other player. Despite the bugged velocipods being visible and having a clear button prompt to collect them, they could never be inter
  12. I noticed this for exploiter orb fights as well. The game seems to be unable to detect rank 5 anymore for the transmissions. Odd this has been lingering so long.
  13. Always near the fass residue there is an EMP effect ( magnetic proc) where it scrambles all the UI text and mission info, health bars/energy/ party info. Since the most recent update the proc sometimes is never ending. The text/ HUD info scrambles everywhere on screen even minimap stays that way, even flying off in archwing/swapping to operator/k-drive won't end it. The only way to get it fixed is to completely leave and go back to the necralisk entrance/exit.
  14. I had no idea who it was on the left until I read comments, apparently its Parvos. I didn't think of him as a direct enemy or as major enough of a character to be included with the rest. Does this mean DE has plans for a drastic increase in his role?
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