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  1. I had 2 different riven in a row fail to register the challenge as complete also.
  2. Had the same issue just now, 3 of the squad of 4 migrated back to lander with nothing after a relic mission, survival when the host left.
  3. I just encountered the same problem, 4 players in a survivial relic mission in the void, 3 of us stayed the one who left after rotation 4 (20 mins) must have been the host, we 3 got host migrated back to a mission success end screen in our orbiters with mission time of 0, unranked gear and no drops or relic rewards.
  4. Looking forward to the stream, but its a super busy holiday weekend for USA so not likely free to watch it live. Planning to watch the video though. Was wondering if the alerts after will have longer expiration timers than 24hrs since its a big holiday weekend in USA, like til sometime Monday. Thank You.
  5. This has been going on for me all week, just lost 2 exploiter orb runs last night, host migration just before or as the orb drops the loot and end up back in lander or at Fortuna. Now with a mission failure screen and nothing shown in rewards. Really feels like progress is lost often enough that its pointless to try certain content. Very disheartening. That new exploiter orb fight is my fav boss fight yet, I look forward to getting the issue fixed so i can enjoy it properly.
  6. I too have had alot of host migrations this weekend kick me back to fortuna, cetus or my ship with no apparent record or rewards from the mission.
  7. Same here, no drop or inbox message from watching whole stream. Some great fan art and a preview of some future ps4 content was nice though.
  8. Agreed, nice artwork showcase......no drop as yet though.
  9. Is it just me or is it weird that it says PC member now on the left for alot of PS4/Xbox named people like myself? Maybe that factors in somehow too?
  10. I am hoping this helps. I am on PS4 and getting no repeats of drops. Based on how fequently repeated certain drops are (like credits) I think its strange that I get alot of nothing and no repeats. I go 2-22 hours between drops no matter how active I have been watching streams. every inbox message I do have is for one of a drop unique to all other inbox messages.
  11. I got 2 drops for 4 hours night 1, all linked and setup, seeing drops enabled, following everything I read to do. Then I go 11 hours for 1 drop. Is it a small chance at a drop each hour or is it terribly bugged for me too? Watching and listening to admiralbahroo's awesome marathon stream, 1 drop in 11 hours. I get a drop very sporadicly, maybe every 5-7 hours since the first night.
  12. If only there was a way to treat the twitch streams as invasions you view through a link in the game or app and have everyone who viewed get the drop when it ends.
  13. The stream was was very enjoyable, nice costumes and amazing art! Only downside was the announced drops not working. It was stated in stream there would be 2 displays for the orbiter. I got one panoramic after 35 mins or so, but the second hasn't arrived. I don't expect it to at this point. The drops seem to be a long-term ongoing issue at this point.
  14. Very Interesting stream, thanks! no twitch drop though :/
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