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  1. is there a reason a reason why you guys over at DE aren't discussing a better and more fair way to improve the in game market system when it clearly recognizes we already own parts of the product that is being sold at full price especially in deluxe bundles as well as other bundles that aren't discounted, like the garuda bundle for example. I just earned her for free as well as the weapons in the fortuna grand bundle, even though it was a huge grind, the bundle still says I own half the bundle already and yet the price is still at 960 plat. the other garuda collection bundle says I own 2 of items already in the bundle that is still yet again being sold at full price for 565 plat. this tells me that Digital Extremes does not give a sht about their community in the slightest since it has been 7 years since the Warframe has launched and this issue still hasn't been fixed. the whiteboard says it all since the market system hotfix was no where to be found. bravo DE, bravo.https://youtu.be/_z0jbB3oIfY is my review of your marketing strategy.
  2. this might be a good developer idea for you guys over at digital extremes; "have the rank rewards earnable again after first prestige, even having a new set of rank rewards that is not nora creds or the current series currency(whatever the name) that is different from the non-prestige because I will say this, the reward system after first prestige was terrible last series. earning 15 wolf creds every rank after first prestige was total b.s. and felt like a huge waste of time having to grind all week to potentionally get enough creds for something like an orokin reactor or orokin catalyst. at this rate, if players only get 1 umbral forma per series, then we are looking at maybe 3 umbral forma the entire -year. sounds fun right? nah, the ranking reward system needs to be changed to make player base have more initiative to play the game during the series. This can be achieved if the player base can earn 2 umbral forma per series instead of 1 umbral forma per series." -I am calling it right now, if the reward system after first prestige is exactly the same as the wolf of Saturn six series then I won't do anymore of the series 2 missions. no way am I gonna spend an entire week grinding standing to have a chance to earn enough creds for a stupid orokin reactor or orokin catalysts when I can earn those without the grind.
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