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  1. After patch when I use Slingshot from Rail-jack I cannot use my Arch-gun in m Arch-wing. Only Melee, primary and secondary.
  2. "Added a new slider for Orbiter ‘Wear & Tear " How about a toggle to turn off Heavy Attack so that I don't lose my Combo Multiplier all the time?
  3. I cannot move or remove my decoration (Baruuk one) see red arrow that points to it below.
  4. Hey DE I got some ideas along the lines of this "Update". Many are using Magus Lockdown so let's nerf it since it looks like people are having to much fun with it. Lets add a useless new mod slot to Amps so that we get more Forma sales. Create a "Where's Waldo" mission where you need to find a secret decoder ring to use as a cipher decoder so you can kill the Waldo boss and get a useless weapon for all your work cause lord knows we want balance and all the weapons should be the same. I am just spit-balling here but I got loads more.
  5. DE does not play Warframe so they are clueless. Just add more forma to use the new mod slot. That is all they care about anyway.
  6. Rhino's Crotch has more range than the Catchmoon and all my Arcane's have been removed from all my kit guns. Give us back all our FORMA that we placed on all our melee weapons and take away all the polarities we added in return. Give us back all the KUVA that we wasted on Rivens and return the rivens to what they were originally. Reach, Slide Attack, etc... are all useless now. But hey we got heavy attack and that is awesome said absolutely no one! I need to find my decoder ring to so I can kill the lich. This is too funny if it weren't so sad. The guys who created this new "content" are probably the same guys that wrote Game of Thrones. #Sad I think I need to take a break and play something fun.
  7. This is proof that DE does not play Warframe. Nerf everything, make all your builds irrelevant so that you have to invest more time and forma ($) to redo to weaker versions under the guise that "we want balance" instead of just making other items more viable, add new mod slots to weapons that will require even more $forma$, proving that "we want balance" is a BS narrative just misdirection for more $Forma$ to make the new mods fit. Why not just change the name "Forma" to cha-ching. If you want to increase revenue just come up with creative things that will make us spend it instead of nerfing and changing the game play to an obscene counter intuitive method that disrupts every build that people have spent hours on and still makes them weaker than before. Such Hubris!
  8. So after reading through the release notes and playing the new version for 30 minutes I can only say that it seems DE hired David Benioff and D. B. Weiss to create the new content. The list of nerf's, game-play debauchery, added complexity (really ciphers for to kill something?), etc... is mind boggling. This right here is just pathetic "Your Lich is immortal until you figure out the correct combination of Requiem Mods - the precise order matters" The only thing that makes any sense is that the Developers do not play Warframe. Sad.
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