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  1. My drones want overtime pay for nights and weekends now. They are threatening to form a union too. Next, they will want free healthcare and college. #SmartDrones 🙂
  2. Nope. I went back to MR 27 somehow after being lowered to MR 26 after the update and am now back to MR 27. I still don't have the Mastery for the Kogake but I must have gotten some MR with the new nodes. The test popped up but after I did another mission I was MR 27 again. So you should not have to take the MR 27 test again. I hope. 😛
  3. I was MR 27 before the update. Now I am MR 26. Is this DE's version of progress?
  4. Did it three times and did not get standing. Argh!
  5. Hildy does not display the Tennocon 2019 Leg Plates. The other items work.
  6. Hildryn can no longer reload her primary weapon. Not cool.
  7. That was part of the hotfix so you would not get the Doors Not opening bug after phase one of Exploiter Orb fight. 😉
  8. Yep. Keep getting Migrations. Also, 4 times after phase 1 no spider or door out won't open. Very frustrating,
  9. Thanks for the update! This is not making any sense. -3/44 capacity for Grattler;
  10. I was able to fix it by selecting/checking 64bit and deselecting/unchecking DX10 and left DX11 on at the gear icon at the main menu. It now works. I think the update disabled/unchecked 64bit. Now I am all good Knock Wood
  11. Right, so they should have waited a few years to use her. We have a genius... Monday Morning QB. Bahaha
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