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  1. But still, riven prices is sky high. It's even worse for people selling prime stuffs because they now need double amount of frames set in the situation now (Valkyr set didn't even reach 150p before unvalt) to try to buy just one riven they wanted.
  2. I'm trying to make the point that as this rate of unvaulting frame, prime stuff will only become less valuable and prime selling will only be a joke. Why would anyone choose to open relic one by one, spending much time in exchange for few plat instead of earning plat in a easier way? Although selling riven DO required higher economic foundation, it has huge payback and often need less effort (not referring to those Godly riven).
  3. I just wanna know what they will do to those sky-high riven prices, since, at this unvalting rate we are having now, all prime stuffs will soon worth no more than 150p
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