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  1. Here a repost from the last hotfix: @[DE]Megan Any plans to once again raise the cap on Nightwave ranks? Because (once again) tenno have reached the cap of Rank 90 for Glassmaker and Part 5 of the crime scenes isn't even out yet...
  2. Ye same. Classic DE hotfix something and break something else... No surprises here.
  3. If it scales off the mods on your Exalted Blade sure, it might be worth using. But right now its worthless. Its only line of sight and has a max of twelve blades as well. range is decent but any cover makes it useless.
  4. @[DE]Megan Any plans to once again raise the cap on Nightwave ranks? Because (once again) tenno have reached the cap of Rank 90 for Glassmaker and Part 5 of the crime scenes isn't even out yet...
  5. Sorry but those are rookie numbers. Did a complete uninstall then reinstall after yesterdays hotfix made the game completely unplayable. 2 different crashes as soon as I started the game up made me decide to just try to reinstall. Before the reinstall my load times were 20 seconds or less for every mission, every relay, every hub and every open world. Now after reinstall my load time to do a simple sabotage mission took 1 minute 48 seconds to load. EVERY. SINGLE. MISSION. Is taking around that time to load. Making me have no choice but to play solo. I don't mind playing solo since I do it a lo
  6. GG DE. Can no longer even start the game at all. Gonna try a total uninstall then reinstall to see if that fixes it. If not then I'll just delete Warframe. Regardless its been fun (for the most part) so far. All the bugs, nerfs, and systems that punish your playerbase not withstanding...
  7. And the stupid health orbs, really not needed either.
  8. Man 3 Son tokens! That's great! That means I'll be 3/10 of the way to gilding exactly 1 of the new pets! And there's only 6 of them! Sarcasm by the way lol ^ Maybe look over how much it costs to gild the new pets? In all seriousness tho thanks for the chance at free tokens~
  9. Hahahaha are you a new player or just very, very mistaken about DE? We the PC playerbase ARE the testers lol. Alpha, Beta everything... Thats our job, that we do for no pay, no benefits and players are punished for playing new content more often then not. See fish trophy for Rank 5...
  10. Yo DE! Whats with this new bug?! Client/Host data Mismatch now? Why do I now need to verify my cache, considering I already did that once today?! Edit: The best part is even after verifying my cache (again) it still didn't fix the problem! 🤣 Guess I'm solo only until this is fixed GG DE 🙃
  11. This bug seems to be a UI issue. Chat has completely vanished for me. The navigation missions i.e. Sortie tab, alert tab and fissure tab is completely gone. And the Planet I'm on Pluto has no mission node names or nodes at all visible to select. I can't even select another planet lol. Here Screenshoot: https://paste.pics/0308617f0ee6f567aca4a761a50c50df Gonna try to log out then back in and hopefully that fixes it. Edit: Logging out then back in fixed it. Still made the game impossible to play tho, so its a pretty bad bug honestly.
  12. The lens tiers go like this. regular lens, Greater lens, Eidolon Lens, Lua Lens. You need to get regular lens 4 vazarin or whatever lens you want to make. Then buy the greater lens bp from the market and make it in your Foundry. Once it finishes building you can use the greater lens to make an Eidolon lens. Build and Eidolon lens in your foundry. Once its finished building you can THEN use it to make a Lua lens. Yes its stupidly complicated and takes a needlessly long time. Welcome to Warframe.
  13. Its not hard to complete, just IMPOSSIBLE to complete is all. The timer you have to upload all the samples is the same amount regardless of how many samples you need to upload. The amount of samples you need to collect and upload is based on how many players are in your squad. Making the bonus possible to do if your solo or with just 1 other player in your group. Sadly if you have 3 or 4 players in your group the amount of samples you need to upload simply take longer then the timer has time for lol.
  14. Its a bug, its not him taking damage. Its the actual timer running out before he can upload all the data. If you do it solo or with just 1 other person you have enough time to upload the reduced amount of samples but if you have 3 or 4 tenno in your group? Forget it. You will never get the bonus. Just not enough time to upload all the samples.
  15. Actually its worse then that. Did 6 rounds solo and it worked just fine went to the 7th round and I get a reward screen with no rewards listed at all. Thought 'Maybe its just a UI bug, or a 1 time thing.' But I checked my Mother Tokens and noted how many I had. Went and did round 8 and again reward screen with no rewards listed checked my Mother Tokens and low and behold I had the exact same amount I had before I did round 8. So I left and didn't continue to round 9. Whats the point of wasting your time for actually NO reward at all?
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