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  1. 2 Ammo drums, and 1 of weapon, warframe, (2) companion slots. So at least I didn't get vitality! I now have 4,544 ammo drums. But thanks for the slots! I wish good rng on everyone else this week 🙏
  2. Nope, neither of the mods are maxed out. Despite what the image in this post shows or what you see in your ingame mailbox
  3. Its not, at least Ammo Drum is not maxed. And I hope I DON'T get vitality to find out its also not maxed 🤣
  4. They are not maxed out sadly. Just got an Ammo Drum and since I never bothered to max it... When I looked for the Maxed Ammo Drum in my mods, it didn't show up
  5. Nope. I even tested it, shooting directly at my feet in an empty room with no enemies around. No barrels or traps either. Shooting directly where I was standing never seemed to kill me, at least I was never able to get it to do so. However shooting a little ways away from me and bullet jumping into where the cluster bombs were exploding WOULD kill me. Not every time, but often enough that I found it weird that I could die when there are no enemies even on my minimap. Let alone in the same room as me. I get that you don't know me but feel free to try it yourself. No shield mode is not exactly a rare nightmare mission type. And as long as you use a frame with default health like 300 or so, I imagine you might die as well. I somehow doubt that Harrow is the only frame that can die from it. Also maybe you weren't aware but ever since DE removed self damage it could still happen from time to time. With weird interactions and such.
  6. Put 4 tags as I have no idea what this falls under. Harrow with default health, Primed sure footed, Kuva Bramma, No shield mode nightmare mission, Invite only mode. Sometimes the bramma will kill you with its explosion. Not 100% of the time but enough that I only had 1 revive at the end of the mission... And I started with 6.
  7. I oddly enough got 1 of each deco. Never had that happen before but it wasn't 5 spores so I'm pretty happy.
  8. Ship decos are nice. So this weeks drops seem nice, even if I get Spore Culture Decoration 5 times in a row... I won't complain. Also, good luck with all the fundraising💰
  9. 5x Mother Tokens Well its useful at least. 5x Daughter Tokens Not a fan of deimos fishing so this is fine. 5x Son Tokens Now this is where its at, Son tokens are nice. 5x Ganglion 5x Pustulite WHY?! Just why? ANNNNNND its a grab bag as well... ugh 😭 Well I hope someone gets some Son tokens from this...
  10. The ephemera is new and I believe the ribbon is a new design as well, not the old ribbon reworked.
  11. Ayatans? Well the endo is nice, thanks. I don't need them but plenty of Tenno will enjoy the drops this week.
  12. WTB more ship capacity. Nothing wrong with some floofs tho... Just realized its grab bag... yay🥶
  13. Not interested in the coming weeks drops but thanks for letting me know. Also thanks for the extra Umbral Forma. Wish I could have seen all of the devstream but my battery died 😅
  14. Thank you for letting us know what the drops will be. I'm gonna skip this week for sure but I hope you have some great streams
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