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  1. Ok, skipping this week then. Thanks for the heads-up. Out of curiosity are ALL drops going to be 'Grab bag' style from now on?
  2. This is not the first time this has happened to me, but it normally fixes itself if I log out or play another mission. Except this time it didn't. I use like 12 different frames regularly so having this bugged out really sucks for me. Instead of Sorting by Usage it sorts by name. Sorting by Name works as it should. Sorting by Rank is pointless. At least sorting by Forma count still works... Sadly its not just my frames that are bugged. My weapons also have the sort by Usage bug.
  3. I believe they mean this image: This image is sadly blurry for me and I assume for them as well.
  4. I have no need for yet another Stahlta set but I'm glad that there is chance for others to get it who DO need it. Cheers for the free stuff and all that.
  5. They did show up actually, though they were rare. Xaku Kintsu Helmet on the other hand never showed up. Not once did it show up and I sadly know this cause I checked the nightwave cred store every week to see if it would show up. It never did.
  6. @[DE]Rebecca It would be great if you could fix the plains of Eidolon bounties so that they actually work. You know, so we could DO them for Nightwave. Failing to complete a bounty because enemies just don't spawn says way more about your game then I think you want public.
  7. Same. Open up the menu, fps drops by 10 Open up the foundry, I go from 72 fps to 48 Open up the mod bench, I go from 72 to 25! Turn the camera to look behind me to fast in my ship? I drop from 72 to 68 fps
  8. Kinda sad you fixed this: Fixed ability to fire equipped weapons during Wisp’s Sol Gate when the Helminth ability Empower is cast prior. Since that sounds pretty cool actually. Oh well
  9. Gonna be honest with you here. That sounds pretty normal for Bugframe
  10. Keep fighting the good fight Tenno
  11. Lmao! 🤣😂 Thank you tenno, this is the funniest thing I've read today.
  12. Was doing the sortie, last mission. Killing Infested Alad V. After he died my minimap disappeared. I tried switching my map to the overlay view and I got a white square surrounding my character with my character always in the middle of the square. In the square was a giant red X. The red X covered the entire white square, dyeing the white square, red. I could see nothing. Told my team and they kindly gave me a way point to show me where to go, but even the way point was broken for me. Since while the wp existed, there was no distance given so I had no idea if I was getting closer to them or no
  13. Yo DE, you do know that your shiny new weapon Prisma Dual Decurions affinity gain is totally busted right? Leveled it to level 30 twice now and yet somehow its level 6 lol. PSA: To all tenno don't bother leveling it until its fixed!
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