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  1. Put 4 tags as I have no idea what this falls under.

    Harrow with default health, Primed sure footed, Kuva Bramma, No shield mode nightmare mission, Invite only mode. Sometimes the bramma will kill you with its explosion. Not 100% of the time but enough that I only had 1 revive at the end of the mission... And I started with 6.

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  2. I just used one to summon my lich, since I know all 3 mods and what the order is. It deployed and my lich never appeared. I was not the host if that somehow matters. Also mission time is broken. And the UI for both the relic console and arcane console looks f*cking awful. Relics/arcanes are literally covering each other up for me. Not sure if this is ALSO a bug or just a new (and bad) UI change. Still wanted to let you know.

  3. 13 minutes ago, Thundervision said:

    Oh, and also this. Why not making it a rifle with two fire modes instead of ruining fun and aesthethics for long-time fans?

    The original Flux Rifle is my most favorite weapon. Having about 6-7k hours in, I used it in the U7-era damage system, still used it in the problematic damage 2.0 era, even if it wasn't that good, and enjoyed using it with the current system. It's still #1 in my profile. And all that time dreaming of a Vandal or any other special version of it with better stats and some extra WHILE STILL retaining its original mechanics: a pinpoint recoilless beam of energy cutting everything down.

    Somehow, you've decided to turn a truly unique weapon, one of a kind actually (not counting Spectra and Convectrix, also not a fan of woozy beams, as they differ in damage and, with the latter, mechanics) into a generic auto pew pew pew rifle... with recoil. Sure, stats are good, but I didn't expect nor wanted to have my favorite weapon being completely altered. You could just make a Tenet Dera while leaving the Flux Rifle alone if you needed another generic auto rifle.

    The way I see it, having original fire mode and the current one the Tenet version has would be a perfect solution to please both sides: who love original and new design.

    I can get behind this. I'm one of the people who like how the tenet flux fires now (weird I know) but allowing players to switch between new and classic fire modes sounds like a great idea! Tenno, take my like.

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  4. Just now, -NBG-Whisp3r said:

    Come On Please GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

    No wonder I couldn’t get into the game. Hope everything is fine before the Tennolive Relay

    Same. Was looking forward to the live relay since it was pretty cool last year. But they will have to fix stuff in just a few hours so we shall see🙏

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  5. Toggles for warframe appearances? Effects (like Ironskin), Prime details, Gara glass? I personally love having the glass stay on, but plenty of tenno prefer it to break and a toggle would make both sides happy. Fashionframe is endgame at this point DE so please...

    More cosmetics? Syndicate operator clothing? Syndicate armor sets coming when?


    More Song slots for Octavia PLEASE?! There are so many good songs out there but not enough slots... If I have to pay plat to buy them fine. But more please🙏

    Waypoint system overhaul? Persistent map markers (for example, destroy this thing, its destroyed and yet the marker stays...)

    More different ayatans, fortuna, deimos or cetus fashion stuff to put in our ships? More syndicate ship decos? Floofs are nice and all but I'm kinda floofed out by now.

    Aura forma for the warframe exilus slot? I love primed sure footed (don't get me wrong) but not every build I have needs that polarity... I would rather have that then stance forma...

    Any plans to raise the minimum cap of void traces you can get per mission? Getting 6, 7, or 8 void traces per mission feels like a slap in the face... Not everyone has a resource booster active 24/7 all year round.

    As many other Tenno have mentioned a vaulted relic toggle would be great. Being able to tab to see if a relic is vaulted within the relic console and codex is a nice start but more would be appreciated.

    Pet reworks? Doggos are functionally useless atm. And the link mods are very much a crutch. Moas are never used except when leveling them, and while I love my robot companions... they die so, sooooo much. Even Djinn with reawaken spends more time dead then alive.

    Rework the corpus ship tileset more please? I get that you just LOVE wide open spaces but Corpus defense tileset missions take way too long to do. The map is too big. The enemy AI gets confused where to go, gets stuck on terrain and takes to long to get to us. Its gotten to the point that I just skip any missions that have that. I really, really miss the old corpus ship defense tileset😔

    The corpus ship tileset spy mission, spy vaults are still bad. Most have only 1 way to do them. Most of the breakaway side corridors and vents are dead ends or are grated over and thus useless. I really miss the design philosophy of every spy vault being able to be done in 2-3 different ways. I love spy missions... and I just want them to improve. Oh and if your not the host the doors bug out and won't open. To open them you have to leave the doors then come back... Sticky doors in the SHINY NEW corpus tileset...

    Railjack still buggy and unfinshed when it was added in Update 26.1. That was 2019-11-22. Command still needs a lot of work and I don't just mean rank 10 command and gunner...

    This is all I can think of atm. And while the HUGE list of bugfixes are awesome to see, its sadly still just a start. There are many, many more. Still I love the game (i.e. core warframe) and I really want it to keep improving. So I wish you health and happiness to everyone at DE.

    PS. I still despise grab bags

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  6. 4 hours ago, (PSN)IndianChiefJeff said:

    I have multiple concerns that I wish will be addressed, if not during the devstream, then in the imminent future.


    First off, where are the faction syndicate operator suits? It baffles my mind that the Vent Kids got them long before the main six.


    Secondly, since the team has been making Warframe quests, I believe that we're still owed quests relating to the Arbiters & Steel Meridian. The Arbiters derive many parallels from the Red Veil regarding their admiration of the Tenno, they deserve to be fleshed out & they deserve their own Harrow of sorts. With the Steel Meridian quest, we could possibly receive the Grineer counterpart to Protea; a Warframe intrinsically linked to the Twin Queens & their militaristic brutality.


    Thirdly, I beg of you not to give up on the Leverian! Its simplistic nature has charm to it, almost reminiscent of the Prime trailers. Regardless of how big or little the lore implications seem to be, I still derive enjoyment from Drusus & his stories.


    My fourth point is a simple request; provide us with a unique slot for On Call crewmates. Allow us to choose between whoever we've recruited instead of limiting it to just one of the three active crewmates.


    A fifth point of contention revolves around two unique weapon skins, the Manticore Scindo skin & the Fragor Brokk skin. These are the only two weapon skins in the game that have stats tied to them, and it seems like an oversight not to turn them into legitimate weapons.


    Finally, I believe it's time to address the issues revolving around the Kingpin system & Valence Transfer. Valence Transfer as a concept is executed wonderfully in Railjack, the same cannot be said for the Kingpin system. Due to the lengthy process of acquiring & dispatching nemeses, we need to make major adjustments to the system in order to add more depth & speed up the process. Valence Transfer is the only feasible method of upgrading weapons & changing their elemental bonus, but there should never be just one method towards perfection, correct? I believe that unique resources like Kuva should be used in these scenarios. As for Requiem mods & relics, I'm perplexed at the decision to make the mods an uncommon drop given that these relics exist because of the mods. If you aren't going to make these mods permanent, at least make them common drops, maybe even provide an entirely new method to acquire them. The Entrati family & the Requiems have a deep connection, we should tap into that potential. The wildcard mod will mean next to nothing if the other mods are still far too annoying to acquire. Now, let's address the murmur grind. It's a dull, mundane process that takes way too long when you run solo. If you aren't going to reduce the amount of murmur progression required, at least allow successful nemesis mission runs to provide a decent amount of progress on par with a Parazon stab. Maybe even provide sensible applications of progression, such as an ounce of progression when you hack into a spy vault without tripping alarms, capture a target or defend a terminal. The gameplay should be used to tell a story, one revolving around a deadly game of cat & mouse, not some monotonous slaughterhouse that we've grown accustomed to. And did I mention the fact that the Liches still lack moddability or skill points when you finally do acquire them as crewmates?

    Vaas Montenegro's quote on insanity is poignant when describing the many, many problems of Warframe. If success is defined by the amount of hours you've made your players waste doing the same thing over & over again, then you run the risk of stagnation. All I ask for is innovation, improvement & dedication to balancing grind with rewarding gameplay. Enough of the shallow schlock already!

    :awe: Tenno, you take my breath away... Well said tenno, well said.

  7. I like the 3 syndicates I'm in and have never thought about switching to the other 3... But the upcoming syndicate armor sets have made me consider it. Please DE, allows us to trade the armor sets for fashion's sake! If I need to switch tho I will, (it will suck but I'll do it) but its up to DE.

    I'm not really upset with this weeks drops, since fashion/collect everything! is a way many players play the game. Not a fan of the grab bag style system of course but many tenno are unhappy with it. At least this weeks stuff is the same 'value.'

    May the tenno that watch get the drops they want.

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  8. 1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Swapped game modes of Kelpie and Kappa nodes on Sedna: Disruption <-> Spy. This moves Disruption off the main path forward to aid in New Player Experience.

    Yes of course... Sedna (the final planet in the game) and "New Player Experience" make sooooo much sense when you use them in the same sentence together like that. Only thing after Sedna is T4 void, and Steel Path (if you want to count that).

    Not really complaining that you have done this, just confused WHY you felt the need to change it?

    2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Fixed inability to select the first Void Fissure entry when opening the World State Window to the Alerts tab, then switching to Void Fissures.

    Actually had that bug a few times... a pretty weird one if you ask me. Thank you for fixing it.


    2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Fixed The Sergeant's sniper rifle having too long of a delay between shots.

    That's funny. Won't make a difference tho

    Also thank you for the Wreckage changes in Railjack. I highly doubt I will ever notice it but for those players that still do play railjack or will want to play it in the future its a nice change.


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  9. 40 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Updated all of the Toroid descriptions to include their drop sources in The Orb Vallis.

    That's great, will help reduce the Q&A chat spam of 'where is this toroid'

    43 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    The Void Fissure and Void Storm World State Window has been split up to negate having to scroll extensively through the list. Void Fissure WSW will remain on the normal Star Chart and Void Storm WSW has been moved to the Railjack Star Chart.

    Thank you! 28 active void fissures at once was a bit much... Thank you for reducing the amount needed to scroll.

    42 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Fixed a bug that would leave the Navigation squad voting UI in a bad state after certain types of Matchmaking errors.

    This sounds promising at least.


    Gara glass toggle when? Also Prime details toggle for all prime frames when? 😌

    Thank you for the fixes

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  10. 7 hours ago, Tsoe said:


    sorry but no

    it make no sense

    If I was able to downvote your comment still, I would. You don't like fashion? Fine.

    You don't think a glass toggle maskes sense? But giant huge wings is ok. Let's not kid ourselves, Warframe has pushed what available fashion it has waaaaaay past the 'Warframe look' at this point.

    If you don't like it and won't use a glass toggle, that's fine. You do you. But don't complain when someone else who does want it (and cares about fashion) requests that the devs add it in.

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