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  1. The Art style. And story and the game play. And bullet jumping. The movement in this game is so much fun.... oh and waiting for updates. . Joking. ... i think the reason players are a little down is lack of updates and nurfs. But with all the ups and downs I really love this game.
  2. Warframe has been dropping in and out of steams top 10 since Destiny 2 went free to play. This update didn’t bring players back. I’m worried this update did more harm then good.. Lets hope the new war and Empyrean are Great… But how long can the player basic wait. And will the wait be worth it. ? https://store.steampowered.com/stats/
  3. I'm on Ps4 can i just Not update the game. .. and I'm a valkyr mane. ... soursly thinking of moving on from this game. D E dosent respect the players time or money put into the game. ....
  4. I use rolling guard on wisp. Can't she don't roll, she slides. . And i just press roll out of habit with her. . And it works really well. ...
  5. Valkyr prime is so good at killing the corpus. .. I solo everything with 3 frames. Valkyr. Oberon and wisp. . Allso using melay weapons with hight damage block like 85 % is a good idea. ..
  6. THANK YOU D.E can't want wait for railjack... Love u guys...
  7. I'm a valkyr main. We just going to claw eachother to death. But no ones dieing .. lololol
  8. Just wanted to tell D E that the new nightwave boss is great. I'm sure it's hard to make boss fights in this game, that our Op warframes don't kill in two seconds. . But this one is so fun. . Good job D E...
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