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  1. I don't think the Orbiter could ever really become useless simply for the fact that its everything you will ever need in one room. I usually don't start missions from a relay unless I'm taking it slow and easy and being more social in between my missions but I use my orbiter for when I really want to get things done since its equipped with everything I need without the walking distance.
  2. Disclaimer: I understand that by this point most of you are tired of the open worlds. Yes I agree that the reputation farm is a pain and that most of the open worlds feel like content islands and that we still haven't gotten Duviri yet, this is just me spitballing an idea I think is cool. Mars open world: I'm going to cut right to the chase and try to keep it brief as possible. The Mars open world should just be a massive canyon with Grineer factories and bases built on the cliffs and into the canyon walls, I feel like this would be a more interesting environment than just a standard desert setting and it seems like it would be a fun opportunity to do more with K drive racing and even maybe add Archwing racing. Grineer shouldn't be the only enemy type on the open world, it only makes sense that we world would have Grineer and infested occupied areas. As for the player aligned faction it would be interesting to see the "Sky worshipers" from the sands of inaros quest make an appearance, the only problem is that the grineer exterminated them, but perhaps there are a few survivors that made it off world and are looking to reclaim their home and so they recruit the Tenno to assist. Finally, Fishing. So since mars is a desert setting with no water (That we've seen so far) I thought it would be interesting to do something different like Deimos did. I propose Sand worm fishing. the idea is that there will be discolored areas of sand where you can see somthing tunneling beneath the surface and you'll try to catch it with your fishing spear. These are just a few ideas I came up with that I thought I would share.
  3. You would predict correctly my friend, this is why the sentients where working with Alad V in the clouds, the amalgamations where just a test, to see If the conversation of other races into sentients was even possible. But this also begs a big question. How exactly do we know that they didn't use this same process on the Lotus to forcefully bring her back to the side of the sentients? After all the sentients need her for somthing "All it needs is a voice. A spark." "Mothers gone! But you have her fire. And more." "You can finish what she started" "Finish the war natah!" It seems that the sentients are really banking on the Lotus to be somthing game changing for them. Another thing that we saw from the Scarlett spear cutscene was that when Natah became suspicious and began to ask Erra questions, Erra forced her into into the machine. The pre New War cutscene so far are trying to push the idea that the Lotus never defected because she cared for the Tenno, but rather that she was captured and brain washed by the Orokin. when in reality it could be that the sentients are the ones that captured and brain washed her.
  4. It could still be a possibility. Prototypes are often not counted as being the first of the product ever produced. For example, Space shuttle Columbia is credited as the first space shuttle ever produced, where as the prototype before it (Space shuttle enterprise) is not despite being created and tested before Colombia. Prototypes are just templates to base what's to be the final product off of, usually the final product is counted as somthing completely different.
  5. This is pretty much what Railjack should be because this mode actually focuses on the Railjack. The current problem with Railjack is that you literally spend more time on the enemies ship than you do your own. For a mode that prides itself on being able to fly a space ship you hardly get to do just that.
  6. Since standard Eidolon shards have no use after leveling up the Quills and crafting the paracesis, perhaps it would be best if they could be used as a resource to craft an item that can lure out Eidolons during the day?
  7. Not quite, Today my router took a dump and was down all day so I used my phone's hot spot to provide internet access to my computer and the game ran flawlessly. Also there have been times where I used my hot spot to play warframe on the switch while riding passenger on long road trips and the game still ran perfectly. I think the case for most of us will be to use Warframe mobile as a time killer, like if I'm waiting at a Doctor's office with 30 minutes to kill I might as well hop in a mission and crack some relics or do sorties.
  8. For Protea's energy management, slap on equilibrium and then for your sentinel put on the mod synth fiber (Which allows you to pick up health orbs at full health) and ta da! Protea's dispensary becomes a endless waterfall of energy!
  9. Is there ever a time where you hop into a mission and see that a random you've just joined is playing a Warframe that you are happy to see? Either because it's rare, a good support or just synergizes well with your Warframe? Personally, whenever I play Protea it's a joy to be paired with a Hildryn so I can keep charging their shields and watch them go to town.
  10. So I've been building and playing around with different Archwings, I'd like to build some of them but even with a XP booster it's been a slow process. What can I do to faster level up my archwings?
  11. Far to often do I throw my sheild satellites out to support my team only for two or three of them to bounce off my sentinel and hit the floor. Would it be possible to disable their clipping on sentinels?
  12. I wouldn't worry too much about the controls, I've seen shooters handled excellently on mobile. I was really quite suprise with how comfortable and natural the controls and gunplay felt when I gave COD mobile a try. They way their control scheme was set up would actually work perfectly for Warframe on mobile.
  13. Besides performance, battery life is the only thing that worries me and as someone who travels by plane frequently, it does make me wish there was an offline mode.
  14. If my phone is able to run it well then it is somthing that I'll definitely be looking forward to! It will definitely be cool to just hop into a solo defense or survival mission while waiting in a waiting room or stuff like that, it will definitely be a great time killer during long waits.
  15. ...Transmission received... .. .Decrypting... *Static* If you are hearing this, an old threat is rapidly approaching our home and time is not on our side so listen carefully, our friends, our families are in danger. They are being taken... *Static radio silence* My crew and I have been monitoring anomalies in the Veil in response to convoys going missing, dozens of ghost ships found with no crews. *Audio cuts out* They are stealing people, kidnapping them, they didn't kill them because they are going to do them what they've already done to Ballas. They lost their ability to reproduce crossing the void, this is how they are rebuilding their army... *Sigh* Dammit... it was right under our noses this whole time and we didn't notice... we should have known when we saw what Alad was up to in the clouds... I didn't want to believe that a full conversion was possible... *Audio jump cuts* Our coordinator is gone, many believe she betrayed us or that she was never really on our side I dont know why she did it but I still believe she is still in there. Lost, confused, afraid as we once where, If we find her we will do whatever we can to help her. Fellow Tenno if you can hear this then remember that you've made it this far because you where fighting for somthing greater, Some of you fought for the honor and glory, others fought to reap the spoils of war. No matter how you got here it's up to us now to lift together and push back the darkness at our doorstep. Be ready Tenno... War is coming... ...End Transmission...
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