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  1. Hey so to the powers that be I found something interesting out. Apparently I got the riven and a bunch of the free twitch drops (teshin statue) on an old account that is no longer synced up to twitch. I checked everything on my end and its all connected to the PC but the drops came to an old PS4 account I used a while back. Obviously at this point im not expecting to also get the riven for the PC, even though everything was set up correctly. Just food for thought in the future, seems something weird is going on with people who have disconnected from one platform and switched to the other on Twitch. Either way thanks for the stream.
  2. Watched the dev stream super excited for all the new content, did not get my riven unfortunately. Not sure what to do to remedy that in the future since everything seems good on my end. Looking forward to the switch version as well.
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