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  1. Given the weapon damage scaling in converse to our health, any weapon can be viable for team damage, so just pick whatever one you like, stick a bunch of damage mods on it and try and plink through my 30k Iron Skin.
  2. You'll have to grind your butt off and dod EVERY challenge that comes your way, but it can be done.
  3. I don't know if third-party sites even DO negative plat amounts...
  4. if you're having difficulty, then your focus should be on mods that increase attack/defense than anything else. Stuff like Serration, Hornet Strike and Redirection/Vitality should be focused on at this time, as the benefits they give are vast and a key part of mid game, let alone end game.
  5. I mean....you could always just leave your computer on overnight for the stream.
  6. If you need, I can also show it off in Cetus to prove that location isn't a factor also!
  7. Any idea if/when Vox Solaris Braces and Scaffolds are going to be fixed? Currently Braces are turning the wrong way round and the Scaffolds are being placed sideways, resulting in mismatched and downright painful looking combos.
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