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  1. Several minutes of googling gave me a very shakey answer: no, there is no unique weapon drop during this nightwave. But I figured I should ask you guys to get a more firm answer.
  2. Banned for trying to ban someone when you've already been banned. Really...in what game do you keep playing when you're already out? *shakes head in disappointment*
  3. You can ask people to run you through when they're doing their own.
  4. But ive done every other challenge...the two from last week are the only ones...I had to head to bed right after, do I just need to log back in for them to show up? Obviously I'll be testing that when I get home.
  5. Sorry, correction: I need 15k. But several weeks left is good news. Should get it next week then.
  6. I heard NW has a catchup mechanic where if you complete all the challenges for a week, I can go back to previous uncompleted challenges. I completed all the challenges for this week...but the two I didn't complete last week didn't show up. Any thoughts? On a side note, I only need 15k more rep to complete the NW rewards. Will I make it? How many more weeks do we have?
  7. Max range, duration, efficiency, negative strength will stun lock most maps for long periods of time. Yes, that infinite invisibility is my favorite part. If lazers are a problem, then I suppose running limbo/ivara isn't a bad choice. How do you handle being spotted though? I know some people rely on Huras, but I find that spotty. Sorry, staying alive while hacking a terminal is what I was getting at. But yes, I guess any frame can rescue using spoiler mode. The banish's could work, but at that point I'd rather use an invisible frame and just ignore that there are enemies around. You do bring up a good point about banishing the prisoner, since sometimes they don't follow right away...
  8. Three scenarios. Those two, and Mobile defense vs Grineer or Infested. Do NOT use max range against corrupt or corpus. Nullifiers will completely shut you down. Use negative range when playing against corrupted or corpus.
  9. I'm sorry, @uAir brought up another mission I totally forgot: Limbo is amazing at Excavation. In fact, he's the only one I'll play for excavation.
  10. Aw crap, I forgot excavations...I knew I was forgetting one! Yes, he's good for excavations. The only frame I use for excavation. Use negative range to combat nullifiers and kill them before they can reach the point. Interception is better played by banshee. Spy is better played by octavia. (Or loki if you're more of a fan of him) Sabotage is better played by all kinds of frames. Rescue requires hacking terminals and staying alive....so no, I don't agree with that one.
  11. The only missions you should bring Limbo to are: - Sortie defense - Any mobile defense Do NOT bring him to anything else.
  12. I used to use the name "Corch" (just an interesting mispelling version of Scorch)...up until my friend started calling me Crotch.
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