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  1. Two things: having a variety of frames and having a variety of mods. 1. A variety of frames. Having lots of different warframes will give you "the right tool for the job" in a lot of cases. Yes, you can do spy missions with excalibur, but it'll be a LOT easier with loki or octavia. Yes, you can do mobile defense or excavation with mag, but it'll be a LOT easier with limbo. To get a variety of frames, I'd suggest you: do void fissures > collect valuable loot > sell to other player for platinum > get warframes slots > complete missions and/or farm every boss for their warframe drops. 2. A variety of mods. You don't necessarily need "the best mods" to have extremely overpowered warframes. Making sure you have at least 1 health, armor, strength, duration, efficiency, range and aura mod will make you OP in most cases. Depending on your prefered weapon, get at least a damage, multishot, critical chance, critical damage, rate of fire, 90%cold, 90%lightning and 90%toxin. Focus on making warframe and weapon mods top rank. For that, you should: Do your weekly ayatan treasure hunt and/or do the platinum thing above to buy sculptures off of other players>do some index runs>max out your mods>buy/build orokin catalysts and reactors to maximize your mod capacity. With the right warframe and the right mods, any sortie becomes easy.
  2. I've been advertising a lot more on Instagram lately to get the word out about the website. If you guys want to show your support, check it out here! Or copy and paste this link: https://www.instagram.com/fashionframefan/
  3. When we built this Dojo, we had a few simple design philosophies: Clan: Doomheart Tier: Ghost Platform: Xbox One Role: Founding Warlord Featured Image: Video Tour:
  4. I abso-friggen-lutely LOVE all the awesome art and creative ideas that come from the dojo contest, BUT... Every time I go "I want to make something like that!" I then immediately go "oh wait, I can't do that because my character will spawn on the ground and it won't feel/look right". It'd be awesome if we could place spawn points kind of like in Halo Reach.
  5. Someone suggested I move this thread back to the general discussions. We'll see how it goes. Let me know what you guys want to see improved on the website!
  6. For general purpose weapons (i.e. NOT for eidolons, orb mothers, speed clearing, etc) Crit weapons: Damage>multishot>Critical damage>critical chance>speed>corrosive 90%+90%>cold 90%>physical 120% (whatever stat is highest) Honorable mention: hunter's munitions Status weapons: damage>multishot>corrosive 60%/60%+60%/60%>blast 60%/60%+60%/60%>speed
  7. Sorry for the late reply, I thought I'd already sent this message xD I tried switching my prime skin for the default skin and it almost looked better....I actually really prefer the Poseidon skin with that helmet.
  8. Yeah, I know what you mean. The spreadsheet is extremely cumbersome and I feel like it stops a lot of otherwise motivated Fashionframe fans from submitting their designs. But I haven't been able to come up with a better way. The best idea I've had so far is to have the submission form directly on the website instead of a link to the Google drive. But wix doesn't offer that as a part of their free plan, so I have to wait till I can get my budget settled to see if I can throw in a minimally expensive wix plan. Some people just leave it at a list of colors, but then there's whether you used the same colors/order for attachments/Syandana, attachment names, obscured sigils and emblems, possibly obscured Syandanas, poses created using an animation set, auxilaries, toggled prime details... That would be awesome if there was a mass effect like code for autofilling the fields of a Fashionframe.
  9. I'll have to play around with it. I'm assuming the regular skin would work as well...I'll let you know if I find/come up with anything :)
  10. This is the one I use. More pictures found at: https://fashionframefan.wixsite.com/website/deep-terror-hydroid But if you have some of the prime access pieces, this one is also really nice looking.
  11. Haha, thanks, but we should probably post in the new thread so people don't get mad that our Fashionframe thread is in General Discussion. I can't officially move the thread, it'll have to be done by the warframe forum admins.
  12. Yeah, sorry! I updated the other post to let people know it was moved, but I don't think people get pinged for that.
  13. Hello Fashionframe friends! I've been working on a Fashionframe website for the last couple weeks and it's been coming along nicely! But there are still a few blank spots in the roster that I could really use all your help filling! If you want to help out, or just check out the site, click here! Or copy and paste this url -> https://fashionframefan.wixsite.com/website A quick overview of the website: - It was created because Fashionframe social media accounts have awesome content, but no organization, searchability or information on how to recreate the Fashionframes. - It is a database of Fashionframes organized by warframe, companion, operator and landing craft. - It includes spreadsheets of attachments and colors for each Fashionframe so that you can recreate it. Be inspired! - I am still polishing the site, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated, either directed to this thread or the email found on that website. - The site also includes a community resources section to get you in touch with the Fashionframe discords, various Fashionframe social media outlets and handy designing tools. Thank you all for your support, I'm excited to see this website become a super asset to Warframe and everyone who loves Fashionframe. Keep being awesome! Addendum: Some of you may notice this is a similar post from General discussions. I realized today that I've probably been in the wrong part of the forums all along. For shame...but anywho, I figured I'd start new and put my thread in the right place. For those curious, this was the thread.
  14. Maybe we're having definition problems here, but it sounds like we're saying the same thing. Either way, I feel like we're going in circles. - To you, players need to take a little extra time to think about where they're posting and to make sure they're following the rules. I don't fundamentally disagree with this, but... - To me, I'm surprised people even come to the forums, instead of just playing a different game when they get upset. The fact that people even take the time to post an opinion/concern means we should at least listen to it instead of being angry that they put it in the wrong topic section. I don't doubt that there are cases of people being unreasonable. That's to be expected. But sometimes the game isn't as explanatory as you suggest. Even I have posted a frustration with Octavia's mallet, because the ability description didn't clearly explain how the damage rises and falls with enemies firing or not firing on it, nor that it indiscriminately requires line of sight to deal damage. Interestingly enough, wasn't your PHP perpetrator in the right topic after all? It turned out he needed another player to help him understand that pressing the correct key would let him bullet jump. I can't really disagree here. You are right. I hope I'm not actually upsetting you in any way. I'm just enjoying debating the topic x) At the end of the day I just want player retention and for Warframe to keep growing. The gaming industry is a slippery slope. The second Warframe stops climbing the charts, it will slide down into the murky pits of irrelevance.
  15. I actually ended up making a website afterall. It happens to have permanent links to the discords. Fashionframefan.wixsite.com/website
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