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  1. yeah but we only have 2 stasis chambers.... this is worrying me.
  2. blocking still involved in combos? Will it put the player into ranged mode after the combo is finished as of right now (even if you let go of the button long ago)? That's absolutely unacceptable. And please don't tell me to use the new hard melee only mode and I still can't use block combos in fluid mode. Also maiming strike will remain most effective way of playing? Really?
  3. Knowing they were bad, having been warned about their range. But I'm not the type of player who happily uses the most OP weapons on every frame. I want diversity, I want fashion, I choose the best fitting weapons for every frame individually and I thought the Furax would kick ass on Hildryn. But it's just *that* bad and I even use Primed Reach! I use Gaia's Tragedy stance and with "Forests Remorse", the only usable combo besides the button mash, the second punch never hits anything, it's a terrible feeling. I'm looking forward to next Melee Update though because with more mobility that weapon/stance could actually be half usable (not viable, usable).
  4. I don't think a secondary weapon should be made to be used exclusively throughout a mission out of the box. As the name suggests, it's a secondary. As for loading time, you know there's a mod for that, right? You have two choices: use the freaking mod or if you for whatever reasons can't get yourself to sacrifice damage then live with it. Look at it like this: mods with usability issues are *balanced* around that. You're *supposed* to use corresponding mods. Not using them and having over the top damage is an *option*. It's really a psychological problem of the players, but since so many are having it DE is going to bring the Exilus slots to weapons.....thankfully not for reload time, or else freaking players would ONLY use reload time in the Exilus slot since it's dps.
  5. so the smaller the weapon the worse it is at blocking. In addition to the already huge disadvantage of lesser range they have. Where's the balance in that? People are already using large range weapons almost exclusively at this point.
  6. Nightwave is completely free content. That's a quite substantial difference to battle pass and loot boxes. Drawing such a conclusion is downright impudent, imagine the devs read your comment.
  7. @LSG501 My post was not specifically directed towards you, I was just using a context of your post, please don't feel attacked. Now your perfect example, if you think you "need" an Umbra Forma isn't that somehow your own problem? Do you need an Umbra Forma to have fun? Apparently it's the opposite. Personally I dislike the concept of Umbra forma because it forces me to introduce a 2-class system into my frames due to the scarcity of Umbra Forma. I didn't even use mine. Let me tell you a story of a player who actually impressed me: he voluntarily did not use the vaccum mod because he deemed it too indispensable. Sounds contradictory? It shows that you are the creator of your own world - but it's not easy to reach that level. It's not like Warframe systematically drives players into monotonous grinds, it's the players themselves who set themselves those goals. Personally I've never grinded a thing in Warframe (except maybe SU rep, that took a long time) because I mostly take what's coming towards me and don't deliberately set my self goals that require me to grind. And yet, I'm MR14 currently and enjoy every aspect of the game. The "tier" religion, rocket science and min maxing is something players bring with them, it is really not required in Warframe. On the contrary there are countless examples of players complaining how easy it is (like you), and yet players can't chill the f*** out. My advise: always try combinding grinding one thing with another instead of doing it seperately but in the fastest way possible. I think it's just more rewarding even if at the end of the day it's slower. Sort of like riding a car in a stressful way to arrive fast vs going mellow.
  8. There's a time when you gotta ask yourself why you continue playing the game. There are just many players who can't stop, and they're complaining the loudest. The game is indeed getting continuous updates to keep you playing but personally I can't imagine sticking with it when there are no interesting frames and weapons left to try. Living from update to update, and then complaining that you don't automatically get the NW rewards because you don't play enough anymore? They already lowered the requirements, which was unnecessary in my opinion. I never grinded a thing from Nightwave and I got to over lvl30 just from playing the game.
  9. And I missed spending my credits... wasn't there an explicit "be sure to spend your credits NOW" reminder last time NW ended? Only thing now was the reminder 17 days ago...
  10. As much as I'd like to discuss it with you but Warframes difficulty level is off topic, but I have to agree it's also the players fault (people choose easy mode frames over interesting play, people leave endless just when it gets a little harder than face roll, people bring catchmoon to void fissures etc, in short, people like power trip way too much) I'm not long enough with Warframe to discuss the past. I think the Warframe exilus slot is a good thing and I wouldn want it abandonded just because I'd have to grind less forma. I actually dig having a use for affinity as side gain in the other activity. I think if people got all what they asked for they'd realize how boring the game would be. I wish the Warframe exilus mods had more synergies with the individual frames though. That would help give more mods usage, more variety. Again I think it's up to the players themselves if they mostly go with Power Drift or Coaction Drift rather than actual utility. But yeah I'm guilty myself, I mostly use Rush it's just too good.
  11. Balance? In Warframe? What exactly are you balancing? There is no PvP, sorties are a joke and arbitrations (and other) are scaling indefinitely. Only thing is Tridolons, where balance is only relevant to "how often can I loot them in one night".
  12. I find it confusing that the launcher only displays the major patch notes, i.e. 25.7.0 (not even major by version numbers, where is 25.8.0 then?)
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