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  1. Well you're taking things for granted as they are. My point is questioning that. To think of an ideal state of how all abilities should work.
  2. No one thinks that it's terrible how the chat window fades out almost immediately after someone wrote something in it? During missions the chances are very low that communication can happen. Even while doing stuff on my ship I constantly miss guild chat.
  3. thanks, I actually forgot that factor, equipped her with a high damage weapon and put that aspect aside. So there is some more scaling to that ability. It was certainly exaggerated when I said "most abilities". But many abilities at least have an ability power related aspect that does scale very different than enemy level. And while many of those can at least keep some niche use I don't think that is ideal.
  4. What an incredible thing to say. I don't think it can be intended for abilities to be of reduced usefulness at higher level. Ideally all abilities should be useful all the time. That's the aim of game design. That's how it is let's say in World of Warcraft. Abilities scale optimally. I think the issue of Warframe is that the devs decided it wouldn't be fun to focus building your characters defense versus damage so that's why enemy defense scales so hard and we got a problem with ability power keeping up with that. And sorry but pointing out that Gara's 1 is used to destroy her 4 is just admitting defeat, discussion wise. But I expected that to come. Yes I certainly lack experience, I thought I already hinted that when I described myself as noob in my OP. So that why I couldn't give better examples.
  5. I mean abilities that do a fixed amount of damage and not much else, like say Garas 1 or Mags 4 Enemy defense scales much harder than you can mod ability power to account for that
  6. Is there something I don't get, from my noob point of view? Has DE just given up? The game runs well for a very long period, so why fix it now? Are they unable to fix this? Can this be intended? No, it can't be intended for most abilities to be useless in mid to high level content. Abilities are what define a Warframe and Warframes are what this game is about.
  7. It would be nice if we could randomize individual colors. There could be a randomize button right next to the revert button
  8. Literally the only place to see this is when you earn reputation and it's already above cap. A place could be at the bounty mission select screen, right next to the overall reputation. DAILY LIMIT 3000 / 5000 ======-----
  9. It's contra productive. makes it hard to see minerals withing the beam.
  10. I'm often in a situation where I have NO WEAPONS, no exulted, no melee, no ranged. Not sure how I usually get out of that but there's some workaround. I also had it where I'm using exulted weapon but hysteria is not active. Somethings #*!%y there
  11. I'm often having it in bounties. Host leaves, host migration, next thing you know "blabla returning to multiplayer menu" and you're sitting outside, left with nothing. Time wasted. Very annoying.
  12. I just wanna say, and I hope it gets through to DE, independently from possible melee rework issues, from a creative direction I love what you did with Buried Depts. When I read about the space radio thing I already thought it was a cool idea, and you executed it really well, Nora Nightwave and all. I'm rather new to the game still and the fact that the creative direction is so on point is the icing on the cake for me on this great game.
  13. totally for this, just make em fly less. you can increase down time to compensate
  14. you can raise rewards all you like, but as long as it stays as cryptic as it is it'll keep players from looking into it "race through the gates" uuh, I don't see any gates. Maybe picking up some of these shiny items? No feedback. Which way am I even supposed to go? There are those items in all directions. "Time starts when you hit the first marker". No? Apparently it doesn't. Or a marker isn't this shiny item along the track Also all players on the leaderboard have the same score. Should be possible to make a RACE without overlapping placements, right? There is so much in this game which is impossible to find out about without the inofficial wiki...
  15. But why shouldn't it be possible? I can invite players which are at a relay to my squad while I'm on my ship, so that situation is no problem. But I can't go to my ship and leave squad members behind at the relay. That's clearly an issue.
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