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  1. so I just did the first mission in Corpus relay. I eventually found the 4 things I had to destroy despite them not being indicated in the UI until I got near that big corpus ship and entered I entered it. I killed all necessary enemies and it said "mission finished" and displayed a reward mid screen, "Vidar Engines MK1". This is unlike in ground missions and it's confusing. Where does the reward come from? Where's the end mission screen? The UI tells me to return to rail jack. I returned to rail jack, and then, nothing. I don't know what the #*!% to do, the UI is empty. I can hit escape, I could "return to dojo" but the ui tells me that I would "forfeit the completion rewards and bonuses" and when I hit it it asks me if I really want to abort the mission. So disappointing of this game design. Do they ever play test it with real players? At this point I right click Warframe and close it and start Overwatch. Until next time, in a few weeks.
  2. It may sound outlandish but technically the game should be playable without consulting third party game manuals at all.
  3. Someone mentioned it and I can't unsee. Why, when I rotate around the z axis with the railjack ("rolling"), does the ship return to its initial position automatically? Like there was a horizont or some sort of fix point to align to. But in space there is none. It's annoying because it also makes it more difficult to aim, countering this movement.
  4. and not only that, it's also covered by enemy health bars (those "diamond" shaped lines) but is far worse as that's the object you're trying to aim at. I was just thinking, why is it so hard to AIM, make the crosshair more distinct! when I realized this. also why can't I upload screenshots to a forum post
  5. You got all these nice faction icons lately for the missions UI (btw I love what you did to the UI recently, Warframe is becoming so polished). Except for sorties unfortunately.
  6. I mean I got myself a new Kavat specifically for it becoming a Vasca. Those codes were a pain to grind. I mean I enjoyed it, or else I wouldn't have done it. Stretched out the whole thing. But now I'm reading that I need 10 more codes for the Vasca process?? Man .... that is unnecessary. I'm everything but thrilled to go back into the derelicts again. Alternative (in hindsight) would be to sacrifice one of my beloved Kavats. But why would I do that??? They fulfill a purpose. Gief QoL!
  7. I don't like it how you goad players into doing mindless lvl10 missions just to get the rewards. Why not give the choice to do it in "hard mode" to get some (lousy) extra loot at least and some "challenge"
  8. I think these kind of improvements do a lot, they're improving most basic game play, it affects the game on such a broad scale. If the character is awkward to control, it affects everything. I played RPGs and FPS and I do see improvement in the RPG part of Warframe but it's still lackluster. I realize balancing is a bit complicated with scaling content (best change ever was the damage scaling with enemy level on newer abilities) and on the one hand players want to use their hard grinded power to squish ants, on the other hand players complain of being unchallenged - how do you deal with this innate contradictoriness in players. Games like Overwatch or WoW or LoL even definitely have an edge in balancing and ability design over Warframe but it's not a fair comparison. I'm always trying to play my frames as casters as much as possible, because that's what they are desinged for, right? But unfortunately you have so many useless and so many overpowered abilities and they're competing with the weapons too. It's gotten better over time, but I'm still confused, as some flaws seem so obvious and easy to fix (Mesas 1?). I know they have to strike a balance between new content and improvements but yeah I'm more the guy who enjoys a good "revisit" patch over new content. It's an investment into the future and will outlive any content.
  9. yeah that's also a solution, like they did with Zephyr
  10. I never liked them. I play with abilities on 1-4 keys. Take Xaku for example. I have to take my eyes off the action for seconds trying to switch to the ability I want, it's terrible. In the case of Xaku I also just wasn't interested in the frame enough to ever memorize the different options which made it worse. I just try to decide on the most useful one and go with that. And with Wisp it at makes least some sort of sense, at least they're all buffs. But for Xaku, it's just additional abilities which share no trait. Why has that frame 7 abilities and most others only 4? Please make a decision and keep what compliments his kit best ... The reason this is becoming a problem in the first place is the fact that you can't just assign hotkeys for all those abilities. I mean in World of Warframe Warcraft (yes I actually wrote that) there was a time where you had 10, 15 abilities bound to keys (which was over the top and they've since tuned it down but just to prove my point). You can use shift and alt combinations you know? For example I could imagine Wisps buffs on alt+1 to alt+3 (apart from the fact that players want an augment for her that unifies her buffs anyway, because there is no reason not to cast all of them)
  11. Yeah I also had a similar opinion about him. Lots of good ideas of players in that thread. He needs a rework.
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