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  1. that's why you "never play on patch day", or for Warframe, let the patches ripe a couple of weeks.
  2. I just wanted to report this, I never had this before. I played around with random colors button, then settled with one theme, logged out for the day. Next day I log in, see the frame in the login screen, wow those colors DO look cool, I'm happy I finally found a working theme. I zoom into my orbiter and *poof* the colors are gone. I check in arsenal. Config 2, the active one, which is the one I was making the changes on is now the same colors as Config 1 (which is weird because I never copied 1 to 2).
  3. Any arguments other than "Kuva Nukor"? No? Okay then.
  4. Simple logical step without touching holy damage output: while shooting the Warframe runs slower than not shooting. Remove this restriction from secondary weapons. Would make sense since they are lighter (and fall in line with heavy weapons) Or, if you don't want to touch overall balance, slightly increase penalty for primary weapons and slightly decrease it for secondaries.
  5. So that's very interesting. And yes, I'm pretty sure this is connected to the new rendering mode, because I didn't have it before I think.
  6. Yes, my drivers are not up to date. No, I do not wish to update them. Why? For reasons.
  7. Can we get a "beep" sound the last 3 seconds indicating an ability runs out? Of course optional ... Would be really useful, especially for Vex Armor.
  8. "Garv" always dies when I solo the easiest bounty. It's lvl15 and I'm MR17. Am I supposed to bring a full squad to kill enemies that get one hitted? Am I supposed to use a specific frame so I can protect the guy? Compare this to the "protest the drone" Eidolon bounties ... ?
  9. yeah the damage is a joke, I can let 10 lvl120 heavy gunner shoot at the sphere which means they would kill me probably 20 times or more. The stored damage does nothing to them, like 1% damage or so. I can just use magentize instead and annihilate them with the same level of defense (they are completely disabled) I can use Polarize (I use the augment) and it does more damage and CC Hell I can even use crush and I get more out of it. Guess they could have just replaced pull with it which is competely useless (and it's the ability the helminth can absorb, no thanks) They
  10. Imo part of the problem is that players lack self reflection. They don't understand what fun means for them, and how the game interacts with their mind. They strive for the i-win-button and when they have it they complain about how boring the game is and blame the developer for a lack of challenge. But the game can never offer hardcore players constant challenging rewarding content without running on a 100$/month subscription. But the core player base would never play that content so it's just not profitable. And that's why those bored obsessive hardcore players will always exhaust the games s
  11. I've had other experiences. Sometimes I ask in trade chat or guild chat too (I'm in a massive guild) but never people want to trade their trash rivens which they undoubetly have lying around clogging their inventory (basically every player is in that situation!). Thats part of why I created this thread. Everybody seems to be so focused on god roll rivens for their FotM weapons. I don't even think about trading rolled Rivens. As I said, I'm up for a casual approach, I think going for god rolls (and paying/selling them) is a waste of time. I typically try to get rivens for lesser used weapons th
  12. Wrong, I love rivens and I love the way they work, I love to use them, and I love seeing the salt after every disposition update I mostly just use the rivens I get from the game, I "grind" the Kuva for a decent roll averaging at about 10-15 rolls. I think that's healthy. I just think the trading is dumb, because most people seem to have a different attitude towards Rivens, either in one or the other direction.
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