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  1. noone is doing the start rail jack missions anymore. And since you can't solo them you can forget about RJ if you didn't go with it when it was new and all buggy.
  2. @AperoBeltaTwo this is kind of true. Even for me, who's the type of player who mostly levels for leveling sake, I sometimes feel like it's all I do. I'd like to have a purpose for my gear. I max out so many weapons just to expand my arsenal, then don't touch them ever again. Sorties are a bit too easy for maxed out gear (x forma, primed + riven mods) although they force you to use a lvl30 warframe. Even highest level content available (Kuva flood, Lich territory) I still use to level gear. Endurance runs I don't do, there is no incentive not to rinse and repeat after 30 minutes. Maybe a change of rotation would make sense here, but afaik they conciously decided against it. A misstake imo. I would also love to have all content have a Steel Path variant, not just the regular star chart missions.
  3. 🖐️ counter example here. I'm using rivens to make sub par weapons playable. I like to enjoy a whole variety of weapons versus the type of player that brings their Inaros Ignis Wraith 0.5 Riven to every single mission and is bored to death of the game only being left with crying on the forums why his only weapon gets a nerf.
  4. As long as some minimum dispo weapons can still out damage some maximum dispo weapons the disparity isn't even big enough. And as long as people are using minimum dispo rivens, the riven is not broken yet. @Audiomaniak byeeee 🖐️
  5. found someone to do the defense mission with, we were Gara + Wisp and it went not bad. Actually did the excavation mission solo with Gara (Volnus melee) after this. Was close but worked 1st try Tried the Survival mission again, with Wisp (Wolf Sledge) solo, ran out of life support at 3 minutes again, although killing and surviving went quite well.........
  6. not enough, the deciding factor are drops the mission is 20 minutes I think (or 15).
  7. my problem is that there are no squads for those missions anymore They should just increase the life support drop rate for solo if they don't want to spawn that many enemies
  8. I'm trying the "lvl40 survival mission without mods" but the timer ran out at 5 minutes. I can't kill enough enemies, they just dont spawn. I guess with a full squad more enemies spawn? I tried Revenant , maybe my minions don't drop life support?
  9. that is what was proposed in the context of melee 3.0, hold jump instead "aim glide", which introduces a couple of problems Uhm, Titania?
  10. Rivens are fine. If you think you need to make Warframe your economy simulator then that's your problem. After all, you're just a bad trader then, you could also use its workings to your advantage. disposition is the only reason Rivens exist lol You people ...........
  11. I know you won't do it. But I'd like it. The German names for everything are awful, because the German language is awful for UI and game related terminology. But if I could I'd like to have the German chat.
  12. yeah good point I just checked it, I have Corrosive Projection on Zepyhr too, I didn't have it in the other loadlout
  13. So my experiences with the Jackal (Sortie): first time when it was new: it was squished like a fly with a random squad. So next day I tried solo, not a problem, AT ALL. The legs took maybe 5-7 Chakur shots (+riven) Today it was Jackal Sortie again so I just took a random loadout for a "little challenge", Ash, corrosive Dread, viral Nikana... and it was a completely different world, I had no chance. Didn't destroy a single leg. Dread didn't do like anything. Tried slashing legs with the melee stealthed, nothing. Also his machine gun would just melt me. So I thought, OH did they actually buff him? Cool. Then I changed loadout, Zephyr, Acceltra radiation 2 Forma or so, 7 mods. And wtf? Legs MELTING in not even a second. How? Radiation is like, plus 50%? 75%? It felt like 20 times the damage. Might this be bugged or what's wrong about my perception?
  14. my disappointment is immeasurable and my game is ruined
  15. idk 90% of the stuff I use gets buffed like every time. Maybe don't jump on every hype train?
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