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  1. also chat often fades in for no reason (after missions?) How often do you catch yourself looking down left but it's only the old stuff you already read? I also throw in this:
  2. I'm not switching archwing style for every warframe I play. It kinda sucks having non fitting colors on your archwing. I think an option would be cool that lets you automatically adapt the archwings color palette to that of your current warframe.
  3. Even when I don't play Warframe I'd like to stay up to date. I'd like to be notified and assess if the game offers me something interesting. Companies love sending annoying "notice me" e-mails, why can't you do that? Ideally there would be options: ☑ notification mail for start of events ☑ notication mail for every patch ☑ notification mail for every major patch only
  4. alright, I realize noone gives an F about K-Drives sad
  5. float, as in making you fall slower. I think it would add an interesting option for parcour.
  6. why wouldn't you put links to the streams in the post? I know you can find them yourself if you search blabla. I think it's just unprofessional. Losing 2% of viewers is losing 2% of viewers
  7. I really hope the Railjack opens the gates of introducing space flight into Warframe. It's not unheard of. The MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies (RIP) once introduced a full blown "X-Wing vs Tie Fighter" style space flight expansion (paid though).
  8. alternatively they could show the number of open squads on a per mission type basis, not just for the regular mission.
  9. It's really sad that I still can't play without melee auto targeting because neutral combos move you forward (past enemies you're attacking)
  10. This is the most important bit about combat fluidity at the moment. Heavy attacks are a different beast, but you can live without them (like before..). I have the feeling they test the combos with auto aim enabled only because otherwise you'll often move past enemies unintentionally. They have to be more consequent in designing the combos. You must be able to rely on them doing what you'd expect.
  11. Wise Razor block+forward combo has no immediate forward movement, only after 1 or 2 hits and is thus useless. You cannot predict needing a forward movement after 2 hits... Swirling Tiger block+forward combo his a tiny awkward hit box, it's super hard hitting anything with it. useless Example for a usable block+forward combo is Blind Justice
  12. Whip stance "Burning Wasp" (the one nobody used before the rework) I don't see people using it now either. Problem I have with it: the forward combo locks you in place while the neutral combo moves you forward. I hope you redo these combos, even just swapping them out for each other would be positive.
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