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  1. ah.....that was it. Hadn't purchased any for some time. thank you! 🤩
  2. So I realized that for a long time I didn't have synthesis targets in mission. But I have one, Ballista, which is about to spawn in Lex and Mantle. But when I go to Mantle Sephalon Simaris keeps quiet, no Synthesis. I also haven't see someone else do synthesis in missions for the same time. Is this mechanic broken at the moment? I will drop my target now and get a new one. e: next target Lancer, Earth, Cambria. Nothing again.
  3. They changed it! Did they read my thread? 🥰
  4. So I've got him on lvl30 now, experimented with some builds. Read up on the wiki and did some testing in Simulacrum. I like the concept and the theme of the frame. But things bother me: the constant energy drain is so punishing, it creates this constant stress. I run Zenurik, Energy Siphon and Hunter Adrenaline (and Fleeting Expertise lol) to manage this (build). Then it's ok. I can use abilities. But the abilities just aren't worth using. The theory did read promising, enemy level damage multipliers on all abilities - great! But in practice? It's too little, not worth the
  5. So this is a bug I'm sure everybody noticed and it's probably around for a long time. Sometimes during missions the chat seemingly randomly gains focus (and thus visibility). Your eye wander down there because it implies someone wrote something new, but that's not the case. Very annoying.
  6. There is (or was) a Windows cursor like that. It sounds like a clever idea but doesn't work that good. I'm confident that the biggest problem is the opacity of the cross hair. There's a blue bar below the cross hair (not sure what it's for) but it's completely opaque and very visible (it's also fat)
  7. Title says it, the UI of the Necramech has very little contrast, too much decor for the cross hair to really be visible in combat
  8. +1 e: sometimes you only lose affinity of one item, while the others get it
  9. I think there's an option to disable them all.
  10. Also love this one: The Grineer deteriorate over time... is that what makes them violent?
  11. I thought DE and Epic created Unreal Tournament together ?
  12. did 3 more tags just now, and I could keep that. Did I do anything different than yesterday? No.
  13. yesterday I got 7 "common Avichaea tags" from roaming the Cambion Drift. They showed up in the mission end screen. I was trying to rank up Entrati but Mother said I'd be at 4/5, exactly like before I did the mission. I checked again "last mission results", 7. I relogged. I brought up the inventory. 4. Am I missing something?
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