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  1. Guess I'll start Savin' Plat for mesa, since am a mesa main xD and also Thank you for Mesa Prime, I've been waiting quite a while now and am really really thankful
  2. Boi I got a ton of points from that grindy bug xD
  3. Please fix, getting kicked outta the game during host migrations, it's incredibly annoying tbh, I was mining in orb vallis when the host decided to leave the party, and I had already been mining for 1 hour and when he left, I got kicked out, my internet connection was perfect adn everything was OK, so I thought it was a lag and Thank You for your hard work
  4. It would be awesome if u lower the crafting times because when I first crafted my first frame [Rhino] I had to wait 3 days or pay 50pl which was all I had and I ended up leaving the game because I thought it was a pay to win ,I rejoined the game about 2 months ago and its still bothering me
  5. Well DE it's not like I dislike the game, but the game is kinda like lacking content even with the chroma prime access pack, It's just a chroma that looks shinier with small Gold bits same with the weapons and it would be awesome if u add some new weapons and frames. -SaadB44
  6. Capture missions are no longer easy (/T_T) / WHYYYY?!!!
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