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  1. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    "Melee attacks will no longer sweep through walls or objects"EFFECTS ZENISTAR?

    i don't mind that you cannot hit through walls but so far my experience is that dead enemies act like walls i swing the enemy 1 infront of enemy 2 dies and enemy 2 is perfectly fine thanks for adding RNG element to melee lol good thing i aint that active anymore way to ruin something
  2. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #208!

  3. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    I now have a 5 digit amount of plat, what to buy?

    buy 1000 - 2000 forma 🙂
  4. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    Does anyone have a God roll riven that took tons of rerolls

    Edit: did the bbcode image stop working on forums i tried to post a picture ?
  5. Bondrewd_The_Novel


    simaris's target scanning has bunch of lore scanning kuria has lore quests have lore and the ghoul event on earht has lore book colelctables if you have collected them you can read/listen to most of it at the codex excpet the simaris one you got to read them at simaris's place also prime descriptions in the codex have story/lore too and syandanas also tell a bit about orokin empires culture but if you don't want to farm/go through all that the warframe wiki has everything there to read/listen
  6. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    Cant even get past zone 4 in ESO

    use a frame that can survive or has good cc bring good aoe weapons arcane guardian can boost your survivability every thought on using melee arcane guardian 825+ hp loki i my self just use my excalibur and spin2win with the plague kripath
  7. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    Tenno floating in orbiter

    i don't know what is going on Boy!
  8. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    Share your Operator fashion!

  9. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    WTS Plague kripath & Ooltha riven

    1500p Sold <3
  10. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    End of Warfragelion

    i would not mind if warframe somehow went that direction with the story lmao
  11. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    So, new players..

    farm everything
  12. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    Regarding purchasing of 2 TennoCon packs
  13. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    My operators needs to eat.

    just build a foodstand and feed yer basement kid x)
  14. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    excalibur prime

    another day another excal p thread
  15. Bondrewd_The_Novel

    Will free prime for twitch prime come back?

    Maybe but it will probably be something new if warframe is part of twitch prime again