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  1. hmmm maybe you can base it off this website https://riven.market/list do not forget to change to ps4
  2. if you need help with drift mods hit me up ingame i'll help you farm them ;)
  3. seems to be better i just dread the extra projectiles x)
  4. i have the lures kept killing me xD but when it hit the eidolon limbs whent down fast its just better to get sniper for limbs x)
  5. did he check his junkmail sometimes mails end up there
  6. usually for me its about better stats but i main excalibur prime just for the looks it pleases my eyes
  7. there are some syandana's i like but some frames have the most coolest looking spine/back wich you can make it even look better with a rift sigil but then you are stuck with your arcane syandana deciding do i want to force my self with a syandana that ruins the look or do i just toss away my arcane enchantment that is part of your gameplaystyle i just really dislike that i am forced to play with a accesory i dislike on already good looking frames i am pretty sure that why DE removed the arcane helmets because it forces you to play with a certain helmet to gain its effects
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