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  1. On PS4 the game have a lot of frame rate problems that weren't there before or not as bad as it is now. A full team within lots of enemies put the fps to the ground and the game can be barely playable.
  2. Your post is literally fecal matter taste bad but you can get use to it, even more eating it with friends. Sorry but S#&$ is still S#&$ no matter what.
  3. I like the new Vauban. He should be more tanky or have a gadget to boost defence but except this i like the kit. I play him a lot now.
  4. They cannot stop releasing content but they should put more effort on polishing existing ones as they are just adding new stuffs on bugs and bad code. Reworks and new version of old content were the best things we had since The Sacrifice. The Jupiter tileset is excellent, some old frames reworks are good, the fact that the game went from 80go to 40 is a good move, the plain rework is good too. Old content is good and the base for new one, they should care about it more.
  5. At first it was a good surprise but it gets old really quick. Now every time He shows up i'm like yeah yeah whatever.
  6. They are right, let's start Warframe with non potato level 1 starter frames without mods on Neptune. No need for the previous planets. It will be Railjack level of balance and challenging content.
  7. Be honest, did you know what to do, when to and what the purpose of everything in Railjack on first sight without using third party sites/outside of the game tutorials ? Cy screaming bad dialogs is not a beginning of explanation.
  8. There are no excuses for DE to put literally no explanation on what to do and how in game for a new game mode. It's just that they don't care, as they don't care about game breaking bugs if they are not against them. But looking at people vigorously defending updates like this, I realize that bad is still good enough for some but looking at the player numbers they are not the majority. Hope it would convince DE to make Warframe great again. It's sad to see it sinking, I used to love this game.
  9. Railjack is horrible. Release a game like this in this state without Warframe name on it and you are sure to be in a good spot in the Jim Sterling's worst game of the year list.
  10. Yes it's bad, very bad. Gameplay wise, explanation wise, technically it's terrible. Railjack is Fallout 76ly bad.
  11. Warframe 2 for the new generation of consoles would be a very good news ! Warframe really need a refresh that may be impossible with the old engine and spaghetti code.
  12. Diablo 3 loot GDC conference is a good start to understand. To give you simple examples : Diablo 3 vanilla, fun gameplay but terrible loot. diablo 3 after the extension, fun gameplay and rewarding loot. Borderlands 3, bad gameplay but rewarding loot. The Division, good loot but lack of fun and interest. Destiny 2, very good gameplay but have trouble to find the way to deal with loot. Today's loot system is good in pace but bad in rewards. Anthem, good gameplay but bad loot. Not rewarding in quantity and stats but during the loot shower weekend it was very fun and rewarding because lot of loot to deal with. Warframe, best gameplay shlooter and rewarding loot until leach and Railjack. In those 2, worst loot system of all.
  13. If they want to put rng stats rolls everywhere then they must get rid of resources cost and forge time gate. And rng stats roll is nothing of a proven method too keep the players happy and hook to the game. A fun and rewarding gameplay loop is.
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