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  1. Megan mentions a 100 ducats twitch drop, with a wonderful imitation of Baro, but nothing drop in my mailbox too.
  2. 8go, 40 minutes of download. But it's 1 on the morning, I go to sleep, will play tomorrow.
  3. We still don't know but Danielle said that it will be huge so clean space on you DD if it's full.
  4. That's what i think too. The way DE choosed to use the different marketplaces don't allow the multiplatform account. You don't buy plats on Warframe/DE marketplace but on each console's one so the content is link to each one. If DE had made a universal marketplace by themself, account would have been multiplatform.
  5. So how do you explain other games where it's possible to have multiplatform account ? It's not on Sony or MS, it's on DE part.
  6. I would have bought a switch for Warframe if the migration was possible from PS4. It would have suit my play style a lot more, only one TV to share with my wife, but to start it over on switch and not be able to still use what I payed on PS4 is too much for me. Too bad.
  7. I have rivens for my regular weapons, Tenora, Azima, Gram and +/- 10 other. Never bought one though, just got them playing sortie or alert. Done some Kuva farming but not so much. I wasn't playing any of those weapon prior getting their riven, stick to them after trying and liking them so i roll to have a good riven to put on them. Azima got nerf, don't care, it's still blasting the way i like. I think Gram prime and my riven will be nerf with melee 3.0 but i wait and see, it will still be a killer sword without doubt.
  8. Thank you DE for trying to keep some kind of control over your game and his market. The madness around Riven is going too far, disposition changes are needed monthly or every 3 month at least. Can't wait to see melee 3.0, keep up the good work !
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