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  1. Stop playing it and come back when you want to play it again. Why even asking yourself the question ? It's a game not a divorce with 2 children involved.
  2. (PS4)Herrwann69

    The time has come. Primed Streamline

    I don't need Prime Streamline. I event think that DE should take off Primed mods but add more corrupted mods to make more extrem builds.
  3. (PS4)Herrwann69

    MR+ 20 Players have become a plague

    I'm a fresh mr20 since this morning, be sure that i will start leeching and fishing during bounty because it's my right as a lot better and stronger player than you, i'm a veteran, So work for me and be happy about it.
  4. (PS4)Herrwann69

    Sortie boss dialogue subtitles stuck on screen

    Yes, sometime it disappear during the loading but often stay until the end of the mission and it's very annoying.
  5. (PS4)Herrwann69

    Rhino Iron Skin

    Too technic for many Rhino players. Soon they will ask for Iron Skin to do the same damage mecanic as Gara's shards so they can rush brainlessly into group evenmore.
  6. (PS4)Herrwann69

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #231!

    Megan mentions a 100 ducats twitch drop, with a wonderful imitation of Baro, but nothing drop in my mailbox too.
  7. (PS4)Herrwann69

    Have we gone a little too far chasing new frames?

    And top tier he is. Not for everything but what he's good in he is GOD in it. I still just have the basic one with no potato on it and I'm still cheesing sorties with him. No crouching gymnastic, no limitations to movements, just speed run using parkour and invisibility when not alone and that's it. Top tier.
  8. (PS4)Herrwann69

    Have we gone a little too far chasing new frames?

    If you play Gara like Frost then you are wrong. Deeply wrong. Maybe you don't understand the different frames as much as you are thinking. Do your homework first.
  9. (PS4)Herrwann69

    Why do we have build timers

    Limbo and Octavia are not main-story quest, they are optional so don't work the same way.
  10. (PS4)Herrwann69

    Why do we have build timers

    Because people working at DE need to eat at least a meal per day.
  11. How do they learn to dodge bullets if they keep going down with a butcher fart ? You need defense to learn how to play, so you can handle your miss, then when you feel that you need more ability power you take you defense mods one by one and learn how to build your for your own playing style.
  12. The problem is them following the advises of so called experts/veterans that keep saying health/armor are useless bro. They can be useless if you know how to play without them, if you play a frame that don't need them but that's the minority of the player base. Most of them need health and defense because they are not good or aware of the frame enough. But hey, it's easier to give stupid advises because it works for you than really teaching the fundamentals to someone. That's why a lot of really skilled peoples are awful teachers, they don't understand that some can be different from them.
  13. (PS4)Herrwann69

    Any warframe you feel attached to?

    Valkyr. My only go to tenn ... Frame. Not the one i use the more anymore but the one i will take when if feel that something might be challenging and/or not one dimensional. I really love her theme, her kit, her design and her fashionframe.
  14. (PS4)Herrwann69

    I am getting Carpal tunnel (Semi Auto weapons)

    All weapons don't need to be auto ! It's good to have semi-auto. But i use a macro on them so i don't have to click.
  15. (PS4)Herrwann69

    Define good design

    Overpowered and frames without weakpoint are bad design. 1 bouton win abilities are bad design. Buffer with good DPS are bad design. Healers with good survability are bad design etc etc. To be quick, all meta frames and above the top ones are bad design.