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  1. A helmet designed to strike an old fear in his enemies, the Revenant Dracul Helmet is now live! A collaboration with the incredible @That1Cactus on Twitter! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2492772313
  2. Unfortunately school didn't let me finish the low poly for this in time for the deadline but I revamped the Scapulyst design and I definitely think it's a bit of an improvement. Enjoy!
  3. Some concept art I've been working on for potential future Tennogen projects. Enjoy! Revenant Wight Helmet: Set Staff Skin: Nyx Phobos Helmet: Oberon Famine Helmet: Rhino Mammut Helmet: Ivara Medusa Helmet: Banshee Wraith Helmet: Atlas Arges Helmet: Valkyr Fatalis Helmet: Chroma Fafnir Helmet: Excalibur Beelzebub Helmet: Eidolon Hunter's Trophy Syandana: Eidolon Hunter's Trophy Chest Plate: Eidolon Hunter's Trophy Operator Accessories:
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