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  1. It's not two handed but I did make a Sentient khopesh skin if that helps
  2. The Panthalyst shoulder armour and Serqet Syandana are live on Steam! Also some WIP pics of Protea V. 2!
  3. Started on the redesign of my Serqet Syandana and I've gone back to my old Protea helmet to make some changes based on feedback!
  4. Some concept art I've been working on for potential future Tennogen projects. Enjoy! Revenant Wight Helmet: Set Staff Skin: Nyx Phobos Helmet: Oberon Famine Helmet: Rhino Mammut Helmet: Ivara Medusa Helmet: Banshee Wraith Helmet: Atlas Arges Helmet: Valkyr Fatalis Helmet: Chroma Fafnir Helmet: Excalibur Beelzebub Helmet: Eidolon Hunter's Trophy Syandana: Eidolon Hunter's Trophy Chest Plate: Eidolon Hunter's Trophy Operator Accessories:
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