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  1. 最近游戏里面有些问题,想建立新的工单,但是发现那个网址进不去了
  2. Can we get a special Fuma that can polarize the special function mod slot, so that it can adapt to all the special function mods of polarity. In this way, different mods can be used in different missions, and the configuration can be more diversified. For example, the group cards of some battle armor can also be added to the special functions when forming teams and single players, so as to have more sets of playing methods it‘s like Aura Forma @De_
  3. 能不能出一个可以极化特殊功能mod槽位的特殊福马,使其可以适应所有极性的特殊功能MOD,这样能在不同的任务中使用不同的mod,配置更多样化,比如组队和单人的时候,比如某些战甲的集团卡也能上到特殊功能那,以便有更多套玩法
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