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  1. why would i ever need more endo as i mastery up???? im mr 25 and endo is super useless, i rarely have mods to lvl up.

    The poor players that are still below mr 10 or so, are the ones who needed it the most, they have so many mods and no endo nor credits to make things happen.

    I get it, bigger mastery better/more rewards, yet its still a broken system, like anytime theres something new.

    Years of warframe and u guys still wont lower the grindy to a healthy sanity level, every little item and thingy we only use once, has to be a hellish struggle to get...


    Hey DE can you increase spawn rate, specially the spawn rate of energy-core-enemies for excavation missions, from time to time excavation is plagued with no cores; several minutes babysitting a stale digger.

    (even more specific, fix the pluto dark sector excavation, which is one of the best spots to farm axi relics)


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  3. BUG:

    During loading screens there is no cursor/mouse.

    Hence it is not possible to press the OK button, when the "connection to the host has been lost, return to ship"

    Esc, space, or enter do not work either, so the only option is ALT+F4...



    Seems the log alludes to this being fixed.

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    8 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    In an effort to make Excavation Fissures more enjoyable and successful, we've increased the Void Fissures spawn rates depending on how many Excavators are deployed!

    "more enjoyable" no, this will be the first time excavation-fissure are playable at all.

    Fix the rest of the excavations missions (all the non-fissure ones) :

    - Not enough energy-core-enemies spawning to sustain a 2nd excavator, much less a 3rd.

    - low levels planets are even worse, huge amount of time pass before even one energy-core-enemy spawns at all, sometimes even all other enemies dont spawn either.

    - specially in hieracon pluto (the place i know best), enemies get stuck on portions of the map, rooms, details of the map that act as a "barrier" and make them become stuck on a section, small passages were enemies become bottled together and stuck, etc. The game needs to unspawn enemies that are detected as stuck and not moving towards players.

    - lotus repeatedly spitting out the same information about feeding and defending diggers, every time a new digger is activated.

    - maps that create too many in-between tiles-sets, between the tile-sets that actually have diggers, making a big waste of time just running around to reach a new zone.

    - tile-sets that have 2 or 3 spots for new diggers, yet the game only creates 1 new digger on that zone, and then sends you to a new tile-set.


    Please, please, fix excavation missions, they are still the most efficient places to farm relics and other prizes, were we take the risk of separating the team to rush more diggers, and if its successful we get rewarded very fast. In fact its the only endless mission that creates a goo challenge and risk, needs good playing and coordination, and rewards well and fast (so dont nerf that part please).



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  5. 4 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Removed an Orokin Derelict tile from Onslaught that was too small - this means that Zone 12 of Elite will have a new tile.

    Inst that a problem? Isnt that more artificial difficulty????

    Some tiles are too big:

    - Enemies take forever to reach the tenno

    - the tenno take too much time reaching new enemies in such large places

    - ALL THE TIME, there are enemies spawning on hidden corners of the map, that just stay idle, because they are not aware of the tenno

    All this makes incremental loss of efficiency. 

    Small maps arent the problem, its the big ones that are.

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  6. Why doesn't onslaught give us simmaris points as an extra reward??? There should be already an alternative to scanning, and in this game mode it just makes sense.

    I also noticed no resource or mods drop from enemies, seems pretty skim on rewarding players, and the blah blah its an simulation argument, is just a lore justification, not a gameplay argument.

    Bad vibes DE, bad vibes.





  7. Excavation Changes

    Finally some fixes! its playable again.

    Tested mars and pluto, and spawn rates are solid enough to sustain 2 running excavators (strange such detail arent in the list).

    Now we only need lotus to shut up! The constant loop of the same information is moronic. She should stop talking when we already did like 4 excavators, players understand it already, and for long time players, or high mastery players, we know all that info, so her loop is infuriating.

    Mind other game modes do this also, shut her up overall.


    EDIT: nope, spawn rates are as broken as ever, sometimes enemies carrying energy cores dont show up at all, its not even possible to do 1 excavator alone without long periods of waiting for a core.

  8. The content/items/rewards of POE seems quite important for all players to get and use.

    YET, forcing players to fish and mine, without giving an alternative to those "activities", like actual action, killing enemies etc, is wrong. We didn't join warframe for boring activities like fishing mining and scanning.

    Do give us dynamic/fun content to adquire all those rewards (enemy loot on death), after all, warframe is a shooter game.

  9. This still still sounds like focus 1.3... you will hit and hit over and over again, and ur still going on circles doing nothing to change focus.

    Give us tangible tools, not yet another a little percentage for that here and that other thing there.


    Make the focus system actual powers, or better yet, tools for stealth, since there is ZERO stealth mechanics in warframe, outside the stealth frames.

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  10. Since surveys arent clear information, but a matter of  interpretation, here is my view:


    - Fishing, mining and scanning are extremely not fun, warframe is a fighting game, an action game, those activities like fishing are not enjoyable, and they should definitely have alternatives, to adquire the items and resources. (As the matter os scanning and the codex, you failed big time, you completely missed the goal, of having a codex as an information guide, instead its just another not fun, not useful feature, that is grindy and bad.)

    - As an open world POE is very very poor. It's a huge area with little content, and 90% emptiness; unnecessary, bad design, all the actual content could have been compressed in 1/8 of the map size, and it would be more engaging, dynamic and interesting. Quality, not quantity.

    - Enemy difficulty and challenge, you went the wrong way, you made enemies powerful enough too kill the player in 2 seconds, instead make the enemies resistant, the player should take a wile to kill them, but they shouldn't insta kill if the player is actively moving and evading. Make them drop mining, fishing and any other new POE resources, and alternative to those activities is needed.

    - Cetus is another pointless relay instance. The only thing I get with this failed immersion is "excalibur ghosts" (when the frame/character is constantly loading), cetus is therefor unneeded, would rather had seen it on POE itself with no HUB features, and we could have had instant access to start a new bounty, instead of the huge amount of time we loose loading in and out of cetus. A waypoint in POE, to show were the cetus entrance is, is very needed, any waypoint orientation, a north or a south marker at the very least (and the augmented mini-map is terrible, unusable, you didnt put one single effort of making it barely practical, shame on you)

    - Archwing on POE (skywing), it fails to reach its purpose. This was a huge red flag when i saw it on teaser before POE was released, for a dev to go to the trouble of adding a vehicle in a open world, it was a sign that this open world would be big and empty, and it is. But, what I find to be the worse problem of all this issue, is the lack of keeping a consistent design logic, you know the players waste a huge time navigating the map, so you create an alternative, only to get lost in your own solution, and block it behind grind and consumable items, its either an all time all access tool or it isnt, make you mind. In the same way, we saw the use of the liset during the quest, and right after you block the possibility of extracting with the liset as a regular exiting mechanic. Make a fast travel/ teleportation possible to extract to cetus, and also extraction with the liset possible. There was a point in time (2014) you forgot player experience and practicality is more important then immersion, forcing us to to go tot cetus just to exit or restart a new bounty is a immersion nightmare, bad design.

    - Resources and ammo, this is not has bad as archwing mode, but its the same mistake you made there, in archwing missions you knew the guns needed to be self rechargeable, because in a full 360ª place it would be unpractical to catch ammo and keep on fighting, and then you failed right after by making all loot fly out trough the space. In the same way, you know POE has the same problem, why else would you design ammo dispensers trough the map, and again repeating the same mistakes, POE is a place were tall grass vegetation etc, makes it unpractical to catch loot, and you do know this, again you created ammo dispensers. Stop being constrained by our own old designs, in both archiwing missions and POE, all drops need to be adquire on enemy death, instantly added to the inventory, not even universal vacuum is acceptable.

    - Future open worlds, dont rush it, make them have live, fallow the "30 seconds rule" in a open world a players should be a able to walk at any direction and within 30 seconds he should find something interesting, something to do, any content. Dont make another huge flat map, dont even make another natural environment map, make a city, make a big outpost, make something that uses also vertical navigation, any kind of tall building or towers, warframe is a sci-fi game after all, and the population, doesn't have to be restricted to enemies, pacific people and any other allies also make good content for open world pieces.

    Eidelons, I still see no point of playing this content, stop pushing your agenda of operators, its not working, just like archwing will never be a thing. I see no point in grinding for operator content, when these are not more powerful tools then the ones we have (warframes and weapons), nor they cant be more powerful then warframes, because warframes are the main heroes of the game. You should have picked up the operators and schools, and made them the universal tool for stealth gameplay, this is were operators and focus could have had a tangible useful place, and be something important.


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  11. POE is not ready to be played in, much less an event.

    Go to cetus boring talk with konzu, go to plains, no markers no objectives.

    Return to cetus, get back on plains, I get matched with someone not doing the event.

    Return to cetus, get back on plains, im not joining any squad.

    When it does work, the event breaks at some random stage and no rewards nor any way to fix.

    When everything is without bugs, we are left still we a grindy repetitive NO FUN EVENT.


    Why would you guys build an open world fully empty, just with little hotspots of content???? That's not how you create open worlds! You even knew the map was bad, since you pre-designed it to include archwing to move around, and event then, you decided to gate it behind a consumable item...

  12. Just had an awful event experience.

    A shady text with loose info, instead of linking the players directly to cetus/kanzo.

    A boorish mission, that integrates all that is wrong and bad about the POE, huge map with no content, so its just running to here and there waste of time.

    Mission ends in a bug, no rewards.

    And the biggest flaw! The event is no fun!




  13. 1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    We should certainly take some time to speak to the doom that RNG Mods being a sign of nefarious dealings.

    DE, once again:

    How will you EVER FIX MANDATORY MODS, and introduce damage 3.0, when riven mods block that from ever happening?????

    How will you remove serrations, multishot, etc mods, if riven can in 1 single mod be a serration a multishot etc???


    Are you scamming players, to chase the carrot at the end of the stick?

    Because, whenever you will make mandatory mods useless, unworthy, non-needed, you will also have to make riven mods equally useless, unworthy, non-needed.


    Realize riven mods, are immensely armful for the game!

    Remove them! Or make them whit utility stats only!




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  14. 58 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    we want to be careful in making sure it doesn’t undermine our ultimate goals for the game.

    How can mandatory mods, and damage 2.0, ever be fixed whit the existence of riven mods?

    If the plan was to remove/nerf mandatory mods, how can that happen when some of these mods, are alone a serration+multishot+crit etc.


    DE! You clearly don't plan ahead; or, you came up with riven mods, as a band-aid to escape ever fixing such issues.


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    • Removed the ability to ally mark Mirage’s clones. This was causing the minimap to become hectic with too many blue dots.

    yup, cause that was a problem, but the huge frame icons on the mini map arent... they arent even similar to the rest of the info style.....

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