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    • You can now revisit Junctions, and see their new and improved diegetic menu!

    There is no way of quickly seeing if you have completed a junction.

    I used to see if all challenges are complete, and then click on the junction node to see if it lets my in the junction, if it didnt let me in, that would mean it is completed/done.

    Now its an even bigger time waste and no ease of knowing quiclky, since you have to fully load in the junction.

    Maybe the icon should change once the specter is vanquished.

  1. BUGS:

    - Quick menu button, still doesn't work wile on navigation menu (and wile in some other menus)

    (hence we have to press esc repeatedly to exit and open the quick menu)

    - market doesn't show if you own a blueprint of a weapon, not even checking hide owned dismiss it.

    (in my case I found this bug because of archmelee weapons BPs)

  2. BUGS:


    The quick menu button on the liset haves bugs, yet I dont see a "fixed" entry on that list.

    Noticed that the quick menu button does nothing on the navigation menu.

    Noticed that pressing the quick menu button on the relics/tears/whatever-the-new-void-thing window will open/go to another instance, but does not close the relic menu. (hence they overlap)


    Venus Junction challenge, kill 10 eximus, isnt counting, and its very hard to find eximus on a easy level planet, were they almost never spawn.


    And PLEASE, PLEASE, make those new frame icons on the mini-map optional to revert to the old way, or just delete them, Those new icons arent stylized, nor simple, they just make the information hard to quickly read.

    They are just too "loud" and make the visibility of the rest of the map messy. 


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  3. Volt:

    Finally, been waiting for volt speed to be correct to this.

    Games have to keep a consistency, if rolling is used for opting out on other features, the same should be for volt ;)




    Sounds really bad way to fix unbalanced matches... will only make us wait endlessly

    Other games automatically move players from one team to the other (without load screens or interruptions)

    Other games use spectate, until both teams are equal on players

    There could be some unbalancing features for the teams that have the extra player (example: cannot enter opponent inner ring if you have more players, etc)



  4. The balances were good, the timing for this update was horrible.


    Enemies and tenno are at a disparity of balance that is just out of control, some missions difficulty settings seem to have been designed by a 9 year old, meanwhile mid and low levels are boring and non challenging, people have been talking about this for years, it shouldn't be no surprise DE.


    Take a fresh new step, remove or re-thing enemy scaling, the gimmick is getting pretty old now, and its starting to show on the community frustration level.



    Rathuum (tier 1 and tier 2), were a good example of good enemy AI and engaging combat.

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  5. •    An indicator has been added to the HUD (beside your Shield stats) to display how many allies are in range of your Tenno for your shared Tenno Affinity. This allows for better indication if you’re in range of your squad to ensure you’re getting the shared Tenno Affinity, and to increase communication and awareness of where your squad is on the map. 


    Been waiting for this since 2014, hopefully this will help eliminate hall heroes players.



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  6. I do feel this enemies are very VERY different from everything else in the game.

    They are tactical, they dodge, they have abilities, they have their own unique looks, etc, they are far far better then most enemies in the game, were the AI just seems dull, these required some more skill to kill, and that was challenging and rewording.

    Sadly it felt like they still had the same problems all the game haves, i.e. artificial difficulty, enemy scaling to high levels, who just forced us to use tank frames, and meta weapons.


    I do hope, more enemies from the game get this kind of features, much more interesting, and as for the artificial difficulty, keep it only for endless mission types, as for real difficulty as we go trough the planets, they should just be more enemies, even more dodgy and tactical, with more challenging abilities, rather then just high scaling of their life/armor/shields. 

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  7. My which:

    Making both regular (frames and weapon equal and as worth as alternative equipment (prime, wraith, vandal, prisma, etc).

    Since right now primes and other alternative equipment, makes the regulars inferior and obsolete.

    Both versions of gear should be relevant, and have different purposes, uses, strategies, or abilities (for frames).

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  8. So what you're saying is, people can be elitist. This is true, but stop lying to yourself; not everybody is like this. I for one don't care what frame's on a mission as long as they know how to play.

    Raids might require specific compositions true enough, or hours-long survivals or defences, where every point of damage and survivability count. But for the 'regular' game modes, standard frames are fine.


    See, how you were lying to yourself.

    First you claim they are "minor stat buffs", and now:

    "But for the 'regular' game modes, standard frames are fine."


    Hence why I say there aren't equally worth and equally viable.

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