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  1. Primes are only minor buffs, the regular items are still viable.


    Stop lying to yourself.


    Everyone sees primes as part of the non-existent "progression" path.

    Everyone trashes the regulars, but keep the primes.

    People that hosts T4 endless, and require specific frames, ask for the prime version.

    These "minor" changes may seem small, but are obvious improvements the regulars don't offer.

    There is already a ton of variants (prisma, wraiths, vandals, primes, synd variants, etc) that simply make regular gear look like obsolete and inferior.

    And soon, umbra, will be another layer to add to the issue of mastery fodder, and inequality between regulars and variants.

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  2. I never participate much on the "action house" treads.

    But I'm seeing allot of negativity.

    From what you guys read on other treads, and from which conclusions it lead to it:

    Would it be that bad if auction houses were only for buy/sell items trough plat.

    And trade chat only for actual trades (item per item, no plat)

    Or vice-versa: only buy/sell with plat on trade chat, and only item per item in auction house?

    Which conclusions you guys reached on those treads?

  3. Copy-paste whatever the conclave dev team is doing, and apply it on all PVE gear.


    It's amazing that the small conclave dev team is doing a better job at weapon balance, and also frame balance, then all the rest of DE is doing on PVE.

    In conclave there are few weapons, or none, that aren't worth, all the gear matches well against it each other, making everything relevant and equally good.

  4. most of them are like a whatever rushed design.

    if you look at ash's skin, its like they run out of ideas and said "lets just slap allot of lotus symbols allover, cause we don't have anymore ideas"


    and back in the days the community asked for those, when they said skins, they meant models, what they wanted is just like the new proto "skins" they are doing now.

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  5. when someone runs into an elevator and without waiting for the rest of the squad, starts it. 


    if u mean draco, I am one of those who doesnt wait.

    Dont make ppl waste their time on the start, go directly to the elevator, the squad isnt forced to waste their time cause you are admiring the wall.

  6. ...and all of the sudden i realized something: DE's master-plan to stop/destroy spamming, the plan to stop Press4toWin.


    The changes made on toggle ability frames, the rework of rhino hinted he will need more duration mods for iron skin and maybe even his other abilities, and now saryn.

    The plan is to make "all" frames rely on duration, so efficient builds that use fleeting expertise become unused, hence stopping the molestation of the 4 button.


    I feel bad for all my frames with efficient builds, but also hope this is the right path, we will have to wait and see, if this plan will provide the right end result.

    This because, DE as recognized and accepted the weapon mod system is broken and needs a rework, but as far as frames modding, they haven't spoke of it yet, nor recognized frames also suffer from the same mandatory mod issues.

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  7. I only sell Frost Prime sets to exclusive high roller players such as yourself, please be welcome to the elite lounge mans club, we have Frost Prime sets available from the modest prices of 1500p up to 3600p.

    All for the pleasure of the wealthy.

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  8. There is so many stuff, but so MANY stuff in this game, its kind hard to understand why RNG is still so severe and why stuff is so rare and hard to get.

    After 2 years the amount of stuff as easily doubled or tripled, one would guess prize tables and even drop tables could be more smooth and nice.

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  9. Especially since DE has never actually confirmed this. The most they've done is bring up the issue in order to very deliberately and teasingly dance around it (devstream 50). And if "everything's up for grabs" DOES include the Prime Vault, then yes OP, we'll just have really bad drop table saturation


    True, last time a vault opened it was for some days/hours, might not be seen again in a year or so.

    I also have no idea what do they mean with "the destruction of the void"

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