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  1. If they do it wrong there is lots that can go wrong.

    Yah, just imagine u cant access assassinations with ease, that X resource as no node available, that there is no earth nodes for some days hence no eggs, no high level maps with endless missions to lvl up fast, etc


    The upside, no empty nodes, rotation maps to refresh or refrain from playing in the same spots, etc

  2. Is this a good time to remind the dev's of the absurd nerfs trin got over and over last year?

    Spiting a prime to our faces without a little re-balancing is a no no.

    Cool redesign though, she looks better.





    Stop making the primes direct upgrades of the regulars, both regulars and primes need to be equally worth and desirable, to keep and play.

    This only ruins what we invested and own, Trin (regular) is about to become yet another obsolete frame.

    Give primes, wraiths, vandals, prismas, etc, different roles, purposes, strategies, something meaningful!

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  3. The only item in the game you pay to get rid of.

    The only gear in the game that comes randomly (u pick anything else u build/craft)

    Imprints are useless since in the end, its a random result anyway.

    Only item its not ready to gear up and use.

    etc etc plus all the points you make.


    Kubrows are bad because DE wants them that way, still cant shake the idea the devs tough this would be their golden goose idea, so great and so genial that everyone would kill to have a peace of that action, so everything and every stage of it is messy, complex and expensive.

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  4. Balance wise this would be a nightmare, to be able to fight with a rhino and his stats, and then choosing such OP abilities like molecular prime or peacemaker.

    Either way, frames are special cause each one brings out different strategies and purposes, the unique set of abilities is the great factor that brights up this game.


    I actually would prefer for each frame to have less abilities, like only 2, so that the prime versions haves the other 2, that way there would be a purpose and role for both these variations.

  5. By the level of detail of it and design, it seems just a detail of the map, I would bet they aren't special.


    Just like those corpus ships, that look like a simple cubes with resource items on the corners to pretend its their jets.




    Compare this ship detail:



    to resources





    I'm not the only one who noticed this sloppy placeholder?

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  6. Currently nothing, all the good ideas were put into pvp mods, arcane helmets, and aug mods, so they need to start making real weapon mods.


    Idk why element & physical mods are not going to change???

    They have damage, they will still become mandatory that way :(

    Lets hope they remove the damage side of them, but keep the effects and procs.

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  7. Warframe should be thought at schools, I never saw so many kids doing good math because they deeply analyze how much a weapon or mod is improving/changing.


    Anyway, i dont know any math problem for u to solve, but I know a few riddles:


    The more I take, the more you have.

    If I didn't take it, you wouldn't have any.

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  8. Advice:

    never ever present any concrete ideas or sugestion, no matter how good, u will only get hate for not detailing all the obvious and little details, and ppl will call it flawed or bad no matter what.


    Anyway, the devs never do players suggestions and ideas, the best we can offer is pointing out the problems, and creating awareness about issues.

    If by luck you get a dev to read it.




    And OMG stop talking about multishot, its gonna be better after the change/nerf, if the devs do what they say they will do, you will not want or need to equip split chamber or any other damage mod. 

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  9. Copy pasted what I said on a similar tread:



    Anything you own will become trash.

    And it doesn't even need to be nerfed, it's only a matter of time before a prime version, or a prisma, vandal, wraith, etc comes out and makes your gear irrelevant.

    Even your favorite frame, as already or will become trash, depending if the prime as come out yet.


    We don't need labels or warning, we need that the developers take their own game seriously, and stop raising the roof for any new gear, that is always more powerful, creating these investment traps, and destruction of players old gear.

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  10. The "funny" thing is on the same stream Rebecca mentions how Carrier is the most used sentinal and off camera Steve says "something has to be number one".


    That's why the game is so unbalanced.

    There is always something more powerful, when DE should make different.

    Instead of just changing stats and saying "its new".


    It wont be long before people start to talk about primes vs regulars, regulars vs all other versions (prisma, umbra, wraith, vandal, etc).

    The same problem lies there, more and more of the same stuff, with no actual substance, only different stats, that aren't even equalized, they are always increasing.


    Although carrier, is a problem of its own, too much specific on its issues.

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