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  1.  with the Multishot change it means we will have a lower killing potential and that means DE will have to look at enemy scaling so they might really become optional instead of mandatory:


    They will, they already stated that.

    The crazy DE fools were going to do all that work just for multishot xD how mental is that? lol

    Good thing they came to their senses and saw it was not a 1 mod problem, but all the mod system.

    Even for frames, which I want desperately to see DE recognizing it too.

  2. Even when you raise the amount of ammo consumption, all those changes will be more burdensome/annoying for the player, and will not help him/her choose the right mods.


    Think that is the point, the last time they spoke, they said something like "making them unwanted" making them "as worth or desirable as all other mods".


    Also, LOL, the crazy arguments ppl are starting too use to explain the deep issue, cars hehehe

    Hope ppl get it and stop panicking, for once DE is actually making a substantial and meaningful change.

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  3. "We are very aware of the current state our Mod system and the 'mandatory Mods' that both enable players to participate in high-level Missions and hinder total weapon customization. Expect more information on the rebalancing of weapon DPS, weapon leveling, and 'mandatory Mods' in the near future"


    wow, for once I feel like there is hope.


    If you dont mind, also start talking about frames, it isnt only weapons that suffer from mandatory mods.

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  4. The way I see elementals is they shouldn't add flat damage but change % of damage into elemental. So say your gun does 100 physical damage ( be it 60 from slash, 30 from puncture, and 10 from impact) and you slap that malignant force on it. Instead of +60% toxic damage that would bring you up to 160 damage, of which 60 is toxic... it would change 60% of the damage to toxic and still do a total of 100 damage, but now 24 of it is from slash, 12 puncture, and 4 from impact, and 60 from toxic. Status chance probably remain how it is..


    Nop nop nop

    If the elements mods keep the damage, they always and ever will be part of the problem, they will still say as much as mandatory and in everyone's builds just like nowadays, and nothing is improved.

    These mods need to completely loose all damage perks, they should only have the effects, just like icve can freeze them, just like fire can put them on panic animation, radiation makes them shoot each other, even impact makes them knock down. All other element and physical damage mods just need some sort of unique effect to make them all useful, utility like, or add QoL perks.

  5. I salute you ohhh great one, few people realize that both the options of fixing and not fixing multishot is redundant, specially if DE is going to re-balance so much stuff just for 1 mod.


    DE shouldn't be lying to them self again nor to us, thinking 1 single mod is going to solve and change the many problems regarding modding.

    Serration and all other damage mods, and this does include elements, need to be all removed or replaced/reworked.

    There are a ton of options and solutions to recycle those mods into something smarter to help the game overall improve.





    The mod system needs a over haul no doubt this is even including frame mods as well


    OMG yes, so many people I like and would salute in this tread ;)


    It's like finally ppl are waking up and seeing the third unmentioned option, the one that is the actual solution and fix.

  6. I vote neither.


    Option number 3 is the best way, and the real fix.

    Debating those 2 options is a idiotic waste of time.

    Option 1: Reworking all the weapons just because of 1 mod (multishot) is stupid.

    Option 2: Keep complying with this broken mod system of mandatory mods, were we all play with the same builds, and always equip the same mods, is ret*rded.


    Option 3:

    Actually solve the serration problematic, and all the mandatory damage mods, by removing all of these.

    (re-balacing of enemies/gear, and introduction of new and proper utility mods and strategic mods, goes without mentioning)

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  7. Funny thing is, 7grims, there actually IS a utility-focused system in the game right now

    In the PvP. The Conclave mods

    There's a reason why DE took the time to completely rebalance the game, all the weapons and mods, every single stat on every single piece of gear, and then deliberately excluded the rebalancing from the PvE

    Until you figure out that reason, your arguments really don't have much of a leg to stand on


    Ur joking right?

    I actually use the conclave modding system as an exemplary mod system in similar treads.


    And you believe that works against me? xD

  8. Yes but with the amount of things you can do now. E.G: Conclave, Daily Missions, Raids. De can easily keep players into their game without having to rely on an rng based system. The syndicate missions are quite fun, and from What I heard from devs, a lot of people play them.


    If they expanded on those ideas, then De does not need to worry as much on players stopping to play.


    But regardless, no sane person would do 256 runs on tyl regor just to get a stance, most people including myself said "f-it" after the 10th try.


    They could have come up with tons of different rewarding systems, but I guess they are afraid of things getting too much accessible, which is crazy, with so much things we can obtain on this game half the stuff should be acquired trough the market.


    That's one of my points in archwing, DE should regard it as a side-mode, as an extra bonus game, and make it 10 times more accessible, rewording, and gratifying, no point on yet again stomping us with RNG and crazy rotations, and super high difficulty.


    And no, syndicates missions aren't fun at all, they are the exact same stuff as you get anywhere in the star chart, the only difference is you get 2 ret*rded NPC helpers who like to stumble into everything and get in your front wile you shoot enemies. (I exaggerate, they have been improved, but they are still ret*rded)


    (wow the word ret*rded gets censored by the forum filters hahahahaha)

  9. If melee is such a big part of your game, then why are you locking one of the major fun factors of melee play behind a 18inch concrete wall of RNG.


    Cause battling against RNG, and being forced to repeat something 100 times, is all the content DE as to offer.

    The sad truth is they dont want you to get stuff, and stop playing.



    All this stuff is so logic and obvious, DE should get ashamed their community as deeper thinking process, then what they come up with.

  10. Why do you think maxed Serration is so expensive?

    14 drain. That's half my weapon's drain. I'm giving up two utility mods to have this thing


    I don't think you understand how "progression" in this game is set up. The game is set up to make the ability to have such expensive mods rewarding


    The utility mods that you so desperately want to be good? Dirt cheap. You can have all of them and barely scratch 30 drain

    But to have my maxed Serration, plus Split Chamber, plus two elemental mods, I need 51 drain. That's a potato minimum, for only 4 out of 8 mods. I can easily put some utility mods in, but now I'll need two, three, maybe even four Forma


    I have to WORK for this amazing weapon. Without using Draco, this is 12 hours of playtime, bare minimum


    They're "mandatory", but you don't just get to have them for free. You have to work for the privilege to use them, and then work more to have the privilege to have utility mods along side my amazing mods


    Nah, I will not go into the rabbit hole with you, its crazy down there.

    I never said they were expensive, never talked about drain.

    Dont care, dont care, dont change the topic.

    All those things are very non important.


    Again, it should be obvious, re-balancing the game, re-doing those mods drains and ranks, etc etc etc etc etc, so obvious we should not waist time talking about little details, and all the little thingies we forget to mention or think.


    As far as progression, just replied about it above for someone else, we don't need to loose it.

  11. But those damage mods serve a purpose.

    They serve as a means of player progression.

    In a game where you can buy almost any item to "skip ahead" there need to be gates to manage player progression. So called "mandatory mods" are one of those gates.


    First time I heard of the serration problematic I was furious, and undignified.

    For the first time after months of playing I had a maxed serration, and that was the proof of my advancement on this game, and a perk to reach higher levels and unlock new planets, 1 year later after that, I can tell I couldn't care less about it, it just not fun to get a new gun and knowing serration will be the first mod as usual to get equipped, and knowing multishot is next, and then elements, and if its a crit weapons the obvious crit mods, even in modding this game as become repetitive.


    But we do not need to loose that progression feeling.

    Some people already have suggested the next logical step, a side system to put those mandatory mods.

    It can be a global-build or player-account mod menu, once they are all there ur weapons and frames can use those stat upgrader mods.

    Or even a side skill tree, were you work and fight to improve your serration and etc mods.

  12. I get your logic now, but I don't see how they could implement this. Say I've got Pathogen Rounds AND Pistol Pestilence on. That's 160% damage


    Simply switching to a conversion system would be impossible as the mods stand now, and it runs into the same question I asked 7grims: do you just want to be LESS powerful?


    No I do not want to be less powerful.

    Here is a secret I never bother to say, since it should be obvious.

    The game needs to be re-balanced according to all of this.

    It's so simple, logical, and obvious, I would guess it didn't need to be mentioned.


    The fact is, I want to have more strategies, more utilities, more roles, more stuff, so the game becomes skillful.

    Nowadays, all my glory and brilliance, comes from how well I maxed that serration mod.


    "Dude check out how I maxed that serration, its so sick man"

    When it should be:

    "Dude, I have this build cause I love this strategy, my skill is all in taking advantage of X effect or Y utility"

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  13. So what the hell do you want to do, be LESS powerful?

    I really don't follow your logic here. At least the "remove Serration and boost all primary weapons by 145%" crowd makes some sort of basic sense.


    Well lets take some existing mods as examples:

    - Ice mod, remove all the damage perks, and you keep a mod that freezes enemies, its becomes useful to have that upper hand wile the poor guy cant move.

    - Fire mod, remove all damage perks, and you get a mod that sets enemies on fire, they start the panic animation, meanwhile you can kill him wile he is not fighting back.

    - Radiation mod, remove all damage perks, and you get a mod that makes the enemies shoot each other.

    - Impact mod, remove all damage perks, and you get a mod that knocks down enemies.


    Nowadays those animations and effects have been toned down, yet before damage 2.0 it was very casual too see those effects on the enemies, or the enemies making the "i'm on fire" panic-dance, DE just as to increase the chance of such effects and animations happening, so they become a tool for strategy and utility.


    Then we would have mods we can choose to use, there would not be the pressure and the false choice of equiping those mods, because they are essential for victory and survival.



    Regard that the concept of a skill tree is simply to keep gaining more power, to keep upgrading yourself.

    The mod system was meant to create player choices, playing styles, diversity on builds.

    Yet, because of the emergent damage mods (and all the usual frame mods), which DE did not remove, we are stuck on these obvious mandatory mods, the skill tree just changed its looks and name, yet it is still a skill tree with a limitation of 8 slots.

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  14. No, they're not serious. They're exaggerating to point out how bad an idea it is to just randomly nerf multishot now with nothing to compensate. At least the removal of copterring was just a side effect of Parkour 2.0 coming into existence


    No you are wrong, we are dead serious.

    I love my event dual stat element mods, yet they are in all my builds, they do not offer me nothing except being forced to equip them or choose to fail higher level missions, and be a constant wimp.


    When those mods are all removed, we can have elemental damage being use in a strategic way, or in a utility way, instead of the linear idiotic system of mods being for upgrading stats.

    Which is the only, ONLY strategy this mod system offers us, strategy 1 add power, strategy 2 add power, strategy 3 add power, etc etc

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  15. Those who defend the removal of all damage mods, do include element mods in it.

    It's obvious that elements are powerful, there is no reason to select non-damage mods, when those do not give you the obvious higher hand.


    What will or should replace those, as a compensation and as a proper replacement... I have no idea, but we can focus on that puzzle once we take the next step.

  16. Grinding as spread all over the features of this game, its insane.


    At the moment there are still very few people to recognize, that grinding as even reached such things as scanning and the codex, which most ppl still regard as whining since those things aren't immediately vital or essential.

  17. I only feel sad they havent remembered that serration is bugged too and needs fix.

    It's just sad that they dont remnber all at once all the bad features are bugged and need fixes.


    Gosh I even hope they remnber archwing and kubrows are bugged and they need to be removed from the game xD



    Yah, its a lie, who cares.

    At least we have a chance for the game to be improved, as soon as they realize they arent going to fix much by redoing multishot only.

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